: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Did you ever explore Morgana's pool Grounding opponents but being smaller / doing less damage? What other explorations were done with her passive, if any?
: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
"Prestige Editions won’t be this [Young Ryze] unobtainable, but they are going to be hard to get. " Can you elaborate on that a bit? How hard? If it comes back will it be exactly the same or what? Is it going to be something like the arbitrary 3 years later like they did with Championship Riven? Wasn't the point of having super rare skins like this something Riot wanted to go against since they brought back nearly all of the Limited Edition skins despite selling them specifically as being "never obtainable again"? To me it seems like is just going back on what Riot has said and done in the past. Also, the pricing of 2500 means you have to give up EVERYTHING else just for this. For those who are collectors and want all of the limited content it basically becomes impossible now to get everything (save for playing like 20 games a day). Why tie it into World Tokens with competing products? Why not have it as its own thing?
: Why are they listed as "Legacy" and not "Limited"? That means you guys can actually put it back for crafting whenever you want, and it would lose the "i was there" feeling, is there a special reason its listed as legacy?
They almost never say anything is "Limited Edition" (LE) any more because of the backlash from people who has LE stuff and got burned when they brought it back. I do wish they would commit to LE vs Legacy. And I still wish they'd send out that survey to LE owners to see if they feel Riot handled it properly... and give proper compensation to LE owners. =/
: About Championship Ashe Golden Chroma and the 2017 Golden Championship Ward
Eh... I'm not feeling this. I'm someone who owns every single Limited Edition and almost every Legacy thing in the game. I think it was important to have a "be at the right time" but not "grind games or pay lots of money" to get it. I'd prefer it was time based but not super difficult to achieve. EDIT: Also, when are the other seasonal wards coming back? Only S3 ward was "Limited Edition" ... all the other ones were "Legacy" and multiple Rioters said they would come back in the future... maybe a Seasonal Ward bundle for S4, S5, S6?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
More loot-exclusive stuff? Are people actually asking for that? I've yet to see anyone excited about more loot-exclusive stuff. You'd think a company that prides itself on being #1 player focused company wouldn't make so many decisions that people aren't asking for. =/
: Heads up on new Order and Chaos themed content
Can we stop with these exclusive borders? Riot Games has moved away from exclusive skins because people felt left out when they couldn't get them, but borders are apparently okay? Can we just stick to icons? Really annoying how you also tie these borders to ridiculous in-game things that are so complex and unneeded. The last one with the PROJECT skins was so confusing and buggy (it ate some of my components and support refused to fix it). I really just wish you'd stop with all these convoluted systems. Just feels like a cash grab instead of something that is meaningful and interesting to players.
: There will not be RP compensation this time around. We know this is a different approach, but we wanted to offer a way for existing owners to be recognized in-game and honor the moment in our history that her initial launch represents. Thus, the added crown, particle and custom loading screen border that is only available for those who originally owned the skin.
After checking it out the differences seem a bit too muted overall. I know Pabro knows my opinion on this, but I'm still pushing for a special emote when using LE skins. It would be a relatively easy thing to add to them that would let people show off in-game without needing to add anything on a per skin basis. And a tiered icon or something different. It is weird that someone who owns 1 LE skin gets the same icon for someone who owns them all.
: An Update on Chromas
Just want to know if there will be any special thing for people who bought them before.
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
I guess it is a good first step to see. Still a bit angry I didn't get the Dominion icon because I played co-op games in Dominion (like 1000 of them). Oh well.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
After thinking about this more, why did you go the direction you did for supports being regen focused and mages being max mana focused? Shouldn't it be the other way around (outside of Tear)? Supports want to go back to base to re-position, help other lanes, refill wards, and more. While mages want to stay in lane. Seems weird to not have a non-support focused mana regen item. Might even see the return of mana regen yellow runes on high mana cost / poke mages too if there are no mana regen item options. That's really my biggest problem with the new items (outside of needless complexity with some passives and the crazy engage with the Fire Hextech).
: Remember that if you cast E before you ult it resets the CD. Think of that as his ults base damage since it adds additional base damage and another AP ratio to his combo. It's annoying that you are encouraged to hold his abilities to maximize his dot damage because getting the full benefit takes between 8-12 seconds depending on your combo, but it is an additional source of damage that his ult activated for no additional cost. And yes his Voidlings to apply Rylai's.
