: They probably won't be able to make any significant changes to it, because the animations were made for the current hair :(
The problem is not his overall hair, His hair is just trash ingame
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: 1. Difficult to tell that this is riven. 2. Colors are fine but petals on passive need to better match the skin color assuming prestige will be gold. 3. Maybe crack the blade or something ? The ultimate needs to be a solid blade or something not a cloud strife level invisible lightsaber. 4. This skin is clearly pandering to Chinese audiences , riven already had a new year skin. Eg. check riot blastioses popularity by region post. Edit: the quality of this skin is far below that of Morgana and Nami after testing both. Edit 2: after seeing the splash art and playing the prestige , more flowers , red vfx not pink make it match at least , fix the stances and stretching of the model to look like riven and for the love of the beautiful dragon in the splash art add it into the skin in game. Edit 3: while I realize she got the prestige , I feel like this skin could really use the Croma treatment. That may also fix the complaints with the Pink/purple lightsaber.... wait is riven mace windu (samuel L. Jackson )? edit4: this was floating around https://twitter.com/LonelyGodM/status/1172904117146214405 the splash art is clearly riven compared to the official.
God if this was her actual splashart my life would be completed
: 1. I love the effects, it's just her model that bugs me. Especially when she recalls her model sorta stretches and it just looks too weird. Another thing about the recall is the swords once she returns to spawn. They should have swifter exit rather than clipping into the ground. [https://i.imgur.com/jEOlZ2g.png] 2. The color choices are nice, but it doesn't fit Immortal Journey. Morgana & Nami's skins fit more because of their color choices of blues, purples, pinks & greens but with Riven, she stands out with the red. It seems more like a lunar/new year skin to me but I still think the Morg & Nami skins are a little on the brighter side too but their colors fit better than Rivens. Go with a lighter color palette, instead of red a blue color? With tiny hints of red and more white? (Comparing the first Immortal Journey skins to the upcoming ones. Most of the models are from Surrenderat20) [https://i.imgur.com/8BAC256.png] 3. For her ult, in her regular form it looks fine, it follows the Dawnbringer skin of having no broken sword just a small one and once she ults it's bigger. So make her R sword a little bigger for this skin as well? Or make her normal form sword actually broken/cracked so it fits her original lore. The sword's effect is also just a solid color throughout with some particles but more detail should be added instead of just having it as a silhouette of the sword. I agree with alot of people, the sound of Riven's AA is high pitch and comparing it to her other skins AA sounds, they're much heavier and lower like an actual blade, for the rest of her SFX I say they're good. 4. In Nami & Morg's skin as well as the other immortal journey skins, they involve a dragon/serpent in their recall/abilities. Add that into Riven's ult? Instead of her throwing out multiples of her sword. Even a sound effect of a dragon's roar when she ults is a nice sound detail.
I compelitely disagree, the theme is not about colors only, She fits the theme perfectly, the skins would be way to similar if they were all in the same color scheme, and this Riven skin not only would be not interesting, but another light-purple-blue color, like pulsefire or Dawnbringer. Projects are total different colors and it's fine. I absolutely love this skin and the only bad thing that stands out is the Sword on Ult, I feel like it could be a lot better than just a big glowing sword.
: please just stop forcing ezreal with lux, it looks like we can not have both in the same skins collection. has no chemistry!!
: Another Ezreal skin... Great. It's just a differently colored Debonair coat and some flashy bells and whistles to make it seem legendary. :/ But do we really need more Ezreal and Lux skins a mere six months after Pajama Guardians came out? Of course, I can already read the response... >We hear you. It's just that Ezreal fit so well with the concept, we had to include him! Yep. That's because Ezreal is a generic concept (a bishonen/pretty boy) that can be crammed into everything. Same goes with Lux (a cheerleader), Katarina (an athlete), Ahri (a pretty tease), Evelynn (a seductress), and every other "fits so well" champ in league. Great job showing, once again, that anyone who plays a niche or less than popular champ isn't worth the effort from the skins team until it becomes a meme they can deal with and pretend to care about.
Damn, stop crying already, Riot will not make skins until they get a great concept, when they make skins on must, they turn out terrible
: Love what you guys did with the skin. My only suggestion is could you handle his transformaton a bit like eclipse leona? So instead of tying it to passive stacking, have it activate after he ults? IMO fits better with the whole "main character unleashes hidden power and awakens" after he uses ult than it does "main character attacks a bit and goes super saiyan".
