: [Bug] Scuttle can't take Damage, Immortal.
: EMO1 & EMO5 Problem with emotes again.
Me too. Mine seemed to happen after I got the Christmas emotes. Don't know if it was the patch or just these emotes.
: Dashes or Sudden impact rune causing stutter than teleportation to a different position.
I've also had this happen to me, though I'm not sure if it was the sudden impact rune. Was on Victorious Maoki, and it there was definitely consistent freeze after using my W.
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Just played a game as support Rakan. Still feeling things out, but I'm pretty sure the Hextech Flashtraption was bugged. Everytime I tried to use it, it didn't do anything and I got a chat message (something about "BlinkAssist" or similar) instead.
: Hey Squidoodoo, we think we were able to fix this issue in the meantime and the Q should be back to travelling full distance against minions again. Check it out on the latest deploy. Thanks a lot for the heads up!
Just checked it out right now, and it's working fine! Thank you!
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: Camile not showing up/no champions at store
I also just logged in and had the same problem with Camille not showing up.
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: [Crafting Feedback] When you own all champions, you should stop obtaining champion shards.
I'd like to add the converse of this also: If you have less than X champions, skins should drop at a lower rate. It's very unrewarding seeing all these skin shards, and having no champions to put them on.
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
1) All players in lobby, pre-picking champs, timer was at 0 2) I had alt-tabbed to another screen (google chrome) to wait, then music stops 3) Didn't log back in 4)N/A
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
1) In lobby making party, still hadn't hit join queue 2) Clicked in chat, then clicked my role. Immediately froze. 3) Wasn't in queue yet so irrelevant. 4) --
: PBE Shop Blanks Out In Launcher After Buying Something
When I purchased skins it looked like it updated things to no longer display what you already own. I agree though, very inconvenient.
: For now, yes.
That seems really powerful on champions that already have an AA reset, like Wukong, Darius, Shyvana, Nasus etc. I just played a (custom bot) game with Darius, and getting off 3 autos for the passive felt really strong. I could see champions like Shyvana or Darius, who have on-hit effects naturally, having a lot more power than expected as a result.
: Missing Texture Over by Baron
I just got out of a game and noticed it too. Very jarring.
: Omega Squad Teemo's autoattacks are unsynced
I'm experiencing the same thing. It makes last hitting harder and weird.
: DJ Sona's Toggle 'channel' is named 'Ragnarok'
I'd like to second every point you made in that post. Found the same issues (also agree with the central thread idea).
: PBE Patch
Happening to me too. Now I'm just waiting to see how many files it gets through.
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: Nemesis Draft and the problems it creates
I have to echo point number 2 above. First game on Nemesis had 2 leavers. I definitely think leaving and queue dodging are gonna be at an all-time high. It's just like with ARAM where people know what they're getting into, but still say "I didn't get exactly what I want, so bye bye everyone." I'm not sure what the solution is. Harsher dodge penalties for this mode? More incentive to stay? Don't know.
: Just mute the player since the point is to test and not to be the best it doesn't matter the outcome of the game just that you are constantly looking for bugs.
It's a lot harder to look for bugs when you have people acting like that. Also, it's not just about the individual player, it's about the attitude of the people.
: [Jayce]/[Manamune] - Jayce E not casting, Manamune not stacking
Just finished a game where a Jayce on my team had zero stacks on Manamune the whole game.
: Fps on new SR
I'm getting huge fps drops too. Like down to single digits. I thought new SR was supposed to be low end computer friendly.
: Unable to login since Halloween update
I just tried an am receiving the exact same thing. I was able to log in yesterday and before that with no problem.
: [Game] Ohmwrecker not working on Inhibitor or nexus towers
: [Harrowing Login Theme] Doesn't fill client window
: Regarding Talon's "Cutthroat" Naming Issue...
Hamstring is fitting, but just sounds kinda odd when used as a solo verb. I prefer "hobble."
