: I'm trying to be constructive. Her outfit matches that of the other starguardians and the frog companion is not only asbsolutely adorable but also fitting yet creative. Her animations and SFX are somewhat glittery. The backport is also pretty good. Now the Contra. The colours are a mess all over the place. You've got green, yellow, pink and orange, cyan... That's WAY too much. Check on the other star guardians! They all have a designing colour, one that is true to their identity. The face is not neeko. Just take 2 seconds, compare her base skin and her Winter Wonder skin. One example? Freckles. They're just straight up missing and it's taking away identity and uniqueness of her face. Her tail. I don't know what tail that is but it's all pink and stuffed with stars. It looks extremely unnatural, extremely painful and nothing magically at all to me. Heck, it even glows, just what is that thing? The star above her head is greenish. Looks weird. Colours, everyone! Colours! Is her hair pink? Is her hair orange? No-one knows! The splashart is horrible and has Ctrl V copies of the other star guardians. I know artists that would fix you that for 100 bucks. And you're riot games. Seen her loading screen border. Looks good to me, I'd try to stay true to that colouring if you focus on that. Probably ranted too much about colours by now so Her eyes. What is that. Thats again neither human nor magical. Creeps me out. Is she some kind of experiment gone wrong? All star guardians are humans so I get why her tail looks so artifical and all but why are her fingers green? Hope this helps somehow somewhere. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-c4Xlb3dIR6o/XWQSI_0Zn1I/AAAAAAABXoM/3EbXXmgeW6kx2CPWsCW1Ko-vRlwVYwOugCLcBGAs/s1600/11.png Take a loot at this spell comb. For me, that's hurting my eyes. Too many too bright colors all over the place trying to take the frontseat. Like watching 3 movies at once.
> All star guardians are humans Ahri, Soraka, Lulu, Poppy, Xayah and Rakan would like to have a word with you.
: I love this skin, but I don't feel like it's a prestige skin... His red hair is so... striking. I did two quick recolors, and I think a pastel pink dye would fit her better! **pastel pink dye** https://i.imgur.com/ZpJ0O5P.jpg **golden dye** https://i.imgur.com/3KpjsP3.jpg
While I find these super cute, from a gameplay perspective, it’s kinda redundant. With the pastel pink, Many people will just consider this skin will consider this a Star Guardian 2.0 (Note that BA already has that anime aesthetic going on so the similarities were bound to happen) Also Katarina already has this color, usually in (most) shonen anime hair colors are very unique to each character and it kinda represents their personality (sometimes) in a way. Blonde is nice because it’s Lux’s natural color. But with the current yellow that it has, from a zoomed out perspective, the colors can blend a little bit so it sorta looks like a yellow shaded blob. Note that I have attempted to use similar hair colors to yours when I edited mine, but had to reconsider because of the aesthetic the skinline had vs anything that has been done before for Lux.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition!
After consulting with the Lux Reddit page, I edited it again: https://m.imgur.com/a/Uc9qmbZ this time rather than pursuing a softer aesthetic, I edited the saturation of the existing colors.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition!
