: Ryze bot suicide
Master Yi bot also does this frequently.
: PBE Balance Change Discussion
: PBE Balance Change Discussion
: All of these balance changes are justified IMO. The only one I'm curious about was the {{champion:203}} Kindred change only being able to ult allies and not herself anymore.
Clarified: Kindred can only ult herself now. Not allies.
: PBE Balance Change Discussion
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: Very well written post. Auto Attacks - Body block is going to be the most frustrating thing about his whole rework and the fact that you almost have to get too close. I think he needs a little bit of his range back or he is going to require building a very early tank item to survive against normal range ADC's. In the top lane it would not be too much of a hindrance. Q - Love and hate the wall mechanic. Love it for the instant nuke, hate it for not being able to hit a running enemy you had jumped a wall. Overall awesome ability. W - With the slow nerf I think they should have left the cool down the same. E - The passive idea you suggested is a really great idea, completely agree with everything you said about this ability. R - Both like and dislike the knock back, because like you, my luck is pretty bad an never seem to get the execute which then in turns puts me even further away from that kill. Commented on another post that suggested R reset E, completely agree with this if they are going to keep or remove the knock back on his R. That way it would either give you the chance to redeem yourself on blowing your slightly early or in the case of no knock back give you that chance to escape or even engage on another opponent. Graves was my first ADC that I ever played and I liked his kit the way it was, but this rework looks very promising and very fun.
Thank you. His W is far more consistent now which is honestly a great buff. While the cd being the same would have been nice, the reliability it now brings with Graves' new harder burst just makes it obscene to a single target as well as it being a good zoning tool for an AD ranged burst champion. The body block is really frustrating sometimes when all they have to do is walk over a curve, use mobility to go next to any terrain or minions or outright just put distance on him. His Q is the only thing that allows him to even deal real damage if they're smart enough to kite or use the surroundings with the such a small, somewhat high cd dash in his kit. In that vein, it would actually be nice if Graves max Q hit terrain also slowed for 1 second or his Ult having a weak execution effect attached. The only real change he needs if I had to just pick one, is to keep the proximity damage, but allow for selective targets. (Minions are short too, why not shoot over them).
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Going to go through some random points before a focused entry on Graves just to explain my viewpoint and reasoning and such. Be great if you guys commented on any of it. ------- I've mained Graves for a few seasons now. I loved the simple complexity of him and how it gives rewards for hard hitting and repositioning with mana usage. Am I against this far more focused style? Not really, I'm fine with champions changing -- keeps out a stale game to me. ------- CertainlyT -- I've actually always loved your designs. They're broken quite a bit in terms of balance or numbers (Can't tell if this is even your fault to begin with though), but they're unique, take skill (sans Darius in comparison), fit their thematic, and are overall fun to play (even if not against sometimes). So the huge works on focusing ADC mini roles like this is something I love to see fit that style you bring, but with noting balancing from people and also **the largest: your [detailed mechanical gameplay relevant] intent for each adc reworked (Graves **and Cait mainly now) in the OP. It actually affects the responses we give because it gives us a better contextual reference. ------- So far, the changes seem bruiser ADC to go for top lane. Decent kiting (Well, sort of bad actually, you need to burst -- kiting only possible if you didn't W them with the burst -- remedied with lowered CD of E maybe or having some weird passive that gains damage on targets at 15% or lower when in a higher range) and high burst with tankiness (Plate + Visage and then IE, Dancer/Shiv, LS item and Greaves/Zephyr is what I've been looking at.). His bot lane has to be something like Crank or Naut with him because he'll suffer more than sustain Morde with that kind of range and damage at anything beyond in their face. Shifting him from mid game carry (unless snowballed of course) to late game was pretty sneaky. He has early strength and late strength now -- I like it. ----- So now -- the concise points of likes and dislikes and such. - _**Auto attacks**_ : This is awesome. Straight up beautiful and unique for a marksman in League. The spray, knockback, damage by proximity. The complaint I have however, is the **body block. In teamfights, this is a huge hindrance.