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: BotRK needs nerfs bad. Master Yi gets it first item and mops the floor with EVERYONE other then Annie
revert the AD and AS how it used to be so its more niche again and only the auto attackers buy it - overall there is too much bonus AD on items right now.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=0vTAuuKE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-03T16:01:52.045+0000) > > Removing damage would be a bad idea Why tho? Does Rakan need damage to function?
twice as many heals, maxing shield means you have to sit next to an ally 100% of the time, q lets you do stuff even when not right next to an ally - like when you roam / ward
: From testing: 1. Yes, Powerball and Defensive Ball Curl still cancel each other upon activation. The tooltip for that is no longer present, however, and so likely needs to be re-added. 2. About 99% sure the slow stacks additively, though diminishing returns on slow values makes it a bit harder to evaluate. 3. Yes, the AS buff effectively persists as long as you have DBC or Tremors up. There are a lot of things I'm a fan of in this mini-rework. I'm a fan of Rammus's Q max speed scaling up to ridiculous values later on, though a lot of it is eaten up by the soft upper cap on movement speed. Having his passive deal bonus on-hit damage, rather than grant bonus AD, makes sense, though ultimately that kind of passive still doesn't have much gameplay. I like having his W amplify his resists, and the slow adds a degree of strategy and counterplay that he did not have before, even if the passive amp is overly finicky (decreasing Rammus's base AD and increasing his base passive by 50% would allow him to deal pretty much the exact same damage, without needing an additional steroid), and even though Thornmail effects themselves aren't especially interactive. The E is good, but as with the passive amp on W, I find the bonus attack speed questionable, and think it would be simpler to just increase Rammus's AS growth, as the bonus tends to persistent enough as to be always on. I like the slow on the ult and its amp on structures, and will gladly accept a sacrifice to Rammus's damage if it means he gets to have more counterplay and more of an impact in teamfights. **TL;DR:** These new changes look good and efficient for a low-scope project, though I agree Rammus could use a full VGU eventually. In the meantime, though, I think there are a few things that could be cleaned up on his current changelist: reducing Rammus's base AD by about 6, and reducing his AD growth by about 1.5 (which should give him a growth of 2), but increasing his passive on-hit damage by 50%, would give him approximately the same base damage, and the same reflect damage on his W without needing an on-hit steroid, and increasing his attack speed growth by about 2 points (to a rather large 4%) would give him pretty much the same gameplay as his E boost, without the need for a persistent steroid.
additive slow means there are no diminishing returns, if rank 16 ult goes up to 96% slow for 1.5 seconds then it basically roots the target at that point, but it is an on-target slow and not ramping up over the duration so max stacks are hard to use unless using it for peeling which is why I think Rammus will be a great support with these changes (he is almost there now, but the requirement to level W and not having an ultimate hurts him, both of those are removed with this kit with 1 point w and max it last and Rammus has a real ultimate for once; plus more knock-back and slow Q and able to focus points into E; plus Rammus procs stoneborn pact on everything, bonus health being really good with his shield) Rammus Q doesn't get soft capped, there are movement speed buffs that ignore the soft cap, level 18 it ramps to 235% movement speed, something like that, so if he had 400 movespeed he gets around 1200 total by the final tick. The W slow makes it a real reason to end the shield early, I like that element, and Rammus makes sense and should have a majour tank steroid like this. E AS steroid to more attack speed is simply, it costs mana and you need to manage something. **** I would rather have have the thornmail as low damage as possible, preferably removed completely at some point. Overall Rammus should be played as support with these changes, which gets him played, granted he is a tank support so it makes him weak early - but his peel is pretty insane.
: Why make Rammus Q a channel?