EDIT: HERE IS MY EDIT OF THE SKIN: https://imgur.com/mSbuOAs I feared this day would come, but at the same time I was hoping as well LOL So first of all, LONG HAIR! I absolutely love it (I might be a little biased) It suits well for the prestige edition. I get Satsuki from Kill A Kill vibes from her as well as looking like a timeskip version of her base design. The pedestal in the recall is nicely done as well (it took me a while to realize the training dummies had the other skin's hair stlyes LOL) I'll mentioning this now since both the base and prestige have this issue is that her face texture is a bit different. Imma put this here as a point of reference: https://imgur.com/a/t5CsGlA Now in terms of face proportions, nose is a little low along with the mouth which isn't as wide. The eye shape is completely different, slanting more of a hill shape rather than the splash art one more. Even slapping the Star Guardian Lux face on this would make this better because the eye shape matches the splash art more than the current face, here: https://imgur.com/a/PDR785i So yea this was for the face for both BA Lux Skins but now onto the Prestige one. I'm getting similar issues with the yellow in this skin as with the Prestige K/DA Ahri one. It's too yellow. I'll try to do a mockup later when I have my setup ready but I'm not digging the very strong yellow as it doesn't really read as gold. Maybe tone down the brassiness of the yellow and making it more neutral or rose gold hues to tone down the yellow and make it more of a champagne color. It would overall match with the white on her uniform really well and makes it pop without having to result to having to bright colors that contrast each other. A lot of people as well complained about the brown stockings and boots, I for one am one of them. Maybe have the stockings a pale gold with the boots white with golden accents? (I feel like this would be better explained with a mockup which I would include later. Lastly, her hair color. I for one would like it to be a blonde, but with rose gold hues to make more aesthetically pleasing. It would also match with her new VFX in the prestige edition. Overall, I'm happy with the design but it has to be Prestige for a reason. I've noticed this trend now with the prestige is that a lot of feedback when we first had a glimpse at the skins. They look rushed,not as polished and the execution of the design falls off a little bit and I don't want that to happen to this skin because Lux is my favorite champion.
: So Hold the Phone Here re: Infiltrator Irelia v. Frostblade Recall Animations
Riot has confirmed that Frost Blade will have a unique recall, it wasn't animated yet so they used the default as a place holder for the time being.
: First of all i have to thank you for making this Skin. Ahri was the Champion that made me continuing playing League Of Legends in the first place. I was a huge fan of her because of the Kitsune/Kumiho Thematic, and i still am. Over the Time i got a little bored of Ahri, she was pretty much the only champ i played back then over and over. Arcade Ahri is a very cool Skin too, and it made me enjoying Ahri again for a little while, but she still felt like the old Ahri that i have played so much. But with Star Guardian you gave her a complete fresh feeling of Gameplay. Its not only the look of it thats amazing, but all the animation and her personality and the voice.. she still is the old character Ahri that i love so much, but in a new way. You even keep bringing in some K-Pop references of... what was the bands name? SNSD? Also i finally fell in love with her tails. They aren't that static anymore like they were before. They now feel dynamic and Fluffy, just how i always wanted her tails to be. But the best is, she is not alone anymore. Kiko and Ahri are perfect together and when they talk together it really makes me smile because the way they are talking to each other sounds so confident. I don't understand Kiko's language tho, but Ahri does. And that makes her bond feel even stronger, same was with Jinx and her "Guns" Kuro and Shiro. You can really tell in gameplay that she's not fighting alone. The only thing i don't like that much is a little detail in her walking animation. I like the walking animation a lot, but i would like it more if Kiko isn't in front of Ahri, but right next to her but thats just me. Kinda annoys me that if walking, the Orb covers her whole face. But the way shes walking itself is so cute. I think everything's said. Good Job :3 Edit: One thing i was asking myself the whole time, its about the 3 Stars that orbit around her Orb and in her W Ability. The Yellow, Blue and Teal ones. Are they the Spirits of Ahris old Star Guardian Squad Members that she lost in battle..? Or do they represent her members, Miss Fortune, Ezreal and Soraka? If so, why did you decide for these 3 and let Syndra out? {{champion:103}}
When she W's she says star reflection so maybe it's more of reflections of herself I suppose.
: I really like a lot of what's been done with this skin, but there are a few things that I think didn't turn out so well. Animations and spell effects are great, but the Q feels a bit off. I need to actually get back on pbe and look at it again to figure out what felt weird to me though. Some other people have mentioned this as well so I might have been noticing the same things as them. The ult effect looks really awesome and I want to keep it but, like others have mentioned, it is a lot more telegraphed than all of her other skins which could be a gameplay disadvantage. I generally like the VO, but the laugh feels really off to me, it doesn't seem like it fits with the rest of her personality very well. Some of her other lines have laughter in them and I think those laughs would have made a lot more sense for her. I could do without the current laugh. Finally, I've seen the context on why she doesn't have her whiskers and I have to say I disagree with the reasoning for it. I guess it seems weird to me to call the skin a "step above season 1 guardians on an aesthetic level" when it's missing something iconic like this. Admittedly I haven't seen an iteration of the skin with whiskers but it currently feels like a step down rather than up.
