: Can loot and new orbs be 1BE each too?
The orbs doesn't need testing as they're already in live and working nicely there. PBE is solely for testing purposes. Thanks for understanding.
PBE is for testing stuff, not *trying* fancy stuff. Apparently, anything that related to ARAM doesn't need testing, therefore the mode is disabled to encourage people to go ahead and test stuff that needs testing. Thanks for understanding {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Clash PBE Test - Stalled Game Starts & Clash Management Tool
I got a "double bye" on bracket, both games granted as free win. At start, our bracket had only 3 teams, the game didn't put an opponent against my team, so it was a "bye". While we're waiting for other two teams to play and finish we got a notification about game stalls(as expected), closely afterwards our second game ended as a "bye" too and we got our trophy and other stuff **just after 18mins since lock-in ends**. Is it normal or something that should never happen? Can we help with that by sending bug reports and stuff or is it completely a server-side thing? Thanks for reading(plz also replying) and good luck for upcoming Clash tournaments!
: Clash PBE Test - Game flow Changes and the Clash Management Tool
How about giving some random errors during champ select? That way you can test more severe situations and make sure that you can save the matches for almost all situations.
: Not to worry, we are looking into it! Will get it sorted as soon as we can. Thanks to everyone for pointing out the problem.
My worries on that, it might affect the quality of the upcoming Clash testing, might even cause some unexpected side issues and stuff. I really hope that you guys can come up with something. Other than that, i wish you all the best of luck patching all the craziness going on right now.
: it's time to fix this problem{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
They're working on it, just need time
: I have a suggestion, how about we give everyone all the champions in the game (for eg, by making every champion 1 BE)? This does not change that much since all champs are in the free champion rotation in pbe, so anyone can play anychamp anyway, but it allows testers/players like myself to try the new 1BE skins that Riot want us to test without having to deal with RP at all (since right now I do not have A sol for example to test the Mecha skin. If I already had every champ, I only need to buy the mecha skin for 1 BE). This can also encourage people to actually test the new skins instead of just buying skins they like that does not need testing.
That would be a very nice temporary solution. Tho, im a bit worried about the load this might cause on shop. We have seen several store broke downs due to high load. However, since our goal is just to make it easier for new testers to reach content, lets make champs who has content need testing, ASol, Lulu, Ashe, Xin and Braum in this case That way people will be able to get those champs and their skins with ease without causing too much load on store. Welp, i hope it's not a much hassle on riot's side, else all the new testers are doomed for good..
: Omega Squad Twitch always on fire
Played 4 games, all as laner, with Omega Squad skin, couldn't confirm that you're on fire all the time. Though, seems you can get on fire even when you are not on a killing spree, if you don't die for long enaugh, it seems you get lit. Don't know if it's intended or not, but it's probably a bug. TL;DR is, yes, sometimes you can get on fire without getting a killing spree, but it's applicable for all champs apparently.
: Elementalist Lux's transformations are controlled by the game clock more than actually landing your spells. I'm asking for them to just let us transform to our desired form at the start of the game, as opposed to having to wait like in normal Summoner's Rift games.
If it's controlled by the game clocks, they can simply adjust it to get transformations quicker. Tho, now i see your point, and thinking at least giving the first stage transformation from the beginning, and then the second stage at around 8-9 mins mark would work pretty good. But now i gotta go try some Elemental Lux on Nexus Blitz to see how it goes.. Edit: Done some little testing, you get your first transformation between 8-9(coincidence?) minutes, appears to be regardless of damage dealt. Considering most games lasting around 12-13 mins, first transform might be moved to somewhere around 7min and second transformation to like 14-15 minute mark..