Counter play, so that immobile champions can get away and this way they can increase his acceleration time with the 1 second shorter duration, shave off 4 seconds from the rank 5 cooldown, and have it move even faster! 20-40% for 2 seconds to 40-80% for 1 second slow is a quality of life change, nothing actually changes. Rammus isn't really an engage tank, he fits better as a peeler, and with his ultimate becoming useful with the slow he will be better as a support to make up for his crappy clear - even with the PWE changes really helping him out than his LIVE form and the cinderhulk monster buffs, he still will have a crappy clear - where as support his W is now a one point wonder (in jungle too) so you can max E or even Q for the massive cooldown reduction with W maxed last which is what he always needed. Powerball was always the thing that stopped Rammus from getting buffs, so they gave a great nerf-buff, nerf his ganks a bit, but as a support element it is a huge buff - and then improved on him in every aspect and allowing him to no longer need to put any further points into W until last with now a useful ultimate for once.
: I agree with this: out of all the supports out there, Rakan especially should not have much damage, because he already has so much mobility, on top of plenty of crowd control and utility, that giving him damage risks truly overloading him. In fact, I'd say this could be the opportunity for an experiment in support design, and it might be worth seeing how Rakan would fare if his abilities dealt no damage at all: his W is already valuable for its knockup, and his R for its charm, so no major issue there, and his Q is valuable for its heal, and is generally leveled up last, which means its damage never ends up being really noticeable at any point in the game. While generally it's recommended to give a champion at least some ability damage, I think it might be advantageous on supports, for a number of reasons: for one, taking some of their power budget out of effects they're not meant to be good at (i.e. damage) would allow them to receive better options more relevant to their playstyle, and taking out damage on their abilities, particularly their AoE crowd control, would prevent them from accidentally last-hitting minions, which messes up both their item progression and their allies' gold income. If the champion in question needs damage, it would likely be better to put more of it on their basic attacks, which are not only essential to harassing as a support, but would also allow them to feel meatier in general on supports, whose basic attacks feel generally ineffective at all stages of the game.
You max Q first, the cooldown halves from ranks 1 to 5 Removing damage would be a bad idea, have him low damage is good, Rakan is in a pretty good spot, but I would go with the range buff to Q because it does always feel like it is a tad short
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: GA doesn't NEED AD to make it a non-tank item.
Its pretty stat inefficient, it be fine and they gave it AD to replace the defensive stats otherwise the item would end up being too cheap which will make game balance problems - right now it is 2500/2600g with sub-2000g in stats
: Support Item Changes - Midseason 2017
For Spell Thief's if you must lower the mana regen then give the charges mana restoring properties at the very least to compensate because even with 100% regen on Eye of the Watchers you can lack mana regen on a lot of supports that use it - at least some mana restoring on charges makes you work for the mana
: Support Item Changes - Midseason 2017
if the frostfang cooldown is per minion kill then lower it to like 5 or 4 seconds
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Adaptive Helmet I say the passive duration is too long, maybe something like 3 seconds be better.
: Wow, you guys gutted Randuin's. Please don't do this to the item; it was hardly offensive, and now there's absolutely zero reason to take it over DMP. edit: since you guys have nerfed HP across the board, can you bump Warmog's HP back up to offset the difference
The cheaper price and stronger slow makes it better as a support tank item, I always wanted them to remove the reduced crit damage it is the main thing that prevents crit marksmen from seeing play (too overpowered and throws balance out of wack). I would say Randuins got buffed however.
: She along with quin should have their secondary tag changed to assassin.
Definitely not. Just be a solo marksman, nothing wrong with that and is the most accurate to what she is.
: I feel the E is perfectly fine where it is. Considering it falls under a more advanced type of "skill shot". It takes positioning and prediction(more than normal) on both sides into account for the amount of damage that it does. There are a few other adcs that shut down her E early game.
I'm not saying the ability is unhealthy though, just needs to be tuned better considering she has some insane scaling - so reduce the base damage and increase the crit ratio so she is less bursty early game, but still has its late game damage untouched. Champions like Jinx and Twitch had their balance issues when they were TOO strong in the early game to go with their hyper scaling (they may be a tad too weak right now, especially Jinx where she can get a little bit of early game love in some fashion that doesn't overtune her early game for her scaling, but that is for another day.)
