: I Find It Alerting And Somewhat Annoying To The Reader And I Just Like It. I First Saw This Style On Some Other Video Game On Youtube BTW.
Oh boy. A sadist. Says wonders for his credibility.
: Your barking up the wrong tree again, trying to get involved in what doesn't concern you. I'm gonna give you an answer your own way then : I have chosen the summoner name i wished for and riot is okay with it, maybe the fact that you're not allowed to have one is bothering you, anyway i'm changing it whenever i wish to. Also I like impersonating the non-existing rioter and if riot has a problem they are welcome to discuss it with, meanwhile i'm gonna enjoy watching people who can't do anything about it and keep trying to cause disturbance. Fairwell.
Wow. An admition, impersonating a rioter. I thought you'd be trying to convince prople you weren't a fraud all night.
: First of all, I don't need to prove anything to anyone who's not related to my tasks in anyway but out of ....... kindness I could give you the evidence you need (in private). And second, about my [NEXUS BLITZ NOT AVAILABLE](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/z16ptrz7-nexus-blitz-not-available) discussion : if you read it carefully you can notice that i had updated it shortly after creating the discussion and quoting a rioter's update (This alone should be the evidence you need) And finally, I expect people to do exact research before accusing me of "Deceiving" others. If I were to accuse you of not being a summoner, what would you expect me to do ? The least thing you wanted me to do would have been to visit your profile.
Well I dunno about him, but if you accused me of not being a summoner I'd say you're an idiot. How the hell does someone post on the boards without being a summoner? Since in leaguespeak summoner means player, you're just accusing someone of not playing the game.. What exactly is the accusation there? In your case, the accusation is that you are blatantly lying and attempting to convince people that you are affiliated with riot, when you aren't. And fyi, no proof is valid unless it comes from word of riot, anything else can be assumed to be contrived.
: The term "we" refers to the team, not Riot games. You might wanna visit an optometrist, you seem to be seeing RIOT in my every comment.
Resorting to insults now? All I'm saying is that your being misleading with this whole "I have special connections to riot" thing that you seem adamant isn't a lie.
: My ties to riot games are my concern alone, And you're in no position to question "our" work. I have seen "MebeBebe" ideas valuable enough to introduce him to my rioters and if he doesn't get what he's been promised then he has the right to complain. But i don't want nosy people around barking up the wrong tree. You should either mind your own business or make sure you have enough information before attempting any other thing.
: Please don't trigger this bug on intention, or the team will be forced to disable Tahm Kench and twisted fate until the next patch is out next week. The bug has already been fixed before you discussed it, though we appreciate your heads up.
You are not a rioter. Saying 'we' in reference to riot and misspelling riot with a graves in your name is misleading and against the TOS.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rìot Ladydeath,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=askWBbK8,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-10T04:22:31.965+0000) > > Of course not, if a person is employed by riot games they would have riot tag on the discussion. Everyone knows that. > Unless someone's too naive not to be aware of that. But that doesn't mean i have no connection to riot. You might wanna do some research about people you encounter before making something up. You might want to read the [League TOS](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse) cause I think you may be breaking it right now. It states you can’t impersonate Rioters nor use “Riot” in one’s name. More importantly in your case though it says you’re not allowed to misspell or change spelling to “circumvent this restriction on Summoner name choices” (since normally you can’t go through by using Riot in your name). “Rito” was arguably okay since it’s a meme and people kinda know that people with Rito in their name aren’t actual Rioters, but “Rìot” with an accent grave on the i will probably be considered too misleading.
Amusingly enough, the rioter who posted the Nexus Blitz thread actually DOES have rito instead of riot.
: Of course not, if a person is employed by riot games they would have riot tag on the discussion. Everyone knows that. Unless someone's too naive not to be aware of that. But that doesn't mean i have no connection to riot. You might wanna do some research about people you encounter before making something up.
You are claiming to have direct ties to riot, and are using a name (one that is against the TOS, as any said) that implies you work there. I wouldn't be as immediately defensive as you seem to be at someone accusing you of impersonating a rioter. Also, is there a reason to believe you are a special person with direct ties to riot, rather than some internet troll who likes fooling people?
: The punch line is, veterans know when to do things and when not to.