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
So, here's my experience, played 7 games, lost all of them, but literally had fun on each. The Map; it's a complete fresh new environment, with VERY different and VERY similar mechanics with Summoner's Rift. The lanes, the jungle, those two turrets on jungle. Well, your first few games goes with like "wtf is this place?" then you start learning it. The Double Jungle; is it a reference for SUP vs KBM match on MSI group stage? lol, i hope so. It really does very interesting stuff, even seen LANERS GANKING JUNGLE and it's a VERY different experience than the normal(or ranked, whatever) casual games. Also, the junglers needing to stick together and trust each other makes a very different, and i think better, "being a team" synergy. The Blue Buff; the location is uhmm, it can get contested like 5v5, and it just makes up for huge early team fights. But also because it's opened from two sides it's very hard to protect against enemy team, that might be a problem. The Lanes; they're quite close to each other, like a Thresh can get souls from both lanes while just sitting on one lane, i think it's too close. That tiny little bush, seperating those two in the middle appears to be a very important place, like it can very easily set up a 5v1 or 5v2 and the enemy basically have no means of reacting it. The Herald; perfect for getting a hard snowball, and contesting it quite fun. Once you get it, you got a pretty nice lead on you, use it good and GG! The On Fire Stuff; on a game, a Zoe on enemy team got that, and then just fooled us all the time, wasn't a sweet experience, but knowing it's a trap but still falling onto it was a quite fun stuff. It's like having Mejai's, but with the increase of damage taken, and knowing you are worth 1600 gold for the enemy team really makes you have to play more efficiently. I got it once, and from that point my heart just didn't stop ramping up. I got a very nice score on that game, we had a very nice lead as a team, but we lost, due to the walking nexus.. The Walking Nexus; the guarantee of no more than 20min rounds, is a pretty sweet idea. NEXUS HAS A LIVE TOO MY BUDDY! Tho, once you reach that point, you, and your team, can confuse stuff, and that's what happened to me on that game i got lit as Lux. The Walking Nexus'es were up, but my team went for Herald. Really? Team, wtf? I was the only one focusing on those things, but obviously they got the kill on out Walking Nexus, and the end game lobby went straight crazy. It was awfully hilarious, way too embarrassing for us, but it did happen and after all the good progress we made, they were the winners. Welp, GG guys, well played! The Events; they are really fun in their unique ways, depending on their type, acing just before the event starts makes a huge difference. And the rewards? Wow, they're just perfect snowball set up tools, when used correctly. But, we need to dive them individually, right? Bring it on! Snowball Fight; okay, we love Freljord, we love Poro King, we love snowballs, we love snowballing... Okay, sure then, MOAR SNOWBALZ! Hold the Area(sorry forgot the actual name); although it's fun to do, it usually ends up with being a one-sided competition. If you're behind, then you have little to no chance of getting it sometimes not even able to contest it. I think some improvements would work there, like poking the "holders" from a distance would slow down the process without having to be there. That way it will we harder for the ahead guys to secure it and also gives the behind guys a good chance of getting a comeback from there. The Loot Teemo; killing a Teemo was never be that fun. There're probably some improvements to do there, but i haven't figured out one yet... Bardle Royale; really? I mean, REALLY? I can remember that Ask Riot post you talked about "Battle Royale in League", and now you're doing something similar to it, with a TRIPLE REFERENCE in just two words. Now you guys know how to a battle royale in league, now please do it as an RGM, please! It's so freaking fun and im not even a fan of battle royale games at all. But seriously, it's interaction with League's unique mechanics would do for a pretty nice synergy, just do it guys, just DO IT! Ok, im rambling, sorry, but it's a nice fun event, forcing players to do what they don't want to do right at the moment. Move The Cart; was able to get it just once, it lasted very short, so no sweet opinions on that one, but it's a nice TF2 reference. Keep it up! Other possible events that i didn't get, welp, i didn't get them, if they exist, of course, it will be fun exploring them too. And overall, there comes a big problem, i think. Currently, as far as i can see, it's like a "go tryhard"->"get huge leads"->"snowball hard"->"GG" stuff, which is not healthy if you're on the losing side. Welp, for me, i can have my fair share of fun, either win or lose(or somehow tie), but im pretty sure most people think otherwise. Having reliable ways to perform a comeback tho, might feed that tryharding stuff and create a negative effect, and it's clear that this gamemode is intended to be something that you play for just mere 10-ish minutes and call it a day, while having more than average amount of fun. So, i think it's just people missing the point. Overall, pretty nice work from you guys, this thing has so many surprizes and easter eggs packed, combined with the very fast pace of the game, it gives that gamemode some very unique stuff. (Gotta add more stuff as i experience this madness more and more, just bring it on ^x^)
: Because of how the game mode is so short, would it be possible to let Elementalist Lux players immediately transform into their desired form?