** You have to be a little beefy to tank and deal high damage. Almost using assassin tactics (i.e. Dash from Raptors out of nowhere) or be suicidal and just flash dash in to take someone down. - Suggestion: I don't really know, this is just guesswork: **Deal full damage if AAing anything against terrain ** in a small area near that terrain in my opinion OR (minions are short, can you not shoot above them?) still be able to shoot the target you like but keep the proximity scaling damage. Just that at least 1 pellet will hit your target. But that's a little experimental hope. Also in conjunction and to be stated later: **Make his Grit E like Wukongs passive and scale a little based on enemy champions around him** in addition to (reduced slightly?) base Grit. This would benefit his teamfight, diving and being ganked (because bot lane gets ganked like every 3 minutes) without having to make or think of random changes for his fitting Autos and also reduce the frustration a single target could have to take him down if he snowballed off of one kill. - _**Q**_ : I like the plays you can make with this, E and Ult. Outplay mechanics increased. The wall thing is pretty cool too and this can almost (or does) one shot minion waves at like level 9 with decent AD (from my experience). I don't know how to feel about this other than the delay seems a little long. The wall thing is pretend you're Vayne and condemn is the nuke instead of a stun imo. - Suggestion: One of two things is what I would suggest. To make the wall more rewarding by having the powder line deal the max damage (or scaling damage based on proximity to terrain/explosion if terrain hit) if it hits terrain OR just tweaking the delay to be a little shorter. He would still be fine without these changes completely, but it feels slightly frustrating as it doesn't stop people running to you very well -- it can zone rather well or, with practice, maybe hurt enemies running away , but not too satisfying for landing a terrain hit lined up in comparison to taking down entire minion waves to make up for bad farming with the autos earlier or if you need to burst them and made a dangerous/risky reposition. Also, compensates for his inability to kill over walls anymore. - _**W**_ : Vision control QoL was needed for so long, thank you. Slow being nerfed seems unnecessary but I'm not that against it considering his survivability increased from everything else anyway. - _**E**_ : Love how good this can get for his style of play, however the teamfight problem in conjunction with his AA's exist and the dash range isn't amazing enough to constitute a decent teamfight for him. (lol minion block on his AA's will be so real, you could dash in and a single minion would stop you.) meaning he needs to get even closer than comfortable unless he wants to be a Q - R bot in teamfights until he can clean up. - Suggestion: **Same as stated in passive**. Let him keep more survivability based on number of champions around him. Wukong like passive adendum to his Grit E for more tankiness in dashing into 4-5 people since he can't really poke with consistent damage otherwise or build tanky enough early-mid game. * -_** R**_ : Makes sense and looks great. Knockback is a little minimal to be a slight nuisance but it does grant a bit of a safety tool of escape or clutch engage in special situations when E is down. It does limit his follow up a bit if they live with one tick ( as is my eternal luck ), but it keeps him from taking out entire squads with burst and tankiness in late game if built so. Refreshing E when using R would be very nice. - Suggestion: Experiment with longer knockback or a passive that scales his knockback with how much damage he has dealt over x period of time perhaps? Or just make his R refresh his E. ----- Overall, while I will mourn the collapse of old Graves being my "near mindless shoot things and instinctive response" champion, I look forward to this new iteration and finding out how he can work the best.
: [Bug] Unable to open client
Could always just go into the folder and run it from the direct launcher file -- see if that works. (After having all of the PBE files located in one folder). Or open the Icon by right clicking and "Run as Admin"
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
This might not be as comprehensive as some others and I will add to it later, but at the moment -- I feel Kindred gets **little meaningful compensation for getting into near melee/cc range**. Almost like Lucian, her mobility, kiting and dps is just a drop off unless you're insanely good at dodging skills and sometimes that's not even enough. Kindred doesn't have a massive damage ability from just 1 ability and snowball the damage off of that, but a sequence of using 2 to 3 in tandem that don't scale rather well unless you kite and dodge like a god. The passive seems to be limiting any buffs to scaling -- which is all fine -- if so, I would want to suggest looking into **increasing Kindreds base AA range slightly**, and/or tweaking **base damage and scaling**. Of course, you don't need PBE for this, live numbers are probably more accurate for you; however in that regard, before release -- can we have** Wolf start to glow** or emit a rising sound as the Bow stacks? Just to increase the illusion that Wolf is getting ready and having interaction with Lamb more to appease. tl;dr: Wolf stack clarity and visual enhancement with glow // find a way to lower skill floor, be wary of skill ceiling
: Klunky Kindred - complaints and a bug with W
Wolf flying around turrets is a little unnecessary and can always cause coding issues or just more work. Also have to take in displacement and vision if wanting Wolf to go around champions constantly. Maybe Wolf can start to change eye color (glow) or something of the sort [growls louder each time and moves quicker around] when more bow stacks are added. I believe they are changing Runaans in the near future with the Marksmen update, so that point could be overlooked for now. Might want to list the bugs separately in the right section to get the most out of reporting them.
: They are usually very slow to review model "issues" working to ensure changes they make don't just upset more people vs what currently exists. My concern is if they actually have any time to touch up wolfs art. I think they are on a tight time crunch at this point with worlds coming up.
Seems more so that it's just very very low priority in comparison to what the teams could be working on instead. Worlds being huge right now as well for workload; different teams still can have multiple uses for people individually within them to be used elsewhere.

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