If you think about it, Ahri's resolve to become more human is proven to the fact that she doesn't have whiskers in this skin. In this universe, Ahri has forged a contract with the First Star to become a Star Guardian, so she doesn't have the necessity to eat human souls when her purpose is now focused on defending the universe. With the First Star's help, Ahri has fufilled her cravings and is gaining more power to appear more human.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri!
This skin is a beauty. From Execution to overall weeby feels, I'm in love with this skin. While I might not have checked it myself, I noticed a couple of things: - When I do Q animation under the homeguard, I run for a bit but as soon as the Q ends, I start flying. - Recall animation at the end, the three tails at the bottom clip through the legs. - On Ahri's chest gem, i think there was a texture bug that made it black compared to a gold color. - For gameplay quality, I feel like the ult sound whenever I use a charge sounds alot like flash to me. I was constantly scared as to why I thought I flashed. Other than that, I'm completely charmed by this skin. I mean from the model,voice acting (laura post im assuming) and both the sfx and vfx have been done amazingly well. While I'll accept the no whiskers bit, I kinda dislike how empty her face is. I'm not feeling Ahri at all, and it doesn't really allure me when I look at it. Maybe add some contouring or edit the look of the eyes can fix it up. (think references to Ace of Spades ezreal for an example of a very pretty face.) That's all I got so far, hope this wasn't a long read.
: I played the skin and looked at the skin spotlights pre-realease SG Ahri skin. I know its not final but I have some feedback/suggestions. Disclaimer: These are all feedback, currently I am satisfied with the skin but I just thought it could be a _little_ better. Death: (I know the tail should fade with her body) but I suggest when Kiko goes to where Ahri dies, instead of making him disappear when she respawns maybe make Kiko fade away (like how ahri dies) or fly to her side when she respawns. Or is that too much to ask? It's okay if that can't happen. Recall: A little bit more sparkles coming out of her would be nice. I just feel like that's what its lacking. Even if you only add more sparklers in the first few seconds it would turn out very star guardian (kind of like lux). Model: More tail sparkles please! I've noticed that Pop Star Ahri has more sparkles so does Arcade Ahri. Also the whiskers is a MUST! Dance: Would it be possible to add music into her dance? Like Arcade Ahri, that was quite nice. If not that's okay. Homeguard (Question): When she's on homeguard animation and you throw a q back to make her faster, is it normal for her to run while the q is coming back? I was just curious. R (ULT): When Ahri ults and she has this purple cosmic stars, it would be nice if it would fade away after 1 second use of ult (gets refreshed when used again). It can be used against her gameplay wise. She does already have an indicator of the ult on her feet but it's pretty much screaming 'I HAVE 2 MORE CHARGES OF ULT' kind of thing. What I like: * Her sassy walk. * The animations for her passive, q, w, e + sfx and fx. * Ultimate animations + sfx and fx. * Character + Voice (it really describes her well) * Really like the skin ALOT overall it felt so smooth and satisfying to play. I'll probably never get tired of playing her in that skin.
I believe the concept artist for SG Ahri explicitly stated on the NA boards that whiskers will unlikely happen. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/WAr3GvAi-star-guardian-ahri-is-missing-her-whiskers?comment=0002
: Like most of the criticism here, I'm mostly iffy about the hair. I know Ezreal is mostly known as the "messy haired bishonen" of league and front a front view the hair looks fine. but with the side showing the length of that one chunk of hair looks funny to me. And the color choices are a bit weird too. Considering the other Guardians, their hair are fully altered from their classic counterparts (Jinx's bam blue hair to like a cherry red and Lux's blonde to a full pink.) Unless there is a style choice with Male guardians that their hair is only streaked not fully dyed then I can take this second part of the critique. Overall, I really dig the design of everything, from outfit choices to particle effects you guys have done an excellent job with this skin!