: ezreal is one of my mains and i like the skin, but eh, what was the reasoning for doing ANOTHER blonde ezreal skin? he already has 10 skins in which he is blonde. and why does he change skin tone when he transforms? that's odd.
: Hey Riot! I played a bit with the skin and here are my thoughts. I love the animations. The things I think you can improve is making the particle effects when you hit a Q more obvious. Also the "pop" when you E kinda distracts from the fact he's dashing really fast. For his Super Saiyan form, Id like to see his hair blonde and to actually have some contrast in the hair so it seems spikey. Also, in Anime when someone gets more powerful they get a darker skin tone (I.e. Naruto) or they get the Super Saiyan look (Dragon Ball). I think you should go for one of them, probably Dragon Ball. The super light hair and the Dark skin tone just make it look weird because of how much contrast there is. The super Saiyan idea is super bad ass and I love that his eyes start to glow. Keep up the good work!
Well yes, but actually no, let's not just rip off animes, the Red hear kinda makes him demonic and i love it
: In the splash, Ezreal's gauntlet shines blue when his in-game uses red energy. I really like the building aura as you get stacks it's a nice effect. Hair seems a bit more fluffy than spikey though due to how the locks that make up his hair blend together more. I think to add some more of the pink shading in places could help. His E needs a bit of a change. It seems to be him dashing really fast rather than teleporting but the distortion 'pop', when he lands is a bit too big and draws attention away from the dash bit. The particle/after-image of him from where he just left doesn't last long enough which makes it seem more like his classic blink/hop rather than superspeed. I think if you use similar particles to the end of his recall it'd look more like speed or maybe something like Katarina's E, the very Dragonball style blink. Ult looks good and has a nice build up, the little hole in the ground left behind *feels* like it appears a bit late for some reason even though it's tied to the shot of the ult. Might just be me.
First of all the blue ball in the splashart is in his ctrl+2 animation, second of all, E and R are perfect
: Hey all! We've got some feedback updates for you on some of our Invictus Gaming skins! Camille: Camille's passive VFX has been updated! https://imgur.com/a/EogD32W https://imgur.com/a/AP4owBh https://imgur.com/a/66vong0 Kai'sa: Kai'sa's shield has been darkened! https://imgur.com/a/LxVf4zo LeBlanc: As mentioned by Riot Beardilocks, Leblanc has darker makeup added to the splash and model. Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback. Thanks!
Please change camille's haircut, it doesn't fit her at all
: yes they said when the characters were released "We can not make skin for one without doing the other" -Riot Games
: Hi, We decided to emphasize Leblanc's eye makeup more with darker teardrops. https://imgur.com/EEWLtzu Thanks for you feedback.
Hello! I just wanna ask, because it bothers me... what about Camille's haircut, seems like there's a huge part of the community that doesn't like her look. To be honest it doesn't fit her in my opinion.
: They all look amazing but I feel as though rakan doesnt quiet look like the rest, all the other invictus skins have black wings but rakan's cape (his wing) is white. Shouldn't he match with the others and have a black cape?
The player that picked him for the skin (shame on me for not remembering the name i know) wanted Rakan to look like that
: About Camille The passive needs to be changed, it's very simple. I even liked the hair, made her look very serious. I would like you to change the color of the blades on the leg. They are very gray, with a simple iron look. A few shades of steel would look better. The sound of Q2 is very simple, and the effects too. The rest of the skin is perfect.
No the hair has to be changed, she looks like Genos from One Punch Man (this can not be unseen)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
I love the skins, i am probably going to get IG Camille, but there's one thing i don't like/hate about that skin... which is the haircut. In my opinion it doesn't fit her. I would enjoy using this skin a lot more if the haircut was silmar to Fiora's.
: CamilleMains' nearly unanimous feedback is that her hairstyle and features combined are too masculine, and barring that, give an overall vibe of "let me speak to your manager." Giving her slightly longer hair like Bayonetta would probably help. Altering her bangs alone could do the trick. (/r/camillemains has a feedback thread pinned, worth a look!)
I love Camille, I love the skin, but i hate the haircut, in my opinion the haircut should be atleast simlar to Invictus Gaming Fiora. So... I will buy the skin only if they fix her haircut. {{sticker:sg-janna}}


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