I think while the games are gotta go very fast, damage per minute values might go to space(pun intended) If that happens, Elementalist Lux players should be all fine(tho i would prefer Lunar Empress xd)
Rioter Comments
: Game client security changes now live on PBE
I have gotten an error related with the stuff, didn't disabled any software on my PC, just restarted my client and the game was alright. The thing i wonder is(probably asked beforehand) is that stuff capable of triggering bans on this testing stage?
: Beemo's why not?
Means the skin didn't and doesn't need testing, maybe riot did all the testing and polishing on their own and kept the skin as a surprise
: Raken's Global W.
People are constantly abusing and abusing the bug... And people just say "it's PBE" or "reports doesn't work here" stuff and don't report the abusers. Perfect
: 21 skins that you can't get/buy.
All the skins you listed are in the category of "Limited skins" not "Legacy skins". For limited skins, there's no legit way to obtain them unless riot actually wants to let players have them. Even tho, since they're "limited" skins, which buried in the deep history, no longer needs any testing, very less likely to cause bugs and other stuff, and even if they cause trouble, that's not on the priority list unless it's unacceptably game breaking(welp, even in that case just banning the abusers would be easier) so there's absolute no point on granting access to such old and outdated stuff. Remember, PBE is a testing environment for stuff that's newly made or reworked into something new, not having every single skin in the game. So it's better to focus on newly released content which heavily needs testing. On the note, i have over 800 skins right now, but that's pretty it. I don't even use them all regularly, heck i can't even do that, and having all those just makes me to be able to say stuff like "i have so much skins" etc, which makes no sense in an environment like PBE.
: i think you missunderstood something. bug testing of certain game modes is different to "crash reports". ever encountered an "bug splat"? that is what you are basically talking about and Riot does have this. it contains informations about your system specifications, what applications were opened at that time and whatnot. but it certainly doesnt report some weird interaction between two programmed champions within an application/game or whatnot and w/e.
I agree with your point, what im trying to suggest is when riot needs the log files, not every player is generous to share the logs if a spesific need arises(Clash bug anyone?). Yes, bugsplats happens a lot, sometimes 2 or 3 in a row, but bugs surely happen way more often. By having this riot can have way more stuff to track and hunt down bugs. For example for the very recent clash run, riot could get all the logs from clash games, without spesificly needing players to send them. Just a suggestion tho, i know it does just a little sense..
Rioter Comments
: Changes to Support Items (Removing Bandit for 8.6)
Geeeeezzz, Nomad gold income buffed once again... It's already generating more gold than Relic Shield/Spellthief's Edge, come on rito... Note: Now i have more reasons to abuse Ancient Coin line tho, even it's no fun :/
: Advice On Voice Chat
Imagine 5 people speaking at the same time and no one listening the other ones, even not care about listening. I think the normal chat is enaugh to communicate with people on champ select, plus it's very less likely for them to change their picks, or trying to get a proper team comp. If you say about high elo, those players know how to build/counter a team on their own, so i don't think voice chat would make a good difference on there, and for low elo, it would just increase the frustration on the very beginning. I like the idea of keeping it safe at current point, it removes the need for 3rd party apps for premades.(most premades will still use their 3rd party anyways) Maybe at some point if it's decided that voice chat doesn't increase the toxicity in the mid-long term we might see public voice chat trials aswell. But for now, i think keeping it with premades is a better choice.
