: Note: Gunblade change, Rageblade change, and AP Marksmen is now a thing
I would rather swap out the optional Runaan with the Essence Reaver. That crit+mana is too sweet to pass.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
: No Braum passive here. Its more like a Master Yi passive, except instead of an extra attack, you get a tail strike instead that stuns. "every 6/5/4th attack" -- --NOT "every 6/5/4th attack against the same target". :)
And also not "Allies aa and abilities that triggers on-hit effects can also proc the stun". This is a great idea, however I'm thinking about two problems with your suggested Ult: 1. Whether the enemy can see a graphical clue or on-screen marking like Braum's that shows the enemy Skarner's R is ready or not. If there is a mark, this will help the enemy to have a window of counter play. 2. I suggest it works like Yasuo's Q or Yi's Double Strike: The 6/5/4th attack that stuns will expire after X amount of time. The enemy team can turtle out for an extra seconds or two to force skarner (a melee tank) to come in closer to get his aa stacks back. This + the graphical clue/on-screen indicator will give a certain amount of counterplay or easier teamfight planning.
: [Request] Why isn't Mordekaiser in one of the football/soccer skins?
No, Morderkaiser will appear as guest singer with his Pentakill band, he doesn't need a new skin.
: Not only the edge......sadly after extra testing, there are more blind spots and area than you expected......there are parts of bushes where you can completely walk without being seen.
same goes to the unexplained red brush in summoners rift. By just side stepping sometimes the red is visible then invisible, really inconsistent
: [Major] Losing vision in the bushes.
If you try to reproduce it with health capture points in Crystal Scar, it will works the same way. Try somebody with a small hitbox like Evelynn or Shaco then walks to the edge of the top of the bottom left capture zone's bushes. By moving toward the tip of the brushes you will stop be able to see the health spawn as well as the expected visible area.
: Not sure if this is what your looking for, but when i was playing Kog'maw earlier (with Jurassic skin) i kept hearing a mechanical noise during recall, starting halfway and building up until arriving to base
I think it's from the new audio engine. Sounds really nice though.
: You probably bought more than 1 time the Rune bundle...
Not just more than one. He bought it 4 times.
: The problem here is then nobody would test things that have bugs that we are unaware of; for example say Taric has a bug - if everyone's told to play Braum, then nobody will play Taric and the bug will go unnoticed. Part of it is that with no guidance, people will play a lot of different things and lesser-known bugs can be sniffed out faster.
That might be a problem, however, unless somebody is a frequent S@20 visitor, they won't know about specific champions changes since the pinned discussions in this site only shows new champions or new skins but not balance changes. Thus the idea of implementing this new message system is a good idea concerning the lack of understanding from most PBE players (who's mostly here to just grab free skins and test champions, shhh...be quiet.)
: I didn't said he is a bad champ.. He is my favor. But, Fiddlesticks s a very old character, and i think he need to be something little bit different. like.. little changing his custom looks in the game.
Meanwhile, Sion and Taric still walking perfectly outrageously fine with their pizza feet. Sure, Fiddle SURELY CLEARLY needs a VO.
: Braum Bug Report Thread
Braum's model freaks out when he has 2.50 attack speed. If he AA with E activated, he'll be come the king of Dunk.
: LF a group of serious people who are willing to help
I'll be there for you! Would be more useful if you state the timezone and approx. time you are there in the PBE server. Mine is Atlantic GMT-4:00 (add the DaylightSavingTime in too). Looking forward to work with you. SKT T1K NotFaker
Rioter Comments
: Lissandra Recall too fast.
True to that, it get worst if you go 21/0/9 in mastery I think?
Rioter Comments
: PBE Servers Are** Offline**
It stills say outside that it's **ONLINE**
: Did not receive response from server.
Rioter Comments
: Atlantean Syndra further feedback
I'm still experiencing the bug, and yes, please: Do make Atlantean Syndra's ult feels more impactful, like WAM-WAM-WAM, not just a normal splosh...
: Make Everyone Opt-in for Chat Lobby
But people spam a lots of useless stuff in public chat. It'd be actually more helpful if there's a Tester chat room. People who actually want to talk about testing can join it.
: This might be considered nitpicking, but whatever, I'm just doing my job ;-) Very (very) minor cosmetic bug: long rune page title not cut off with "..." in mouseover box In the mouseover box that appears when hovering over the rune pages names in the pulldown lists, longer rune page titles are not being cut of with "...". For example, the title "Rune page text max length" is visible as "Rune page max" in the mouseover box. This is different from masteries, where "..." is added after the cut off. For example: the mastery page title "THIS IS A TEST FOR LENGTH" is visible as "THIS IS A TEST FOR LENG..." in the mouseover box, indicating that the text is cut off.