Yes, it resets the duration, but the old combo most likely did more (since you almost always E, W, then immediately R). With 40% CDR your E is almost always up anyway, so refreshing the duration isn't adding much actual damage. If the Voidlings do apply Rylai's that's awesome. It would be nice if you could direct them with W while it is on "cooldown" and Voidlings are alive (similar to other summons). I don't think it is possible to have enough CDR for voidlings to exist before your W skill comes off cooldown.
: it seems like they wanted to shift his power primarily to his minions which im not sure is the right way to go
I agree. I liked his minion gameplay, which is why I almost always would go 40% CDR and a ton of mana regen on Malz, but it just feels weird in its current iteration. Also, since there are so few mana regen items now for mages it also feels weird not spamming skills constantly with Malz to zone opponents out. That was what I loved about Malz... you could block off pathways with your pool / Q while pushing with your E. That type of control was what I enjoyed. I don't know what he is right now except a super pusher and jungler. Doesn't feel like he has as much control or zoning potential or pick off potential as he did before.
: Wrestling with this issue at the moment, as I agree that the big skips looks whacky. Truthfully, his resource bar isn't a resource indicator, but a stack counter and a cooldown indicator, so it feels awkward to give him 100 resource which is not consumed by any of his abilities. I'm not sure what the right call is here, but if there's a lot of pushback against the 2 count, 200 might be the right call.
I like having the bar simply because it makes looking at how much time I have left to use my empowered Q easier than checking my status bar for the buff icon. I'd highly recommend putting it to 100 or 200 just as a charge counter. It might look weird, but people will understand what it does pretty quickly and can play around the up time / down time easier.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Really disliking the removal of mana regen caster items. I loved the sustain I could build to late game. Simply having high max mana just feels really weird to me. It reduces the ability to poke and trade with non-casters since once you run out they get a huge leg up when you have to back. Wish there was an item or two that was still good for mana regen like the old Unholy Chalice was.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
The changes really feel weird in my eyes. He went from a zoner to a pusher without his pool. His jungle is insane currently, as you can get 5 voidlings up that just destroy minions. Makes me feel like he will be the next best jungler in his current state. Also, why the removal of damage from his ultimate? The pool damage alone makes it feel pretty lackluster, especially when most people will just get QSS to completely negate the suppression (and most of the damage that would be dealt from the pool). Do his voidlings apply on-spell effects like Rylai's? Haven't had time to test that yet, but if so then I think he could still be a decent zoner if the pet AI worked better (it is a bit spotty still when I was testing a jungle build).
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
Could you make his resource bar go to 100 or 200 instead of just 2? It would make it easier to see it tick down when time is running out instead of the big skips. Overall he seems a lot more fluid now. Glad Spellvamp is gone so you can better balance his kit now. Curious to see how he does in real games.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Also, seems like attack speed slow downs don't properly reduce Jhin's damage. Nunu's E wasn't changing my damage output (or attack speed obviously since it is fixed).
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Not sure if anyone still views this but his last shot with RFC is still bugged. If you're at 90 to 99 energy and you shoot your last shot (charging RFC) it charges but then is consumed while you're reloading.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
If Jhin's 4th bullet triggers Energized (like from Rapidfire) the buff will be consumed with no benefit. For example, get RFC, get to 90 to 99 energy and be on your 4th bullet. Shoot to get to 100 energy for Rapidfire, and you'll notice the buff (and range bonus indicator) goes away while he reloads.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
The ult zoom in needs to focus on Jhin. No real reason to focus anyone else as it isn't like you have the ability to reach most targets once your ult has ended. A happy medium might be between Jhin and the direction he was facing (slightly more towards Jhin), in the case a player would want to use hsi W after the ult to finish someone off. Also, it would be nice if it was a slower zoom in. It seems pretty abrupt and jarring coming back. Obviously zooming out needs to be quick, but why not give the zoom in some more time so one can adjust to seeing less and less. I think over a 2 or 3 second period could work. It feels weird that his last bullet doesn't do bonus damage to structures. It is consumed unlike other bonus damage stuff like Caitlyn's passive. And there is a bigger explosion and special animation for it, but it does the same damage. I don't think it should obviously do the full crit damage, but maybe some bonus damage to structures would be nice? Having some indication on what bullet you're on with his ultimate would be nice too. Maybe some UI showing what bullet you're on / how many you've shot. Sometimes you can miscount in the heat of the battle and it would be nice to see if it is your last shot or only your third. Finally, his ultimate seems to do super low damage late game. It is fine as an execution tool, but generally when I used it late game it felt like a mistake. Since it can't crit, it seemed like simply auto attacking was a better move and I never wanted to use my ult unless someone was running away. Does it count the bonus damage from his passive? Seemed like it wasn't or something.


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