: Very well thought out post here, and you highlight a handful of the issues we've been dealing with. On point one, we're very aware of the stat optimization problem. Can't talk to much about this, but we are taking steps to make sure that the jungler's declaration of jungle strategy isn't bound to a stat line. Happy to talk more when we have stuff actually on PBE here. On point two, this is absolutely correct, in that each approach to the jungle will interact with each other, and the implications of each style are very profound for their teams. Increasing the visibility of what each jungler brings to their team is very important for this season. On live, teams judge their junglers by the number of ganks they can make. Season 2015 should have junglers doing a lot more outside of direct lane interactions, and making sure teams understand and appreciate these actions is a major focus. On a minor point in two, we are trying to find a space for the invader jungler to be better at invades than ganks, with the opposite being true for gankers. Definitely has been a more difficult problem, but we are testing a lot of models here. Feedback exceptionally useful here. For point three, would love to get your take once we're deployed. You do point out some of the relationships we have intrinsic to the strategies, though we've been trying to get the more specific behaviors incentivized in ways that create differences. Sorry I don't have more details here, but appreciate the in depth post! Let's talk more when the details are out!
> On a minor point in two, we are trying to find a space for the invader jungler to be better at invades than ganks, with the opposite being true for gankers. Definitely has been a more difficult problem, but we are testing a lot of models here. Feedback exceptionally useful here. Since the game's coding already differentiates between minions and monsters, could it be possible to have the jungle items have their passive be buffs based on proximity to said creatures? For example, the invader's item would give bonuses when near monster *and* enemy champions, while the ganker's item would give bonuses while near enemy minions *and* enemy champions.
: Fps drop/Freeze in Game
I haven't had this happen every two minutes, but it has definitely happened to me a few times per game. Most recently I was using Sweeper Alistar and seemed to happen when I Q'd multiple people.
: I actually could have sworn Darius DID have the numbers, and I thought they were just missing on Dunkmaster... ~~However, I haven't had the opportunity to double-check~~ EDIT: I have now checked, and I was mistaken. While I could have sworn Darius' passive did at one time list the damage, it seems that is not the case.
All the champions did at one time, but it seems like that's been removed from most champions.
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: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
[Bug] Wolf camp attack animation. I was Championship Shyvana on TT Hexakill. When I was clearing wolf camps, their attack animation was not consistent. The first time big wolf attacked me with his butt, second time (other camp) the camp did howling animation (I was still taking damage), third time was 50/50 howling animation/attack animation, fourth time the wolves figured it out and attacked me proper.
: Pando Media Booster doesn't want to go.
: Azir W-Q-E escape combo problem
My problem with that combo was that casting E immediately after casting Q would lock out his ability to perform his dash for about 1 second. If I wait about half a second, then I can cast his E no problem, but for some reason quickly casting them in succession cancels out E.
: First off, this rework provides a really cool kit that I see working well in both top lane and jungle and providing huge CC in teamfights (maybe even support, muahaha) and I think you have done an amazing job with the VU aspect as well. Here is my feedback: As others have said, if you smartcast Q sometimes it doesn't work. I also agree that the shield feels a little too insignificant (especially when stacking health, you feel like it should be a large shield and it just isn't). But I also feel like his base health is too low. Even with an early kindlegem and ruby crystal, I was too squishy to rush in and gank without dying. His passive form feels like it degenerates health too fast to really be useful. Even when I'm getting hits on someone and lifestealing, I can only ever live for like 3 seconds, which I feel like is underpowered... One of my biggest complaints is the REALLY WEIRD camera while ulting... I don't know if it's even intended, but it is a semi-locked follow cam effect that feels extremely hard to control and I always lose my character while ulting. I don't see the need to implement this "feature" at all. I want to control my camera the way i always do (in this case, holding spacebar). Some minor things: - the tooltip in his W is wrong while it is active (it says Cost 0 Mana). - in the Death Recap, it shows that a "minion" assisted the kill, with a picture of the new Sion splash next to it (as though I assisted their kill) - in passive form (on the Warmonger skin at least), my axe is floating behind me instead of being in my hands like it should be. - not sure if related to Sion, but on Defeat, the end game pop up said something like "flash_defeat_otherstuff" instead of just "Defeat"
I'd like to second your thoughts on the ult and the passive. The camera is weird, and only really a little helpful if you're charging down the map. His passive doesn't really do much, as he still takes normal damage, has decaying health, and his "burst of speed" isn't fast at all. Even at max items against bots, I could barely catch, much less kill, anybody while using the passive.
