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: Ward glitch bug or hack? 18 wards from one player in under 30 seconds.
: Yuumi is too strong in ARURF when paired with the right champions
I once faced a Yuumi + Eve combo. Even the devil himself couldn't think of such a thing.
: ARURF Available for Testing
Thanks! Thought I wouldn't see urf for a while after it's been available short time ago. Though it would have been much cooler if it wasn't AR.
: Well, since you want us to tell you what we think... All random is frustrating and boring. I would rather play against a bunch of people tryharding in URF and picking the most meta champions, than have my performance, ability to win, and general enjoyment determined entirely by RNG. There's a reason a lot of people hate ARAM. Just +/- damage taken/dealt as band-aid fixes like you do in ARAM currently and like you did URF recently, hell even nerfing individual abilities would be fine. Just don't make this all random again.
Worth mentioning that they made poro king all-random as well {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: They disabled it. But you can play URF on live servers from 28th October till 8th November
Wow that's a pathetic duration considering people played it on pbe for months lol
: URF should be back, as long as people do not "burn out and stop playing League all together"
What about us that don't play the game at all and only come back for urf :(
: What happens to the ping in the Europe region
From Iraq. Used to have 230-260 (which is ok for me) now it's 300+ most the time.
: someone said on discord:“Delete the "Riot Client" in your Riot Games folder, and PBE works fine”,might work for you.
: [Post Game] Chats showing as names not listed in the game
: Take URF back instead of ARUF
While I would kinda like the idea of normal urf, I'm pretty sure that like 70% of games will have {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:8}}
: Hopefully, you noticed that ARURF is back up for testing! Don't be sad now :3
Yes I have {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} Kept checking every few hours lol
: URF is back
Man I lost all hope. This was the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks WindCOO.
: ARURF Available for Testing!
Can we get arurf back please? Please tell me it's only temporarily removed {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: When you close out the client. It asks you if you want to logout or just close the game.
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: Does Q 0 apply to you? If so, try another browser or clear your cookies.
Oh lol idk how I didn't see that Q. Guess that doesn't apply to me then. Thanks!
: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your live account... again!
So both of my emails are the same & verified BUT when I do step 3 they tell me that ''something went wrong''. Also I didn't receive the email.
: All Random URF for the RGM queue now live for testing on the PBE
Are you guys planning to include all champions and not only the ones we own & the free ones? Because people with aram accounts will still have an advantage. Maybe there will be people with arurf accounts ಠ_ಠ.
: Suggestion: Enable One For All on all maps and not just for Summoner's Rift.


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