That has nothing to do with being a veteran. If Riot had reset all champ shards instead of letting you disenchant them, but kept your BE, then you would be complaining instead. Being a Veteran player makes you no more wise or better in judgement than another person; that's the entitlement setting in. As a veteran player myself, I didn't invest in the loot system until after PBE signups were turned back online; it didn't affect me until people's purchases were limited and I don't usually care to get absolutely everything possible. Let's be more honest here. This wasn't your veteran status, this was luck.
: The skin doesn't need testing :D As said MANY TIMES. The BE shop is pretty much for veterans PBE and Live players. Like myself. So all veterans can buy everything easily. https://gyazo.com/928abfe26205abf09dd317777d9ae336
As a veteran player my BE was reset and I have had the same amount of opportunity to get this as newer players. The only way to get everything is to spam chests for shards, and grind pbe games, but being a veteran has absolutely nothing to do with it.
: I voted to keep draft because I understand some people don't like blind, but why did blind get removed? There's no harm in having both and some people actually prefer blind pick. The majority also didn't actually mind having blind pick as long as they had the option of draft, as they voted for it to be optional rather than back as only default.
There is harm in having both, splitting the playerbase between blind and draft increases the queue times for all players and reduces the amount of time that players are in games testing. Luckily, the only reason for blind pick was to prevent having a ban phase and now (Once they fix it :P) that's not an issue anymore.
: So you are literally just having it be blinds but with a chosen position? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Yeah, it's great! This way if people try to fight over roles, it's immediately apparent who the offender is, and we can still test everything without something being banned just because people want to play instead of test :D
: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
Hey guys, the ban phase seems to still be in. I did notice the lack of a pick intent phase though, so that is working.
: Investigating pet ai crashes - specifically Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Hallucinate, and Ivern's Daisy
I just played a game (Well, 'played') where this happened before I could even load the game. Shaco was in the support position and had ignite and flash. I was not Shaco, but when I played Annie (Frostfire) and Ivern(Candyland) earlier today, neither of their ults caused crashes.
: Thanks for the report. Are you talking about this page? https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/pbe If so, do you already have an account?
It's a typo in the link; on the PBE sign in page, at the bottom, the "Create an account" link links to https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe and not https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/pbe This is when logged out, on the log in screen of the PBE forums.
: PBE Sign-Ups are OPEN
Just found a dead link on the pbe login page, if you click create an account it links to a blank site.
You posted a link that showed the names of summoners that you want banned, so while you didn't give any names in print you effectively gave the names to anyone who cared to look. On top of that, you were actually asking people to watch it specifically so that those people would be banned. Like I said, if you want to report people, please use the proper tools instead of namecalling on the forums, the forums are for feedback and your attempt at a report is completely irrelevant to this thread.
You're right that this isn't the place to report bad behavior; reports _do_ work and people _are_ banned for exhibiting behavior that riot deems necessary of a ban, so reports are where you should report this behavior. Namecalling on the forums (you didn't blur out the names of anyone involved) is also prohibited. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience but please use the tools that are in place for this, namecalling and posting on forums doesn't help anyone and it won't get them banned if they wouldn't be already.
: PBE Sign-Ups are OPEN
This is great! For all the new players, a great resource for finding games and connecting with other members of the PBE community is https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/dlZK5TxZ-the-unofficial-pbe-discord-factions-help-desks-game-nights-tournaments-and-more
: See now _that_ is a valid point. Riot just needs to get their shit together. With the pre-season cycle on PBE _all_ queues should be enabled as many new things need testing in all queues. Without the ability to actually play the game and use the new Runes effectively, the testing that can be done is very limited. There are balance issues that need testing, Evelynn's safecracker skin causes fps drops, we have no idea what will happen when Evelynn is banned on both teams or even 1 team, there is the potential for bugs and issues there. The draft pick _needs_ to be enabled for PBE during the pre-season cycle otherwise things are just gonna get messy and these boards are gonna be loaded with many, MANY people simply complaining and not providing actual feedback.