One thing I would also add is is face texture. Would it be possible to match it to the ones like Ace of Spades or Debonair? His face kinda looks weird to me as of right now but the "cool" senpai-esque face those skins had would match the aesthetic of this skinline.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ezreal!
Like most of the criticism here, I'm mostly iffy about the hair. I know Ezreal is mostly known as the "messy haired bishonen" of league and front a front view the hair looks fine. but with the side showing the length of that one chunk of hair looks funny to me. And the color choices are a bit weird too. Considering the other Guardians, their hair are fully altered from their classic counterparts (Jinx's bam blue hair to like a cherry red and Lux's blonde to a full pink.) Unless there is a style choice with Male guardians that their hair is only streaked not fully dyed then I can take this second part of the critique. Overall, I really dig the design of everything, from outfit choices to particle effects you guys have done an excellent job with this skin!
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
If I recall, many players viewed Captain Fortune's Recall and Sweetheart Sona's recall to be considered as their own actual recall and I would actually kinda like to see that. It fits with both of their personalities and if we're talkin bout reusing animations then this might(?) be a problem.. although it might degrade the actual quality price of the two skins, i think those recalls would be best if it got used on all of their skins.
: [Closed] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Quinn!
**EDIT: ADDED PREVIEW SHOT OF WHAT I HAD IN MIND, IGNORE THE HAIR CHANGES IN THE AFTER, I WAS JUST PLAYING AROUND WITH IT. ** Hi there! Just wanted to add my 2 cents of the skin itself. The skin at the start I really didn't hate but didn't love either. I agree with the whole "Too Star Guardian-esque" but I think that's because of how much white she has on her outfit (a pattern Janna, Lulu and Jinx follow). Especially when she's already so fair skinned, zoomed out the skin tone and the white seem to mesh with one another. Maybe change the white part of her top to a dark purple similar to her tights and the white parts on her shoulder arms to a gold color to match with the top of her top. Also and this is just me, Valor just seems to bland for me. Compared to the other skins (Phoenix and Woad Scout) Valor just seems too basic. Maybe add more detail for feathers or just add textured armor so Valor can match with Quinn. Thanks for hopefully understanding my thoughts on the skin! Here's a preview of what I had in mind: http://imgur.com/a/ooZOE
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Might be too late to ask this but is it possible to add her Elemental Power to the alt click thing? (Like alt click on icon to show alive or dead status)
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
All right that's it Riot... you did it again. You made a skin for my main and that I'M EXTREMELY IN LOVE WITH! For starters, practically 10 epic skins in one ultimate skin is truly a blessing to have! I've been Lux main since season 4 and I thought I would be happy with just Star Guardian Lux but you also showed this! which makes me just smile :) _**Pros:**_ -_Very Diverse Aesthethic:_ Haters are probably thinking that this is just chromas when really it isn't. Each of the 10 skins has different model, sounds, a few different animations and varied recalls. Not to mention that if you look closely, they do actually have different outfits (Good job for RiotZeronis btw) but at the same time, they are all cohesive with one another because they still need to match as a entire unit. -_Worth every single dollar:_ If you think about it, the amount of content that we get in this skin is quite phenomenal. Assuming the quality of each skin is at least 1350rp that means that the total is 13500! and with 11(10? feels like one of them is a 1500ip/250rp) icons free as well, that's another 2750rp with a grand total of 16250rp! that's basically buying the ultimate skin 5 times. -_Shows Lux's growth as a character:_ Now, I'm a sucker for lore, and seeing this makes me feel like this skin shows a lot more depth to Lux's personality and character. **Scene:** Lux mastering her gifts of magic while mastering more diverse and unique elements to her disposal still displays Lux's growth hasn't finished. And the amount of personalities displayed throughout her elements also displays her dark and sadder side of being an "empty shell" and that each element that she's in displays the emotion perfectly (Lowkey Multiple Personality Disorder?) **_Cons:_** -_A limit to her power:_ If being able to discover her true power and potential to what element she could master her true end, and in the case of a league game not really end, then she shouldn't end at a final transformation or basically, **GIVE US THE CHANCE TO USE ALL OF THESE ELEMENTS IN A GAME.