Rioter Comments
: Holy shit for the love of god... BRING BACK TRACKER'S KNIFE!!!
As a bronze 2 support who really cares about vision, it's a nice idea to let junglers always have control wards(especially for late game where you don't have space to buy wards) About for low elo dudes not playing the vision game, this game isn't just for those folks, you need to climb and then you can be more relax on vision-side. Also, don't forget that if your team is bronze that means the enemy team is also bronze, so it's less likely for them to play vision game properly. Use this on your advantage. So, i like the changes. Im no jungle main, i just play jungle time to time, and it was a hard choice to decide which t2 item you should get. Personally im quite happy with those changes, and i really don't care about those bronze scrubs. (even myself lol)
: Clash on PBE - the bug hunt continues!
So, i have joined a team, we've placed on a 4-team bracket. We lost the first round in 24mins (yup embarrassing :/) Few mins later, the other match is finished and we had our opponent. After scouting and stuff, while we were on the queue, we had an instant loss, saying someone from our team dodged. All of our team were online atm, so it looked odd. Here's footage taken by our ADC: https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintSquareOctopusTF2John Here's the logs from my client: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wVsNpM8ulBStJRv-mSOx_7QNV4I01xbD Note: Those logs looked to me that they are logs from the first round. Since currently i have never played after the tournaments, i will be(currently i am) hunting for the very latest logs, if i can manage find newer ones i will add those logs into that. (Hopefully i will find some stuff xd) Quick edit: Yup, found some client logs, probably including some sweet data: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NozrdnZEGJmbRa6b_TdDOCVXFzL65X2y
: Where's my account
Should be something related to client not being able to load particular data or something. My client is unable to load the home page for quite some time..
: does this include the summoner rift one or only the blood moon?
: When you jump, dont have Critical Strike. You have 100% chance, but not have the Crit. But when you ATACK MELEE, yes.
Well, the tooltip doesn't say leaping from ult can crit, so i think that's normal. If your ult doesn't have the ability to crit, even 200% crit chance won't make your ult crit. Btw, it seems leaps from the ult and from the passive seem to be work different. Therefore i don't see anything wrong there.
: (Bug) Riot, Rengar R have critical strike
You have, somehow, 100% crit rate at the moment that you took those screenshots. So that means not only the ult, every single auto will crit. I think that's the real bug...
: Good to hear that you didn't have any major issues! Sounds like our fix did the trick, just in time {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Sounds awesome that you can confirm the problem is fixed. Btw, some guys are experiencing some end-game performance problems that when the nexus starts exploding the game freezes and can even freeze your computer. I also had that problem when finishing a 35min game, nearly crashing my entire computer. I don't think it's related to the FPS problems, but im still giving links if you guys can dig some more stuff: Perf log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oULtImMKg4UBzyNBGtRRMg4S2z1LWVBl R3D log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PWmTFsTM7Ceutp34MlilPdwHSPZrBY_o Match history page: https://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/98492324/2201371714?tab=overview All hope this is just some PBE-exclusive stuff. Good luck on your great work! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Swain Icon Bug
Happens to everyone, i think we will get a fix on today or tomorrow.
: We pushed out what we think is a fix for it last night, so it would've been after your game :( Please let us know if you're still having issues starting today!
I played 3 games tonight(finished 3rd one at the time of writing) and one of them featured a Swain and a Rengar(afk) on enemy team and lasted 38 mins. I didn't notice any FPS drop during that game(or any of those 3 games). I will post stuff if something happens but for now here's the links for that 38min game: Perf log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v7JOnmzG7JOMV2mV2swc0EBPzT50f4y7 R3D log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Nl0Pg6-lFZH5XTjFmLQwj5A0V9bP5n3M Match history page: https://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/98468823/2201371714?tab=overview Hope those stuff will make you happy, i don't understand much from these :) PS: Can post other two games if you need them too. All games played after the very last deploy before this post.