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: The thing is she doesn't benefit from all that attack speed, building zerkers & and another attack speed item are more than enough (I prefer RFC). she benefits mainly from crit. her w damage/attack speed is based off of her first AA when you activate it so building ad/crit over attack speed help it more. Also, she doesn't need any help getting above 10 + feathers in under 1-2 seconds, so too much attack speed is pretty much wasting so much stat potential. She is not a traditional marksmen, she is more along the lines of Kalista & twitch in a sense that you want to use your E ability tldr; building too much attack speed on xayah significantly decreases her power over building crit/ad
Her W scales directly with attack speed, same with her E Twitch is traditional, Kalista has a lot of traditional elements as well
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: Xayah Dash
I like her as an immobile marksman with a simple kit.
: AP Mid or AP top Rakan is BROKEN
Its not broken because it sucks
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
Actually for Xayah I prefer for her to have a much higher base attack speed and bonus attack speed per level than have her W gives attack speed.
: Did you guys purposely make Xayah look very similar to Ahri or was it a coincidence?
She is a bird thing, she looks more like Taliyah than anyone else
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
Rakan really need to be a ranged champion, buff it to like 525 range or even 500. Have Q heal level with ability rank and not on levels, and have it heal on any enemy struck, but is empowered to full heal if the target is a champion or epic monster. Xayah has Sivir's hyper scaling, so watch her balance so she is weaker early game and strong late game. Right now this seems like it is the case.
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: I agree. I find that when I am using his W in late game, I don't even bother dropping in a spot where it will be able to charge b/c it's pretty much pointless. Instead I just drop right on champs. Shorter time could eliminate this strategy
The charge is Bard's unique thing and in the late game you never use it so it needs late game buffs scaling down with ability rank and scale down with CDR
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: I love to see Jinx on the front page of Reddit, but not like this :(
They would need to lower the base damage and then it be fine
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: >Quinn to be fully turned into and embraced as a traditional marksman with practically no assassin qualities Why though? Quinn has been an assassin since her inception, I don't see any good justification for wanting to turn her into another average bot lane AD carry.
She wouldn't be average, she just becomes the marksman she was always meant to be, she was never meant to be an assassin
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=M1jK30fK,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-11T07:25:48.145+0000) > > mages shouldn't have strong autos unless their kit specifically has autos scaling with AP, i.e. Orianna's Clockwork; Galio is a tank-mage Melee APs all have some form of AP scaling auto attack thing in their kit because as a melee, auto attacking becomes inherent. {{champion:31}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:89}} i think the only one that doesn't is {{champion:27}} and it is something a lot of people critique bout his kit.
**UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** **UNLESS THEY HAVE SPECIFIC AP AUTO SCALINGS ON THEIR KIT** Did it sink in yet? This is because you are balance around AP ratios A LOT easier than AD since every champions has AD scaling on their autos, where as AP is only based on damage and utility effects and can be fine tuned and balanced a lot easier to get their values in the right spot - whether you increase or decrease the ratio - where as AD ratios should have never been introduced to the game since they involve doubled power benefits since you make your attacks AND abilities stronger. League of Legends started out simply as attack damage for damage on attacks and ability power for more power on your abilities, very simple, and makes it easier to balance for the long term (early league had a lot of overpowered things but that was because it was new)
: >blinding it and causing it to miss targeted effects for 1.5 seconds while dealing No thanks.
I think blinds should be updated to "makes all targeted effects miss" rather than only basic attacks, create more use cases for it rather than just counter marksmen
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: You are right, it has the AD lists just to show its an auto attack damage. Bad wording for a tool tip. Thing is I still dont think its bad to build some AD on him. Old Galio felt really bad that he was melee but you never build AD so his attacks were soooo bad. With New Galio you can build {{item:3146}} and it feels good to auto attack. I like that you can build him more then just one way. {{item:3146}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3158}} Feels good even with the healing from Gunblade being 33% (tho with SV its ~41%) When you Q a large minion pack you heal for quite a bit.