It's a known reoccurring bug from the last two weeks. See the OP post last line.
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
Reoccurring bug: Champion portraits on the minimap are not resized/cropped properly when joining a group as a solo: -We have a Jinx who her portrait on the minimap shows only her mouth. It stopped after we remade the room with her invited. -Our captain who play Velkoz and chose mid didn't have his portrait in the minimap in the same game. We had to remake the game and then Jinx and Vel'koz portraits is back to normal. other bugs: -Sudden group disband around 5 minutes after queuing. -We can scroll down 1 more empty line in the Teambuilder chat box.
: Me2 :) For the banning phase, I think the voting concept could be done the same as they did One For All without the random part. If there is no majority decision, then the leader chooses. In your opinion, how solid do you think that variation is?
IMO, the voting system in one4all won't work. The "leader choose" is pretty much repeating the same process again, since he will take his opinions first and foremost (plus the timer's ticking). If the leader has with himself a "Recommendation list from 3 (6) most chosen champions to ban," it will be more useful. His decisions might be the same, but with the list it will hasten the banning phase + the decision making time.
: I just got chosen for PBE but my account is level 1 with 0 IP/RP
No, you must relog to get the intended level, which is Level 30 and 8000RP and 20000Ip, if i'm not wrong. I joined when it was still 4k and 10k, I'm not sure. You MUST relog for the effects to take part, and if not, the "level-up timer script" is not running yet, you must wait for another 30min or something.
: It would be nice to hear about it. But I think the problem they have with it, is the amount of load it could cause on the regular servers. Storeing the data of perhaps millions of peoples games, requires alot of memory. As the pbe is quite small, it isnt a problem here. So if i were to guess i would say this. 1. They are busy prepareing for season 4. 2. They are busy upgradeing to prepare to be capable of storeing everyones game replay. I would guess they would work on this feature again once season 4 is up a running.
They are also focusing on stabilizing EUW and Riot office is going to move to a new location next year. When Season 4 (not preseason) starts, I think they will release the replay mode.
: [Idea TB][Comment/Discuss pls] Team builder for draft pick
An interesting concept. I believe with TB implemented, games will be much less toxic thanks to the prior amount of time preparing for a good game. First and foremost, thanks to the kick system we can quickly eliminate troll threats. As for banning phase, I suggest faster system: Everybody in each team pick 6 champions to ban. 6 most popular will be chosen as recommendation. In Draft Pick you'll have an extra bar for recommendation on who to ban. This will still be captain's decision as well as group recommendation (instead of spamming BAN KASSA BAN KASSA all over again)
: Thank you for your Yasuo feedback
No problem, CertainlyT. One thing I noticed is within this beta test, Yasuo got for himself 2 new unique mode: Showdown and One for All. This result in a stable test for later releases. Since this is PBE, can we have all available game modes and maps (ranging from Magma Chamber to our beloved One for All mode)? This allows us much more testing potential for one champion at a time. This way, you don't need to test all champions each and every time a new map/mode is released. Good PBE players who always have the champion who's in need of testing (specifically the newest one) can do their lovely job right away with all assets prepared for them. Oh and can we have the tool to upload video using built-in flash player? It would be a great addition to show bugs in video format!
: [Gankplank] Bug regarding wriggles + parrley on SR
Does it display as (for example) Avari Blade + Parley = +6 gold? If it still functional, try using Wriggle with Avari Blade and Parley. Post your result here.
: Thanks for the list! Most of the bugs have fixes in that you should receive in the next patch. In regards to this note: -Constant bugsplats and crashes at all time. Can occur to everybody in the game at any time. We believe it is happening due to the following champions: Lucian, Thresh, and Zac. If you avoid these champions until the next patch is released (it has been fixed internally), you may have better success in keeping games running in a healthy fashion.
Thank you for responding. Actually all the game I played have both Thresh and Zac or Thresh and Lucian. That should be the case.
: Ya. I was experiencing some crashes using {{champion:81}} Pulsefire Ezreal. Right when I connected back into the game, there were other people in chat that also mentioned that they had crashed at the same time. Don't know what's causing this problem but just here to confirm it.
It happens every game, so it's not champion related or anything.
: Alright got it, will add to this list the fix. Thanks!