: Did you think of the possibility of at least making it aimable while charging it? Aiming it then charging it gives too much time for them to just walk out in my experience of just 1 beginner bot match. So I imagine it would be alot harder to hit in a real game.
I would also love this skill to be aimable.
: [End game screen] Bugged text on victory/defeat graphic
I won all bot game with new Wukong skin, and the text said "endofgame_defeat"
: Kog Bot Name Bug
I also saw this. The triple asterisk before his name when he's selected for bots, and the name displaying incorrectly on the champ screen, and if he kills you.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Game crashes on custom with mostly boots. Tried loading a custom game for myself (as Viktor) and the rest bots. Three times in a row the game crashed (full on bugsplat report pop-up). 1st and 3rd time less than 10 seconds before crash. 2nd time got all the way to 47 seconds before the game crashed.
: Reconnect to Nothing
Same here. Edit: Been two hours, still reconnect to nothing.
: [SR] Bug: Soraka Bot accepts her fate
: First Impressions of the Soraka Rework (and theories of what may come of it)
Very well stated, and I agree with most of what you said, except for the following 2 things: -I don't foresee solo lane Soraka maxing her W second. She'll take a point, maybe two early for the heal or in case she needs to run help on a collapse or heal an escaping jungler. Otherwise, the spell is useless in a solo lane, since she can't use the active on herself. -I strongly dislike her new E. The silence zone is a great mechanic, however that isn't a very viable option without something else additionally. The root *would* be that thing, except that the field is too easy to just walk out of. The area lasts for 1.5 seconds and has a small, but still decent, diameter. However, since the area doesn't inhibit movement in any way, anybody with tier two boots can waltz from one side to the other with no problems. Any character with a speed boost can flat out ignore the field. Even adding damage to the spell would be nice, but I feel that doesn't fix the core problem. Adding only some damage would make {{item:3116}} an attractive option, but realistically you would be spending 2900 gold to help make a single skill more viable. I'd like to see a slow, even a small scaling one, added to this skill so that Soraka can rely on skill and placement, rather than additional "hard" cc, to proc the root.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Just finished a custom game with Azir. He was quite fun and had interesting mechanics. These are the issues I've noticed. [Visuals] Using joke or taunt (or the associated hotkeys) causes him clip into his opening animation for those interactions. This is very noticeable when rapidly hotkeying. [Gameplay] There were instances were I would quickly use a W-Q-E combo to get somewhere faster, however the E would simply not go off. There was **not **the normal audio clue that I was too far away to cast, or that my mouse was in the wrong spot for his soldier. I could hit that combo more reliably if I waited a half second to cast. Although I was still able cast E *while* I moved his soldiers with Q. [Gameplay] I was able to solo Dragon and easily take several other monster camps using a trick(?) with his soldiers. I would stand close to the edge (maybe it was a bit inside, maybe a bit outside) of the monster camp's max aggro range, cast my soldier and move it into range to auto the monster. The monsters (most notably Dragon) would would walk towards me, give up and walk back before they attacked me. If I stood the correct distance, the monsters simply walked back and forth taking damage from my soldiers, but not walking far enough back to out-regen my damage.
: Spectator Bug
This also just happened to me a few moments ago. Tried spectating one of the featured games, and it said "game was not found in server for spectating." Client crashed and I had to force close.
: Another bug, The cape particles are sitting above color changing effects. They do not become see through in bushes, and they are not affected by the river water's tinting affects. To reproduce, walk into water or bushes.
Noticed that too. The bottom of his cape is all black, even in brushes.
: [Bug][Minor] mouse cursor bug at store
Same thing happens to me, and recently it also become stuck in the thinking (clock) cursor.


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