mages shouldn't have strong autos unless their kit specifically has autos scaling with AP, i.e. Orianna's Clockwork; Galio is a tank-mage
: Galio Feedback Thread
Passive: I already stated the other day on this, but I fully agree the passive felt awkward with only an MR scaling, so less base damage with an AP ratio makes a lot more sense and makes Galio's passive scaling less awkward. Good change and the right change. Q: More range and tornado damage are really good for mid lane, helps him get farm especially early game with the extra range and the extra base damage should help kill the backline minions (I noticed the full Q damage barely NOT killed the backline minions when I feel it should, and this was with building AP even [eventually did one shot the backline minions, but I feel it should do that consistently whether you are ahead or behind in the game]) W: Maybe test out a slightly lower cooldown if the shield duration dropped (like 1 second at all ranks). Something to test out at least. R: What I would like to see is the ally shield gets the shield on cast PLUS the same duration Galio gets with the W shield (so where that be 3 seconds or reverted back to 4 seconds since I really liked the ability to shield my allies on current Galio and do miss that dearly on the new Galio, so we Galio players would appreciate it if the ally shield duration gets a full duration as well even if it is a lot less on-demand shield as current Galio gets... also I want to play support Galio in solo queue when he hits live servers, should be pretty good with all of his CC and range harass [possibly even viable to take spell thiefs as a tank support since Q tornado would proc all the charges in one go]) I am rambling now, but a full ally shield duration would be nice to add to Galio [so time to get there + another full 3-4 seconds]. **** Fully agree with monster damage nerf to Galio, I don't want to see jungle Galios in my games, would rather see him as a mid laner primarily and sometimes as support, and his jungle clear is significantly better than what it is on LIVE when I feel like it shouldn't be. In rare circumstances as a top laner if he is against a Lissandra, Kennen, Rumble, Vladimir, etc that is also top - not ideal as he doesn't have a global ult (please do NOT make this global).
: Galio "R" suggestion : Make the damage and CC duration scale with distance travelled (like Sion)
: i agree that even thought his w is kind of his old ult on demand. it feels much weaker than his old w.
W no longer heals galio, but i believe the damage reduction is stronger than the resistances of old, i just liked the ability to shield allies whenever though --- but having on demand CC will have support Galio truly viable, he would be best as a mid laner where he can get real AP and tank items, but support definitely will be a second position for him (currently support Galio isn't that bad, but new Galio will definitely see a lot more Galio and may seem him support from time to time as well with majourity of games as a mid laner) Because ult range is 4000/4750/5500 and not a true global will be the main reason to why he won't be played top, plus he will have more favour-able match ups in the mid lane as well, even against physical champions if the team needs a strong tank - Galio being the only mid lane tank adds so much potential to team comps
: No is Passive has a 100% AD ratio. Its really good to because its AOE.
No it is converting his basic attack into magic damage, it does more damage because it has a base value, the only ratio is the MR ratio --- the AoE is very useful, especially since your q will eventually one-shot the backline minions and as a melee champion you walk up to the melee minions and finish them off with one auto
: I personally like the idea. It's not like you're going to see any full AD Galio running around, but it does make say for example... Mercurial Scimitar a feasible purchase. The number of items that give both AD, and MR are few enough that it's of little concern.
I made the title based on the **VERY MISLEADING PREVIEW** he has no AD ratios whatsoever it is only his attack converted to magic damage, ignore the ratio is even there but the problem with AD ratios like that is that it noob baits players to building AD when he has no AD ratios, it is just to convert the damage to magic instead of the normal physical - its only ratio is MR which is weird cause i feel it should have an AP ratio Twisted Fate has the 100% AD ratios on his W indicating his attack is converted to magic damage, he has no AD scaling whatsoever
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: Bond of Stone Clarification
When they say attacks, it always just means attacks - half effect is the ranged attack, the user has nothing to do with the power of the heal.
: hybrid bruiser would heal like no tomorrow lul
hybrids split their main stat, so no they wouldn't
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