Here are some new ones: -Can not attack inhibitors or Nexus using melee attacks. **Confirmed by Riot** -Invisible Ward Trinket (gold trinket) doesn't work at all. **Confirmed by Riot** -Offset HP bars of jungle monsters. **Confirmed by Riot** -Offset HP bars of minions in Spectator mode **Confirmed by Riot** -By moving using right-click on the minimap, sometimes the path line disappear. -Constant bugsplats and crashes at all time. Can occur to everybody in the game at any time. -Matyr's Call have erroneous cast animation. **Confirmed by Riot** -Certain clients missing particle and animations of caster minions' attack or turret shots. -There are no 2nd click in spell to continue casting a 2-steps casting skills. Ex: {{champion:110}} Varus' Q, {{champion:254}} Vi's Q, {{champion:154}} Zac's E etc. Smartcast or not doesn't seems to change the result. You will be using the spell without confirmation. There are also an issue which breaks channeled, aimed skillshots. **Confirmed by Riot and also resolved internally.** -2 Twin Shadows {{item:3023}} {{item:3290}} will appear in SR's shop (One for SR and one for Crystal Scar). **Confirmed by Riot**
: This is true, but as stated the utility scalings are a little low to actually feel REWARDED now when buying items. It's like... You have to put in 200+ ap to deal the same damage as before but your utility fells the same. I also don't like the Janna change on her howling gale - Supports usually don't charge it up to the full duration, it's mostly a clutch instantcast to peel. With this change, this playstyle feels even less rewarding. You got less knockup when they changed it to charge-up already. T'was fine as point blank instant gales have no counterplay and the skill should feel meaningful when charged up but now you nerf the base damage again. If you continue like that you can also go ahead and make it so it charges up from 0.005sek knockup to 2sek and 0damage to whatever during those 3seks... No damage and only a minimalistic cc...
Actually, if you know how to use it in harmony with your ADC, you can still charge it fully and actually deals TONS of dmg to the enemy. Why Riot nerfed a lot of AP scale? ASK MADLIFE. HE'S THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.
: Heimerdinger's Strengths and Weaknesses- the Opinion I've Developed
I do agree with this ideas. The donger's turrets are not like Teemo's shroom. They can't be spawn and spam easily and take an enormous cooldown to effectively deal damages. You should put it like Zac's blob: Reduced AOE damage. It would be really helpful.
: How about including some information about the Huntsmen? Just so that people know that we are usually around and able to help out if they are dazed and confused in terms of content to be tested, news and how to report specific problems. Personally I am always on Public Chat 1 if you need to contact me. I also thought that the most recent iteration of stipends that was given last week that amounted to 8k RP/20k IP was the new amount due to skins being released at the same price they are on Live. Is that not staying the same? EDIT: Another suggestion I have is to place the 3rd party websites like Reign of Gaming and Surrender@20 on the FAQ, since they post detailed patch notes and will help newer and older players out immensely if they don't know about them already.
I think you guys should have a blue overlay like Riot's, and change threadstarter's overlay to green. They should also sticky their Huntsmen thread to the main page, it'll help new PBE testers a lot.
: As far as the seeing teammates gold, I have no real comments other than I can see this leading to arguments among teammates. I don't think giving an assist for a ward is necessary, as that's a lot of free gold for not even necessarily being near it at all. It would give too much gold to one person for effectively being lucky. I also don't agree with the ping idea for wards, my logic is that wards are already fine as it is, if your map awareness isn't good enough to notice someone at that ward, that is your problem, not the game's. I think it just lowers the overall skill cap of the game which is not something I see as positive.
We already got a turret range notification. I don't think having a ping at your ward is a good idea, since it will even lower the threshold further. What if there are 5 enemies appear at 5 different wards? You'll get 5 pings, annoying as hell.
: A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!
As I'd seen in other forums, there are rumors about a Yorick relaunch. Is that true? If yes, what should we expect? As a dedicated team of Yorick players, I would love to see his kit have a certain amounts of rework since he dominates early game but barely useful late game. Plus a visual update would be nice too.
: If you guys have additional suggestions for FAQs, please post them here!
Can you please post that if you log in and it says: "This account is inactive", it means that you're not accepted in the new PBE environment. I think it will decrease rapidly the spam topics that showed up the last 2 hours.
: Overview Sivir
As a semi Sivir player myself, I think her new changes are perfect. One thing that I missed though is the aspd boost that gives your team a chance to burn down turrets easier mid and late game. With a team of Rengar, Tryndamere and Sivir, we can normally end the game at 30 minutes if nobody feeds.
