: The new gamemode, Nexus Blitz how to make it better.
: Urf rammus needs a cd tweek
Have you seen what {{champion:12}} can do, {{champion:12}} has always been able to permalock and can do it harder than before because of his new stun. Then we have {{champion:9}} , Q E Q E Q E, have fun. It's URF there are champions that are ridiculous but that is kind of how it suppose to be.
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: Urgot Rework
Kinda the point with champion reworks, make them new. So of course he wont feel like the old urgot because he is not suppose to. A champion update he would have felt them same as the old, but again this is a rework. But you do bring up good points. His passive is alright for lane. His q is meh. i like his w fever is amazing with it, but the slow is a bit much, it is a flat amount but lowering it would be nice. His e needs animation changes i think because it was weird when i used it on my brother. His r i'm not sure how i feel about it entirely.
: Actually, if you read news of legends or surrender at 20 you would know its price is currently "???"
This is on news of legends https://gyazo.com/3843fd39c90dd89d2e194eb1b1360068
: Draven Draven Skin Price
If you read news of legends or surrender at 20 you would know it will be 750.
: It also prevents outplays with flash dodges, you can't cleverly trick your opponent into thinking you went one way instead of another, because they will see your passive. Since you know how to make videos, can you make one of sunfire cape from brush? I am pretty sure it doesn't reveal you, but I havent tested it yet. EDIT: Just tested and confirmed, Sunfire burn does not reveal you in bushes.
Sunfire has never revealed anyone. I use OBS to record my videos and then upload them to youtube then post them here. you can download OBS from here https://obsproject.com/ it's an easy program to use.
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: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Okay so it takes about 4 seconds for him to reload, that is WAY to long to sit there and do nothing while the enemy comes up too hits you, and you also can't use abilities. Making him reload faster based on his level would be good. I just hope the reloading is just bugged, because it did look like he is doing the reload twice which is what makes it take so long.


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