** I can really see the amount of work done on this skin is truly phenomenal. But if you limit us to a varied "I have to pick between waifus in order for me to get the H-Scene at the end" thing then it would lose it's value as a Ultimate skin. Maybe a suggestion could be to still use the context of the element selection screen for two transformations but allow us to buy like some sort of free item in shop (kinda like Kalista spear) that could reset us back to Light/Default! Maybe it could be that book that the Elementalist Ward skin. _"Light can take on many forms"_ but why restrict us with what we have to choose in order for me to "fully appreciate" the skin. (It's like picking a bias in a K-Pop group, yes you have that one you really love but that doesn't mean the other members should be disregarded.) -_A couple of bugs:_ Stuff that's already been mentioned below like voice going missing and whatnot but also I've found some rigging issues regarding her legs. At the start of game when she's flying on her wand, her legs clip over one another and it just makes the rig look worse (a little bit on the skirt as well) Riot, I honestly love you guys for making this for us! Seeing something that I thought wouldn't be possible was brought to life by you and i just smile when it pays off. (Fun fact, I remembered doing an "asian-esque" skin for Lux called Midnight Butterfly Lux and the Mystic element just brought that to life and I was literally filled with joy! Can't wait for the development of this skin to it's full fruition.
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: The tooltip for Jinx's Q with SG Jinx is wrong
I don't think changes to their names is very relevant since it is just a skin (despite it's awesomeness.) and while I agree with the custom death particles, additional voice overs will be a lengthy process to produce.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Jinx!
OMG RIOT!! TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY ALREADY XD!! THIS SKIN IS LITERALLY ALL I EVER WANTED IN A STAR GUARDIAN JINX SKIN!! LIKE HONESTLY IN ALL THE CONCEPTS THAT I HAVE DONE [](http://img01.deviantart.net/5341/i/2015/154/d/2/_mmdxleague_of_legends__star_guardian_jinx__by_naruchan101-d8vtmxl.png) [](http://pre02.deviantart.net/9f6a/th/pre/i/2016/234/3/4/_mmdxleague_of_legends__after_5_billion_weaves____by_naruchan101-daeudto.png) Bugs are my only concern right now with Jinx tbh.. Such as the disappearance of her VO at some point in the game (forgot where doe) Other than that, once again riot you have made another excellent skin :33
: I said this already in a reply to you on the normal boards, but I still think that in Jinx's splashart the crazy in her eyes should be toned down a bit. She's still slightly more on-edge than I originally imagined from the preview after listening to her voiceover ingame, but I still don't think she should have eyes on the level of insanity as firecracker or slayer, and that a more playful expression would much better fit her attitude and the pose she's making. Other than that, I quite like this skin. Something in the animation for her dance seems a bit off, though that might just be that it's so chaotic it's hard to keep track of everything. In her W zap VFX I'd expect the warning indicator to be blue, but it was pink after all (change? :D) The animation for her ult is amazing and I love it. 10/10 Am also quite happy with the way her hair ended up.
Indicators may be almost impossible to change because it's harder to read those abilities if they were a different color
: Agree with all! Would've been nice a new model for her tails. Pixels dropping at the end of her tails, just like the scarf maybe?
Yea! Because Popstar Ahri's tails have the pink sparkly sparkles around her tails!
: I've commissioned many Ahri pieces in the past 3 years and artists forget to add them occasionally which is probably the case here. http://i.imgur.com/ED0E7Ci.jpg Looks better (that's a fan-edit)
Indeed that does look better! also I just noticed that she's kneeing down a minion XD
: there's a reason why this skin doesn't have whiskers let's add whiskers to make her match every other skin she has because she's a fox, i honestly don't know why the whiskers are such a big deal for this skin
Many champions retain certain qualities that make them that champion still,Whether it be Jinx and her tattoos, Miss Fortune and her hats. Same goes for Ahri with her whiskers on her face. And since when did the Arcade Skins represent cosplayers? lol
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ezreal!