: PBE Community In Game
To me, as a Hide and Seek player most of the time, playing as LeBlanc or Kassadin, the amount of time you spend Afk'ing is tremendous. I always get from 4 to 5 AFK warning per life. However, the amount of people trolling around in a room is also an issue. There should be a kind of mechanics that shows how negative a player are, Live and PBE. You can use it to clarify which player shown lots of negative actions and such to ban them from your custom game. Plus there should also be a penalty dodging custom queue. Maybe a 5 minutes penalty to custom games and 10 minutes to normal everytime you dodge a queue. As for permanents ban, if you get 10 reports (doesn't matter of tribunal review it or not, it's still count as a valid report)= 1 day ban, 5 report after 1 day ban = 3 days ban, 5 report after 3 days ban with a tribunal review = 1 months ban. After it give or take 3 or 5 more reports = permanent ban. It's a real shenanigans if you get a permanent ban each time you afk in HnS or trying to help but get blamed instead of the person who feed and get reported instead (because of trolls)
: While trying to repair my PBE Client, I got this: Unknown error occured, please see the log for more info." By clicking "Send log", the PBE patcher crashed, unable to continue patching after severals minutes not responding. Can you please tell me where the log for patcher crashes? As for my computer side, I've tested on 2 different computers with both having AMD GPU, one is a HD 7660 with 512MB and a HD 7670 with 1024mb. Both fully updated to the newest drivers. The thing is one use AMD chip and the other use Intel i7. The problems occured on both computers. It also happens to my friend: "league of cookie", "StarAvengr" and one more I forgot the name.
After finish repairing the clients, it works fine now. I'll try to test the bugs again when I'm home next 2 days. There might be a certain requirements to make it happens. Maybe: - In a normal game with 10 players? - In a game with differents skins? - In a game with new skins or Lucian ( who might cause crashes with their interation, like the current Kha'zix Rengar bugs) - Any possibilites is possible. I'll test it ASAP when I can. Although there might be certains problems: Not all my friend list is available at the same time and they aren't that positive finding bugs...
: it is not just thresh now; Lucian, Zilean, Zyra, Ziggs, Cho'gath, Tristana, Ashe... Everyone I've tried so far. Also; Am i Supposed to have Lucian at the login screen? Right now i have Spirit Guard Udyr
I'm having Spirit Guard Udyr too. We will not have Lucian login screen until several days after release. I just repaired my client and thresh now works. Try repair it, I don't know the reason at all.
Is it thresh crashes again?
: on a Mac: Summoners Rift: Thresh
You can comment in my sections of "Thresh Bugsplat". He's currently causing many client crashes or getting bugsplat. Both Window and Mac are getting bugsplats everytime there's a Thresh. However sometimes, there're clients who managed to go past the crash, that included Riot.
: Can't even attempt to load the game
May I ask you what maps you're trying to play? What champion you're trying to pick? You can look at my bugs list to check if your problem is there. But anyway I need more details to know where the bugs come from. Thank you very much Oliver!
: [HELP] LOL PBE CRASH - Process
Can you please reply to me with more info, how you got crashed? What kind of maps you're trying to play or playing on? What champions are there in the match? Does it occurs within the normal client instead of a game? I can not help if you doesn't tell me the details of it.
: Hi Sorry I Lied! Thanks for this report. I tried to repro it with no success. Can you please try to repair your PBE client and check your graphic card drivers are up to date? Let us know the results! Thanks again!
While trying to repair my PBE Client, I got this: Unknown error occured, please see the log for more info." By clicking "Send log", the PBE patcher crashed, unable to continue patching after severals minutes not responding. Can you please tell me where the log for patcher crashes? As for my computer side, I've tested on 2 different computers with both having AMD GPU, one is a HD 7660 with 512MB and a HD 7670 with 1024mb. Both fully updated to the newest drivers. The thing is one use AMD chip and the other use Intel i7. The problems occured on both computers. It also happens to my friend: "league of cookie", "StarAvengr" and one more I forgot the name.
: Do you use a thresh custom skin? Some people are having a problem where custom skins are causing the game to crash as soon as they load and they can't reconnect.
Sadly idk about my teammates but I never used a custom skin in PBE.
Rioter Comments
I believe this is either Thresh bugs or Rengar/Kha'zix bugs.
: Problem with Ranked Games
It also exist in Normal Game. Last time I play normal I accidentally quit and I was back at the Normal client. I can start the queue rightaway without Leave-Buster's 5 minutes waiting period you normally gets.
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