: [Community] Why STACKS OF INFINITY EDGE so op? (ARURF)
Also crit does more damage in urf. I can't remember the exact number, but base crits do like 250% instead of 200% damage, then infinity edge goes to 280% instead of 225% or whatever.
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: Why do you need to comment on every single thread with your unwanted opinion, don't you realize how obnoxious and pretentious you are? Nobody wants to see you saying the same thing over and over again, don't you have anything other to do in life than slamming the F5 button and post your non sense on every thread Just stop already you're as lame as it can get!
Because there's a very vocal minority on the boards right now circle jerking over "how much this version of urf sucks." Not everyone thinks so.
: Launcher Update Bug
Did it for me too. I had to delete the entire PBE installation and download it fresh
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: You know the file is corrupt when you still have the Eve login screen. LUL.
It goes back to that because it reverts to a previous version. When it relaunches after it patches again it's on the Project: Hunters screen.
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