: Regarding Recent Loot Issues on PBE 1/30/18
Great work, it's great to see the loot finally working. I don't know if it's just me but i couldn't get any of the borders. Restarting the client doesn't seem to be work, i even bought Lux border a second time but still nothing. On purchase history nothing about borders/icons are shown. Can supply logs/screenshots if needed.
: Thanks! We have a tool that lets us get more detailed performance info from your games. If you add a setting to your game.cfg file. Cfg file is in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config You will need to add it under the [Performance] section. LiveProfile=1 Here's a link to what it looks like in my client: https://imgur.com/a/tw3Vc If you have that section included in your game.cfg, when you finish a game, it will generate a log that we can use to analyze the performance. You can find that log here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Performance Logs With a format like "2017-12-06T22-05-40_PerfDump.rpd" If you set up that LiveProfile setting and generate any logs like that, we could look at that as well. Don't feel like you've got to do this - we'll be able to figure it out! If you'd like, it's an option for you though :D
On today's game night, we have encountered FPS drops. Neither team had Swain or Rengar. My FPS dropped to 17, while Teemo got 11. So, here's the logs and match history page: Perf log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w1KZnCVUeNZLly2jtncDlSvy5SRBfBo3 R3D log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UwRzZuHmFaL2qWEwLtHVhYCnrtGjVbtS Match history page: https://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/98328691/2201371714?tab=overview Good luck on the work btw. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I can't even play any PVP game modes. How to fix?
I have had this issue, wanted to invite a friend but turns out i can't even create a lobby{{item:3070}} Fortunalety, he was able to create games and he invited me. So, looking for anyone who can invite you seems to be nice temporary solution.
: So many comments there, I can copy it here, but I guess creating a thread in bugs makes it more visible, thanks anyway =D
Creating a new thread instead of an already existed one just makes it harder to keep track of issues. It's enaugh if just a single rioter saw what you posted, and rioters are reading ALL stuff on these feedback threads. Spreading stuff all across the boards just makes rioters work harder.
: they said they will implement soon, but when? next year or what... i would rather flame via text msg instead of microphone, so everyone can say SS or Sorry mb in microphone and other say ok np and no toxic
If you have ever played CS:GO or something similar, you know how people becomes jerks on voice chat. As written already, Riot just told they're "considering" to add voice chat, and it's very likely for them to abandon it. Riot also told they will try nearly anything to prevent toxicity on voice chat as much as they can since it's near impossible to detect mic toxicity(and WE all know many people WILL abuse such opportunity) About third parties, you can already do that, it's not so hard to paste that Discord link and tell people to join. Using any third party won't be Riot's cup of tea, doing that stuff on their own would be easier for them to keep under control. So, short story, there's no promisses from Riot's side, so there's nothing certain. You can still perform voice chat in-game via any third party app you use.
: FPS Problems.
This issue has already reported, you might wanna continue there. Here's the link: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/AAYosjWZ-extremely-low-fps-on-pbe Please search if your issue has already been reported, that way we can be more efficient.
Rioter Comments
: Its not my PC bruh.in live I play fine and in that game everyone had the same issue
So everyone got FPS drops during that game? Are you sure it wasn't a lag spike(checked the FPS counter on screen?) Sometimes lag spikes occurring without any change on ping counter on the screen.
: So much lag , so much MS
If your latency got increased after Swain rework update, well, it's something normal. Since a huge number of players wants to try this kind of stuff number of played games gets increase on a point that the processing capability of servers are exceeded. A little funfact would fit there: > When Zoe first introduced to PBE, she was disabled at min5 because of a gamebreaking bug. After a day she gets undisabled, causing a record-breaking number of players to create private games just to have a look at her, causing insane amount of lag, 1000ms even for the players from NA. So, don't worry, it will turn to normal soon. If your lag is always too high, then there's one solution: Move to NA
: Extremely low fps on pbe.