Finally! An Ezreal skin with new stuff besides model! It looks really good so far! Pros: -His design is phenomenal while incoorperating stuff from Square Enix Games (Mostly The World Ends with You) -Particles are amazing too, I feel the tingle of sensation whenever I land any of the Ezreal skills. Not to mention his Q and Ult HAVE A SWORD?! You guys never cease to amaze me XD -Recall is also really cool (love that ATB referrence) Cons: -As mentioned below, his Q animation is quite odd considering it doesn't pop a bow and his animation does so. Most of the stuff they mentioned already is also what I had in mind as a suggestion. -While not a con for this skin, would it be possible to update the textures of PFE? It has been quite some time and yet I'm amazed by how it didn't change when Ezreal Texture Upgrade during the New Summoner's Rift era. -It may not be visible to many due to it being covered by his hair, but would it be possible for his face to look more like the Debonair or Ace of Spades skins? I feel his bishouneness would truly sparkle after that. -Might be a bug: Ezreal has some missing particles on his recall (probably the squares of whatever that hand is picking on.) That's it for now, hopefully by the end of this cycle this skin has improved some more!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ahri!
An amazing skin once again! I love all the effects and animations for this skin, makes me happy to see skins like this! Pros: -Every particle has been pixelated, (EVEN WHEN HER PASSIVE IS UP) After watching SkinSpotlight's video I thought you guys didn't implement it but you did :D -Her tail! I'm amazed by how the rainbow tails are! especially how they transition from one color to the other it's just amazing! -It's on Ahri :3 one of my favorite champs! Cons: -Her skin (compared to the splash art) is a bit tan when the splash represents her as really fair skinned, hopefully that can change. -While the tail coloring is lovely, it's the tails themselves I'm quite disappointed with. Seeing as it is a "Brand New Model" i thought she would incorporate a new set of tails and not use the ones from her previous skins. Not a big issue right now, it's just disappointing to see those tails being used over and over when they just jumble up onto her legs. Hopefully this will be a fix in the near future. -Her color scheme while I like, isn't as bright enough compared to those of Arcade Miss Fortune, Ezreal and Corki. Bringing up the contrast on her texture would certainly solve the solution. -Would it be possible for the SFX for the emotes to have those 16-bit SFX as well? It's weird when a pixelated ball doesn't sound pixelated when she uses any of her emotes. That's all I got for the skin so far, hopefully more changes will occur as the time passes by. :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Fiora!
Just out of curiosity, will she get turn-tech for her scarf (being a new skin release I thought you guys already made one)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Miss Fortune!
Holy Riot!! STOP GIVING SKINS TO CHAMPS I THOUGHT I ALREADY HAD ALL THE SKINS FOR XD!!!! But for real though this skin is just lovely, it screams slayage and that's my kind of forte :3 But it does have it's imperfections. For starters, like stated below the hat is just too big, while zoomed in it seems fine but when zoomed out it just looks like a hat floating on the rift (*exaggeration but you get the idea). Secondly, again another one that is stated is that the colors for her outfit are too bland. I know she has the potential to have a full burst of color (Arcade MF) so It wouldn't be too bad if her swimsuit was more of a sky blue than pale blue. Finally, while I agree that her "natural" red hair is her key signature, It wouldn't hurt to spice it up a bit would it? Maybe a streak of blue to at least differentiate it a bit from her other skins. It really is a lovely skin, model,particles,recall and all but It also has a lot of potential to improve, don't you think?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Leblanc!
Riot once again you are slaying my life with these skins UGHH! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! At first I saw was River Spirit Nami, due to how their colors are almost identical, maybe a slight adjust so people can differ between the two. There is also the fact that her voice isn't filtered. I feel that it needs that due to being a fairy and everything she would sort of have nature's voice in her or somethin... That's all I got for now, thanks again Riot for making this skin!!