Draft pick doesn't need to be enabled for PBE, at almost any time. While champion select MAY have issues with bans occasionally, I think you would be hard pressed to find new, ingame content that breaks the ban system, as the only thing that really changes is the addition of a new champion. If client changes are made to the ban system, then it may need testing, but there is absolutely no reason to believe that banning evelynn twice is going to somehow crash the system or bug when it doesn't do that for any other champion. Banning does not have issues crop up if it's not changed, so it doesn't need testing. As for the rest of your post... what shit are you suggesting they get together? PBE has notoriously high queue times, and the best way to negate that is to funnel everyone into one or two queues, and enabling all of them (how would you even enable all of them, assuming you're including all special gamemodes? They would need to add a new system just for testing that could add more gamemodes to selection which could lead to more bugs, delaying fixes and release.) would only decrease the waiting time. I can see the benefit of having more game modes tested, even today I found and reported a bug with Nexus Siege and the new runes. However, Blind Pick, Draft Pick, and Ranked are all the same gamemode. The only systems you would be testing there would be the ban phase (see my first paragraph) and the ranked leaderboards(Which have no reason to be broken, for the same reason as bans). The only additional "benefit" that those modes bring is the ability to play games more seriously. PBE is not for serious games, PBE is for finding bugs and providing feedback, and a ban phase does not contribute towards that in any way. Seriously, banning new content IS against the entire purpose of PBE and invalidating it as a point shows that you don't really understand that. Also, even if somehow Evelynn broke the banning phase, people wouldn't be complaining on THESE boards about it, since noone would have experienced that bug. The only people who are going to complain on these boards about draft pick or ranked, without providing actual feedback are people like you and the original poster, or the many other people who bring this issue up repeatedly instead of providing feedback about the new content(which is what you complained people would do). It's pretty clear that Riot does not intend for draft pick or ranked to be enabled unless they need ranked rewards tested, because all of the costs discussed above do not outweigh the very minimal benefits that enabling it would give.
: Error or not?
Read [>this<](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/Ni5OLcGb-404-game-not-found-read-if-you-have-long-queue-times) if you're having large wait times.
: 40+ minute queqe time !
Read [>this<](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/Ni5OLcGb-404-game-not-found-read-if-you-have-long-queue-times) if you're having large wait times.
: Queue time is long
Read [>this<](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/Ni5OLcGb-404-game-not-found-read-if-you-have-long-queue-times) if you're having large wait times.
: what the **** man 404 minutes on queue
It happens, hopefully it happens less when the signups are back online. Definitely not [the worst it got](https://gyazo.com/495faac13d833615acbc43fbf5bdc967) though, since I stayed up all night when noone was on. It's mostly my fault for starting matchmaking really late at night.
Rioter Comments
: First of all, this is a great example of a detailed, specific and concise report. I was able to quickly understand the described issue without trying to decrypt anything in the post. I regret to say that is not a bug. Movement abilities can be interrupted by another displacement effect. Since Gnar's E is instant and Singed E is not, Singed's E have a cast time, the interaction of the cast time differences on these displacement abilities is what's happening here, and it is completely expected.
Thanks for the compliment! I have had a lot of experience reporting and diagnosing bugs and issues for the users of other programs, so I've learned a lot about what's needed and what isn't(Though I tend to favor redundancy to ensure clarity). You're correct, this is not a bug. I originally thought it was, because Gnar had a higher movement speed than Singed so Singed should have been unable to flip Gnar, until I looked at the replay again and saw that Singed's Passive triggered without Singed actually passing Gnar, giving him the speed boost he needed to reach Gnar. I'll be evaluating Singed's passive to see if it could be clarified better, but as far as I can tell all instances of this issue have been related to cast time finishing after Gnar has hopped, so this issue is resolved.
  Rioter Comments
: I've had the PBE since DJ Sona was made. There have been plenty on champions made since then and no lag was present for most of them. Plus, I've been seeing this lag since Urgots remake anyway, it's just the past few days it got worse.
I've had PBE since around season 3 iirc, and after every single champion release there has been lag. Tremendous lag. Lag that has crashed the servers, sometimes. There's a reason that after a champ release (Or after a rework, which is why it showed up after the rework) custom games typically don't allow less than three players per game; the huge amount of custom games made by people who want to try the champion causes severe lag that prevents games from even being started. I don't know what pbe server you've been on, but it's clearly not been this one if you've never experienced the post-announcement lag.
: So much lag
You picked a bad time to log on. Once the champion is released it will stop lagging. It is lagging because tons of people are logging on that don't normally log on, because they want to play the new champion as opposed to wanting to find bugs. If you want to help find bugs without lag, wait until after the champion is released. If you're just here to test the new champion, you're part of the problem and the lag is because of you.