If your pc have two graphics cards check which one is being used during games. Also check for driver settings and stuff. Sometimes im having similar issues and nearly always it's because my computer uses the lower one(Intel HD Graphics thingy) Other times it's the driver settings.
Rioter Comments
: Clash on PBE - we need your help tracking down a bug!
Too bad im ruled out from this Clash, as the starting time hits around 5AM Friday on where i live. But yeah, it was buggy when i was participated on EUW Clash, our team couldn't manage to land a ban. Glad to see now it's being fixed. Good luck on the way. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Anyone else really mad about the Lunar Loot not being enabled?
Don't worry dude, ALLOT of youtubers will be spending some nice cash on the stuff. I spent some money on stuff i have seen from youtubers, and it went all good. Amy and Belial have already written the stuff about testing/feedback thingies so i see no need to repeat them. And kinda yeah, it's quite fun to see the loot on your own, but since isn't changing that much during those events, im just fine not seeing the stuff PBE. Probably, i will just watch some youtube and then decide if it's worth spending bucks. Really, it's that easy :)
: Relic shield changes + thresh
I think, if Face of the Mountain gets removed from game, or loses it's gold income part, many people wouldn't complain much about Shield Battery passive from Relic Shield line. Personally i get Relic Shield just for FotM, and since Thresh isn't melee, you need to actually last hit minions, latening Shield Battery. So in the end, in a world where FotM "isn't existed/didn't give gold" i would go for Ancient Coin line.
: But placing any at all is still better than not. I'm like you, I started as a support main so even when I'm in other roles I always have the most wards out of both teams in my games with only the support(s) coming close. I **_STILL_** hear that nonsense of "why aren't you warding then?" when I have 0 wards in my inventory and the only 4 wards our side has placed are mine and I can visibly see in the scoreboard that the rest of my team has 2 yellow trinket wards. If riot would have been more open to the idea of punishing these people for being petty and dumb about things like warding the moment we got the means to show they aren't warding this wouldn't be nearly as prevalent still. Riot can see how these people are, we've had wardscore (the site) for yeeeeeeeears. It's just another one of those things where there isn't really a valid excuse they can throw out there at this point.
I remember placing 4 wards on my team fountain during coop games just to finish those "ward x times and win" missions, multiple times. And that's the problem, you can still drop wards under your turret, fountain or somewhere similar and they will stay there without giving a usable vision. I think a system that rewards you by your vision score would be more practical. Or maybe some warding tutorials, like the ones we already have?
: Get King Rammus, Victorious Elise, and Riot Singed
As the time of writing this, i have just gotten the said skins. I don't know why stuff like this happening, but i think rito secretly makes some stuff available. Still no idea on exactly how/why it happens btw.
: Hi! Please post ideas on Reddit, or other similar websites that attract Rioter attention. You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content currently on PBE, not for suggestions. The Rioters you wish to reach to not read the PBE boards.
Uhmm, i see nothing wrong here. He suggested stuff for something that is currently being tested on PBE. I thought that should be ok.
: Sweetheart Rakan
Man, that edit is OP! Great work dude, hope to see it made to live
: I really think we should not be mad/or we should rage because kayn is not there.After all,if OFA comes back onto the PBE we have enough time to play kayn,OFA atm my opinion on it is that it's the most enjoyable gamemode,of course if riot doesn't destroy it like they did to urf. just play something you like in blood moon.I can't recommend you anything since i don't know what you like playing {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Recently they released an Ask Riot article which explains some stuff about URF causing people to quit League. If a similar reaction happens for OFA too we might get bad news. To be honest, im impatient for OFA and also i think the reason behind Kayn being ruled out from BM is his Darkin form. Ah, those Darkins lul.
: I will third this and say that it is indeed bugged. 40 minute game with Nasus and did not receive a single consumable.
Well, i guess there's a problem. Gotta try it.
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