: because Annie needs another skin (10th) when there are champs that literally have 1-2 skins: Diana {{champion:131}} . That's disgusting RIOT. I don't care that she gonna get that Fire skin, community voting shouldn't be **THE ONLY** even reason to make skin for her.** If you guys weren't working on skin for Diana even before** Allstars voting than you are just showing giant **MIDDLE FINGER** for all Diana players specially that Leona got project skin recently. Diana = 2 skins (last skin 3 years ago) Leona = 5 skins (she gets them so often) And the fact you guys also piss of Diana mains by making Bloodmoon skin for more and more champs but not for Diana and also make Bloodmoon Icon that looks like rotate Lunari mark is also not cool. I won't be surprised if when she will get it finally she will just look as genderbend Bloodmoon Shen: Diana wearing fullbody powerranger costume and mask = literally Shen I wonder if she will get skins (non Fire one) during the incoming Mt.Targon that everyone is expecting or you will again ignore Diana and probably give something for Pantheon and Leona
Skins aren't based off who has them the least or who gets the most, it's in which concepts for skins get completed first.
: First, I'd like to say, thank you for working so hard on another Sona skin. I'm a sucker for them and I own all her skins on my NA account. That being said, there was something a bit lackluster for me with this skin and I thought to myself "I guess this is the only Sona Skin I won't buy." It took me a while to figure out was missing, but Sona (and now Bard) are unique, in that they are musical. I think she would really benefit from different or at least filtered ambient sound effects. Perhaps this is asking a lot from a 975 RP skin, but again, I feel this is a special case. An altered joke/taunt/dance/laugh would go miles as well, but the ambient music, is what really defines her. Thanks again! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I agree with the altered joke, her current joke animation doesn't really fit with her sweetheart theme. Maybe use the animation from silent night sona (which is 520rp) and add a sweet harp tune!
: Order Of The Lotus Irelia And Victorious Skins
PBE isn't meant for skin collecting, its for testing anything new for the game. If you want those skins, try your luck in hex-tech.
: Not my cup of tea I guess. This skin looks like Heartseeker Ashe Copy&Paste. The skills are too dull... They're exactly the same, only recovered, and the colors are too dim. Making them brighter would be nicer I guess, or like making the little heart brighter would add a nice feeling to it. The ult looks simple as well...
reason on being similar to Heartseeker Ashe is due to how this skin thematic is suppose to be very cohesive.
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: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
just out of curiosity, will she receive a MTU?
: So...what EXACTLY does her W do now? Is it just a passive move speed increase with an active attack speed steroid?
maybe like how her w then is her passive when activated it recovers the passive
: Ezreal Skin Re-vamp Ideas
as lovely as this idea is, this isn't the place for it... please try and upload this discussion on the live boards and not pbe. PBE is meant for feedback for the stuff they are about to put into live and bugs that are in the game, not new ideas
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Slayer Jinx!
I noticed a bug with her specifically on this skin.. her loadingscreen isn't there its just classic Jinx
: Hey xXCryMeARiverXx, Thanks for the feedback! We're looking into alternative looks for her hair in terms of color/texture! We're hoping that will make the hair feel a bit more like ponytails.
Hello again, I saw the hair update and I must say it looks really cool! one thing i find weird is how pointy her hair is at the bottom before approaching her hair ties. Like it looks like two pink ties with hair at the bottom. Maybe thin out the vertices of those two hair pieces so it looks smoother? Also might I add something about Jinx's hair in the splash art as well, her bun is waaaaaay to far from her actual head comparing it with how it looks ingame.. might need to change that as well..
: Animation Bug (new skins)
please wait for Riot to perfect the splash art. If they don't debut with the skin itself then they aren't ready and will be made when the time is right for them to be released.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Slayer Jinx!
Might I suggest adding a few more suggestions, specifically regarding to her hairstyle? Jinx's iconic features are her blue braided pigtails and at first i thought this skin was going to differ from the pact and be a split ponytail with a bun on top, but due to closer inspection the latter doesn't seem to be the case. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hurt to fix a few meshes and make her hair seem like it more of the ponytail style. I did some editing of the model myself and this is what I wanted to to see http://imgur.com/yMD3WZ1 I know low pigtails are jinx's thing but it wouldn't hurt to edit that a bit plus there are some other champs that break their iconic features too (Star Guardian Lux having pink pigtails and Pentakill Sona having short red hair) Also I would like to see a couple of scars,dirt and slime on her. I agree with the comments below that she's too clean to be a survivor from a zombie invasion and looks more of a punk kid that hangs out at hot topic. Thanks for reading this long mess XD!!1!1
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Slayer Jinx!