: Nexus Siege crashes and doesnt reload
This bug seems to occur only when switching sides on rift. When you crash, rejoining the game will only cause you to bugsplat again. The swap occurred for me after 20 minutes had passed, I am unsure if this is a part of the problem. The side does not matter, as I was defensive side switching to offensive, and op was attacking switching to defense.
: We spend time before PBE testing, we deploy, bring up all the systems, do extra testing on base functions, enable features we need (like URF!), test those, etc. then open!
Thanks! I'm always interested in how things work, and while I guess a lot it's always better to know for sure.
: I just want to be considerate of your health :D We're working as fast as we can! We just took PBE offline for maintenance, so... progress! :)
I've been curious for a while; what actually happens when you perform maintenance? I mean, of course you transfer the data, but then what? Is all the time spent on just transferring changes (admittedly a huge job since you guys have a lot of players) or do you spend a small amount of time testing just to make sure everything is in working order? This stuff really interests me, so I would love to know!
: Hey hey! I still haven't been able to reproduce this, and I'm wondering if you (or anyone else) has seen it since. Thanks Much!
I just tried it, and I managed to remove all folders but one, named zoop. After a relog, it did fix itself. EDIT: I have been able to reproduce this, I can remove all folders except for the final one, if you need me to do it more lemme know. EDIT2: it seems to remove the folder after the fifth time or so of attempting to delete it, or after enough time has passed. note that it will not remove it if I attempt to remove it and then leave it alone, it will only remove it directly after I attempt to remove it, after waiting the appropriate amount of time.
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
My thoughts after one game and a few moments of gazing lustfully: -Personally I would love for you guys to start working on skins for the client, especially for holidays or big events. I know it's way to early to start DOING that, but it's certainly not to early to start planning for it! -The new layout of the main page takes a bit to get used to, but I think I like it more, overall. It could use a few things it doesn't have like resizing, but that's understandable that it doesn't have that yet. -Are clubs on this yet? I can't seem to find mine, and I don't think the tag shows up in my games. -public chat ect. doesn't seem to be on this either, again likely just hasn't been put in yet. -I think some people would like to minimize the friends bar, either because they don't have friends or just lack that extra bit of size they can have with it gone; The client window noticeably has a different ratio of height to width, and the area where everything is just seems small in comparison. That is likely why people seem to feel it's overcrowded. The second issue will probably be resolved if/when you implement resizing, not so sure if the first one is possible. (Forevurf alone){{item:3070}}
: Can't go into a game...
Also getting this one, it seems to work sometimes for me, but not other times.
: [Gnar] - Can cast Q instantly in Mega Gnar
I don't know why this was downvoted. This happens on live, too, albeit rarer. Also, note that the q would have to hit something directly next to you, it does not work if you cast it behind you mid autoattack.
Rioter Comments
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
In champ select, hovering over Ekko, the q states that it splits into a distortion field on hitting an enemy champion which isn't entirely accurate, I'm fairly sure. It's probably left over from an earlier stage in development, might wanna make sure those description texts are up to date.
: Ranked Restrictions
Hi, I just found a bug, even though you cannot invite players to duo with you, because of behavior, by right clicking or using the invite button, they can still be successfully invited using the suggested invites [+] button. REPRO STEPS: 1. Create a Ranked duo game. 2. Have a friend that is ineligible for ranked play 3. The friend that is ineligible is in the suggested players list 4. Press the [+] next to their name, they receive an invitation. Note that my friend declined as he couldn't play at the moment, so I don't know if they are able to successfully join, simply that they can be invited using this method. EDIT: I have confirmed through further testing they are able to join the room and enter ranked queue.
: Experiencing the "Attempting to Reconnect" message? You can help!
This has been a problem for me, I'll make sure to post the r3d logs here. I'm glad you guys made this a sticky, or I would have continued playing with these disconnects.
