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: With the ARAM changes, can we get a new AD/armor item as well, or re-enable Guardian Angel?
They just added new items, they are exactly what you're looking for. Check the updates before you post this kind of thing.
: Pyke ult.
Also if you get the assist after you died, it won't give you the item, and if you use the item while you're dead it won't give you the gold.
: Visual Change in Champion Pyke
they changed his model slightly, it's a lot better now. they did it yesterday actually, you're kinda late.
: Pyke's Mask in Game
HE LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE BOWSER JR LIKE WHAT THE F RIOT he looks so fuckin cool and scary and badass in his teaser, splash art and all his stuff... then in game he's like some kinda goofy cartoon dude if you actually take a sec to look at him. his abilities look cool though
: With all these active problems inhibiting play pbe can't even be called a game anymore.
I honestly have to agree with you here, this is getting a little ridiculous, it won't even let me queue up now. However I think the problem with one side getting curbstomped is sorta more a problem with the huge difference in skill and experience that you get matched up with, rather than a balance problem so much.
: Games won't start.
Yeah, I think there's a lot of people having this problem. Just says players are not ready?
: [Fleet Footwork] Not working
Yeah it seems to only work once you get another item with the passive, even just Kierchesis Shard or whatever. However, I tried that and it gave the health but I wasn't getting any movement speed off it.
: Kha'Zix R changes.
I understand that losing the invis in bushes does suck, but 40-60% cdr is a SHIT ton, how is that lackluster?
: My point is simple. What gives a champion S rank in a game are not based on support activities in a game (you dont place 100 wards in a game nor you earn more gold than your adc nor your build is AD/AP to do more dmg than carries). It makes a supp to earn S rank very hard compared to carries...thus earning mastery is rare. In short overall opportunity for a supp to earn S rank is not in par with a carry or assassins. There are many players on Live forums who give feedback there so no need to worry but like you said I will repost it on live as well. We learn something new everyday.
But it's compared to how other people do _on that champion_. It's champion specific. Supports are easier than every other role because they're difficult and other people (generally) won't do so well on them, and if you play safe and have a decent team it's not hard at all.
: Earning Mastery Level 6 & 7 on supports
I thought champion mastery was based on kd and participation as well, and the grades you get are how well you do with that specific champion compared to the global averages for that champion per game. maybe not global though it might be just per region im not sure exactly but I know it's champion specific. You would not believe how incredibly easy it was to get S or S+ on old Taric.
: Cleanse Should work vs Warwick and Malzahar Ults
No, since they are suppressions, and suppressions are channeled spells, and not just applied debuffs, or something like that. This is the same for Urgot and Skarner's ultimates.
: Malzahar Ult-Ignite
This is exactly the same as Malzahar is and has been on live. The ult range is just slightly outside of ignite range, and if you ult from max range and then try to ignite it will cancel it, just like on live Malzahar. This is not a problem and does not need to be changed or "solved."
: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
I played a game as malzahar last night and didnt notice any problems with him, but we had a brand on our team and I could hear every sound his champion made from anywhere on the map. It felt like when Aurelion first came on the PBE and everyone could hear his basic attack sounds
: Normal Game - Tab Display screen shows incorrect items
This happened for me too, and only the enemy's items. It started out fine early game but got worse over time.


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