First, a bug to point out: ~~-Passive trigger sound is missing :)~~ Thanks for fixing Moving on, I'd say this skin is such a beauty! This skin really shows how much work has been put into it. I've got a few changes in mind though. ~~- Tattoo: I know not every skin has the tattoo, but I feel like Jinx ins't really Jinx without them. Even the classic tattoo is fine as long as she has it on.~~ Thanks for adding this! - Chomper size: I feel like the size of the chompers is small for this skin, maybe increase the size a bit? - Particle changes for PowPow and Fishbones CRIT PARTICLE: I feel like that the crit particles are very similar to the regular one, almost exactly the same even. This pretty much covers up everything that I've thought of the skin. Can't wait for the changes to come!! Thanks again Riot for an amazing skin! :3
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
Death animation bug: When you execute the death animation, she fades away. However, if you move the camera away from Kindred and move it back, her body is still there
Rioter Comments
: Arcade Sona Recall
Arcade Sona was released prior to champs having animation recalls and her VU didn't include a recall animation so unfortunately she was not able to get one.
: I love the Ahri skin, but you could at least change the color of her W! I know this is a 750RP skin and doesn't recieve new particles, but Fnatic Janna and Prehistoric Cho'Gath got some changes and both are 750RP skins! :D I just that I love Ahri since her release and I don't like that she get a 750 RP skin. I was hoping for a 975RP skin or more :( But great work tho, I love it!!! {{champion:103}}
her w doesn't need to be changed 750 skins prioritize only model changes, in some cases that you stated above where because they were a quality of life particle changes (only done to fit in with the skin). Other examples include particle changes to Order of the Lotus Irelia ult because her ult would look weird if her base weapon particles were used when the weapon is different in the skin. When it comes to Ahri, she doesn't need changes due to her ahri nothing is being drastically changed to have a QoL particle change to occur.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Riven!
**EDIT: JUST CHECKED IN TO SAY IT WASN'T A BUG, IT JUST LOOKED LIKE THAT FROM THE ANGLE I DID THE RECALL ANIMATION, MY APOLOGIES JUST IGNORE THIS COMMENT** I noticed an Arcade Riven bug today. I will eventually post a picture later. ~~Steps to recreate bug 1. hit lvl 6 and ult 2. recall afterwards 3. you will notice that as the recall ends with her ult sword (but you already ulted before the recall) so the particle of the sword just floats up in the air. just a minor thing but I hope it gets fixed ^^~~
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Academy: Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Vladimir!
It kinda erks me how Ahri's hair was rigged with her head bone taking up 95% of her hair while the rest of hair in the upper body bone just sit there, hopefully you guys can fix it to have a smooth transition (some hairs from the sims are a great example of what needs to be done)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Riven!
Amazing skins as always :) What I would like for Riven is that her Q should stack up combos with most of her stuff referencing the fighting game genre it would be cool if she hit more than 1 q her "hit" sign could stack up with numbers like 2 hit and 3 hit.
: Can't see ping on top right after Ctrl + F
if by top right u mean the top right of the screen then it's not suppose to be there in the first place, its now on the top right of the mini-map. however, if you were talking about the top right of the minimap then yea it is a bug...
: Miss Fortune feedback thread!
First and foremost, great visual update! Miss Fortune can really strut her goodies now! most of my concerns are similar to those at the bottom but let me add one more. In Arcade MF Her hair transitions from a pink to blue while the original Arcade and Splash art support a more pink purple blue transition. I would just want that fix if I can please thank you!
: Star Guardian Lux Recall
NurseFlan already said that the recall sounds are being made, it's the skin's fresh debut so most assets like splash art and other sounds aren't complete yet, give it some time.
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