: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
I don't think you can fault people with access for wanting to play a new champion. Of course people will play ekko with largely varying degrees of success and seriousness, but I don't even attempt to fight to play him. I just like being able to test champions that I don't own on my main accounts, and see if in fact I would like to purchase them, and also check out changes to champions that I play a lot. To pigeonhole everyone wanting to play a new champion as all bad people though, meh, i think that's short sided. I'm also getting a lot of practice laning against him/jungling against him.
: Can't log in
I've tried to log on 4 seperate times today and each time I've been met with a 25+ min waiting time. I feel guilty for finally getting an invite to pbe and not using it, but it just feels a little arduous waiting 30 min instead of jumping right in on LAN or NA. I wonder if there is a way sans having two computers or vmware that I can play on the normal server and keep my que up for the pbe. Anyone?


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