: 7.10 Riven Changes
Are these changes going to be in today's PBE build or a few days from now? I've played a lot of riven so I'd like to give some feedback on the changes once they come up.
I love all the effects on her abilities but her right arm just looks bad. I know its supposed to look cyborg-ish with the pivot joint but it just looks really strange and disconnected also the fin sticking out isn't helping it look any better. Other than that I really like the skin and definitely excited for it!
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: [Manamune issue] - Manamune does not show your stacks on SR
Tear seems to show stacks and is working fine, but after upgrading into muramana its shows 0 stacks but the actual number of stacks is accounted for. Imgur link showing [some images](http://imgur.com/Is5qpov,HgO8IVi#0) of this happening
: Scuttle bug not turning into a ward
Played a game of Nemesis draft and experienced the same thing. I didn't happen to take any screenshots or have any idea how this happens but will keep an eye out.

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