: Current Thoughts on Azir
Azir's ultimate feels counter-productive. He's supposed to be a zoning DPS mage, not an assassin. The CC (Which is quite amazing, more than Anivia's') is defensive, not offensive. You either have to burn flash, or end up walking ALL the way around it. Soldiers' autoattacks are unreliable. This will hopefully be fixed or at least minimized before the release. Soldiers are not much use for attacking while running. Duh. He's supposed to zone, not chase. In fact, I'd like a LONGER q cd, just because of how insanely hard it is to avoid being mauled by soldiers currently, while still hitting him. You can wait for him to q, initiate, and then you have to back off just because he got q up again, and now you're at 1/4 hp if you reacted quickly enough. Soldiers need a more clear indicator of when their distance from Azir is about to kill them. That would be helpful, and likely added before the live release. I'd personally like an AOE looking sandstorm effect, but there might be issues with that when it comes to bushes and vision. Soldiers need a more detailed indicator of their remaining lifetime. That would also be helpful, to both Azir AND his enemies. Azir, a minionmancer, is heavily penalized for using multiple minions. Think about his current base damage. Multiply that by 2. Now instead of 2, 3. Now 4. Even 5 is possible. Currently, WITH the damage penalty, he's chunking people before they can walk out of his range. You could instakill a 6 warmog fed chogath with that damage. Azir in game right now is incredibly overpowered, I know you're thinking about what would be nice for Azir players, but have you considered the other side? Azir requires skill, but with either luck or skill, you can easily defeat almost everyone with no counterplay right now. I have to carefully know JUST when to attack an Azir to kill him without dying. Having done this with Gnar in a fair amount of games, I can honestly say that the requirements for me to commit to actually killing him are as follows: 1. Ult down. If it's up, no use chasing him except to make him use it, I have to be careful I won't wander into his soldier's range after it's triggered. 2. Q has been used. If it hasn't. All he has to do is position the soldiers on himself or you after you commit to kill you. 3. W is used up, there are at least 2 Soldiers on the field. He can summon a soldier on you and attack you rather easily. 3. E is not necessarily down, but it helps a LOT. If I jump toward Azir, because he commited a Q and 2-3 Ws, all he has to do is use e as I jump toward him to stop me INSIDE his soldier range, and since I as a Gnar have no escape other than my jump, I can either try to run, or I can try to out damage him. Neither is likely to happen, he deals too much damage in too short a time. The point is, he's extremely hard to fight if the Azir knows what he's doing, I don't think he needs buffs, I think he needs nerfs. Quality of life bonuses would be nice, but buffs? No, please. He's strong enough as it is.
: Can we talk about PBE toxicity?
Just putting this here http://gyazo.com/57f90f3f643c61a15890980eb53dd5f7
Rioter Comments
: Personally I feel we have too many female champions to begin with. So let a few male champions get in the game. They have worked so hard for Vel'koz as it is. Would be kinda silly after posting all about Vel'koz now to just change it.
LIES. There is no such thing as too many females. :3
: [suggestion ] Would it be difficult to make Vel'koz's pentakill into TENTAKILL?
Rioter Comments
: I can't wait! I Ashe is one of my main champions and i love the idea!
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
It would be cool if you added a sixth hextech champ for the live release so that you could have a hextech-hexakill team.
: I totally agree with a lot of what you have to say Kasadeath. You should check out my post as well as we had some similar ideas. As for your mention of ManDonut's suggestion I don't think that's going to be a problem as you think. I think that when/if they implement this idea the back up champions should be limited to champions that fill the role you are already trying to find and also with allowing the Captain the option to accept/decline the decision to change champions. I also think that wait times will be greatly improved in the real client as there are substantially more players in the real client than in the PBE.
But neither I nor Riot like limiting the player, what if a legitimate player was going with {{champion:16}} bot, but had {{champion:10}} as a backup? Kayle is a fighter champion and as such would not fit into that particular role, but she still plays very well as one. Another example is a backup of teemo support. Allowing the players to be creative is a crucial part of LoL, but when trollers abuse that freedom then the issue has to be addressed. However, having reviewed the teambuilder I doubt this will be an issue, as likely the players will have to ready themselves and accept the backup champion before team matchmaking. I thus believe that part of my post is addressed and no further discussion of that is necessary. About the wait times, this is one POSSIBLE issue, it's actually not that likely to happen, just something that Riot should monitor and correct if it gets too far.
: Hey Experiment, remember me? I was the {{champion:131}} top who left to queue as jungle. I found out you cant join a group you were already in. But remember how we can only pick "Bottom Lane/Any role"? I mentioned how they want us to be creative and I assume they're going to release the feature "Bottom Lane/Marksman or Bottom Lane/Support" later on so Im almost positive you wont run into Assassin Soraka Top lane. lol
But {{champion:16}} CAN top lane, though assassin is kind of exaggerating.
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