: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Chromas!
Hey! I just finished testing all the zoe chromas and let me start off by praising you guys. The colros works super well even with the purple VFX and I noticed they all have even a small hint of purple/blueish hue in the details so that way they make a lot of sense with the VFX. I can safely say I LOVE all of the zoe chromas and I will probably have a hard time choosing between them (unlike pool party which has cursed blonde zoe) Now for the feedback: 1- Considering Ran also changes color in the skins, me and a lot of other zoemains in the discord were expecting for ran in Paddle star (Q) second cast and on E to change color too. I am not sure how big of a change this would be, but considering its only a change of color which is already present in the skin, it would make way much more sense and would also look nicer if Ran also changed color on her bubble and her q. 2- The portal has 2 sides on it, One being blue and the other being purple. While the blue makes sense on the original skin, on most of the chromas it looks kind of out of place since blue is not present in most of them. I think it would be a better choice to have one portal be a light purple and the other portal be a dark deep purple closer to the corrupted color. 3- Third is a bug I found. I only noticed it on 2 chromas, pink and red. Im not sure if any of the other chromas have it but when trying to replicate it on the green one it didnt work. Pretty much when using the dance on these chromas, it seems like a diamond shape probably a hair ornament falls down onto her face below her eye. I doubt this is intentional, its just a minor detail but a bug is a bug. Im not sure how to add pictures here, so here is an imgur with the bug detailed above https://imgur.com/95zSaIg https://imgur.com/kt7rS8a In any case, thank you so much for the effort put into this skin. I hope you guys are not let down by the negative comments, trust me that we at Zoe Mains really love the skin and couldnt have asked for better. Yes, there are some people salty that this isnt the star guardian they wanted, but there are many more that are glad that this is the Star Guardian that did happen!
: We'll be looking at the summoner icon. Thanks for all the excitement about the skin!
Thanks so much for the response! Looking forward to it :)
: Honestly I couldn't agree more with what you are saying . I absolutely love the skin and I was and I am looking forward to play it . When I saw the in game model , I was so satisfied but then I was disappointed of the splash art and the icon made for her . Her face in both the icon and the splash art look weird and do not feel like Zoe... Comparing to the splash arts of her classic and release skin , it seems like a different champion . I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that thinks this is not right . As you also said I can't criticize the anatomy since I'm not an artist myself and I find it ok but her face needs to change without a doubt. As your edit is concerned , I think that you did a good job but Riot needs to do more to make it look more like Zoe . Thanks for your time :)
Thanks, im also glad to see many people agreeing. And indeed I beleive my edit on the splash isnt enough. I spent more time on the icon edit because this one is a little harder, but I shared it anyways because i beleive than even the slightest of changes would make a diff. Looking forward to Riots response though :)
: Exactly! The brightness is what is really bothering me. Well and the face looking off of course.
Might be something to look into, didnt have much time when i made this so I just went with the basic stuff that bothered me the most. To be honest, id also like for the avatar to have a bit more character that represents zoe and her personality, maybe sticking her tounge out or something but as long as they make her pretty ill be happy :)
: Pool Party Zoe
Im also gonna leave my icon edit here. Its still nowhere near perfect nor does it capture zoe well, but its a change? https://imgur.com/a/FJHmyWs
: Pool Party Zoe
Hello, I dont usually leave feedback for pbe since I barely play on pbe nowadays, but since its my one trick champion and a skin I am very excited for then I feel obligued. I will start off by saying thanks for such an amazing skin with a variety of nice chromas. Im happy for it and I cant wait for it to hit live to play it. I played a game with the magenta chroma and it was great! The sound fx are nice, the skill feels nice and it will replace CP as my go to skin for sure. Now Im not sure if this place is intended for all the skin or just the in game, so ill just leave my thoughts here. However, my biggest problem with the skin is not the skin itself, but rather the art surrounding it. First off, the avatar/icon. Its nice to get an icon for my main for sure, and its best if it is my fav skin, but im genuinely dissapointed on it. I get that icons are lower quality or smaller things, but if I will pay money for it I want to atleast like it. The work seems lazy since it feels like half of the face just was mirrored and it gives it a very creepy look. While she does look like zoe, she doesnt feel like her. The expression doesnt suit her at all with that smile and my biggest issue are the eyes. As i mentioned before it looks mirrored and it gives it a very unnatural look, as if it were a fish eye picture or something. Now the splash, while Im dissapointed that she didnt get her own splash (Ofc i would be because she is my main) I cant complain, its not the first time nor is it the last time. However, I noticed this ever since the beginning and its very odd specially for a splash artwork. It doesnt look like zoe at all, but some sort of cutesy and almost alien looking heterochromia girl. Im not gonna focus on anatomy or the pose since I beleive those look good and im no expert in dynamic poses myself, but the face is my main concern. Looking at it for a long time I couldnt figure out what it was, but I think its mostly in the eyes. They are too small or too far apart, im not sure. So, I tried tinkering with it to my liking (or to what I think the other two splashes look like) and I came up with this: https://imgur.com/a/8hHmVjP Of course, im no professional and its only liquify tool too, but in my opinion it looks way more like zoe and if some adjustments could be done to make it actually look like zoe id be forever grateful. Again, really thanks for such an awesome set of chromas (except blondies cuz blondies suck) and thanks for reading!
: Hey guys, We got way more volunteers than we expected, thanks! If you were selected to help you will be receiving an email from Lyte@riotgames shortly. Thanks again!
Havent gotten any email... that means i didnt get accepted now does it ;n;?
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Not sure if it's just my toaster of a computer, but any time that a team fight breaks out and I view it (or am in it), the screen lags and Viktor's laser sounds fire off. I can't exactly tell how it's happening since I lag so much when it happens, but I believe it has something to do with Cho'Gath and his triangular laser? Someone fill me in! D:


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