: [CONSISTENCY ERROR] New Vayne & Shyvana portraits lacking vignette border
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
I tried him and he feels absolutely awesome to play. The visuals are really great too. Maybe a bit too good at pushing toers but as you guys are already trying to change it, Ill look forward to these changes ! I also have a question about the Shurima event but as i don't find any topic about this, I'll ask it here : Did you "forget" Malzahr, Zilean and Nasus ? I mean, they are also from Shurima, they also deserved something. Especially Nasus, who Renekton's brother. I feel there is something between Nasus, Azir and Renekton. But as I waited a lot for something about Shurima as I really love Malzahar, I'm a little bit disappointed here...
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