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: Alternative Veigar Nerfs (Community Ideas)
I understand that the whole insta-stun thing is kinda annoying and why they want to add a delay to it, since it's slightly over-powered on the engagement front; However, on the dis-engagement/retreating front, Veigar's little legs cant run too fast and with a delay on the stun, he is sure to die. So an idea to maybe satisfy both worlds (and if i had my way, this change is a must): - If a portion of the event horizon is casted within a certain range of Veigar (not sure how close), the section closest to Veigar pops up immediately and then the rest is on the delay (and maybe bring the delay down to 0.5) That way, you can still potentially survive a gank ... and maybe make Mid re-think about charging at you (since now they can go in and kill you and come out b4 the walls even pop up) In addition to that (not sure how to post here, so I'll just say) I really like AshenFox's idea of building on riot's statement ***"his Event Horizon is supposed to be about trapping to torment"*** by adding some buffs to skills when they are in the event horizon. A couple of ideas: 1) (going off a few posts here) maybe based on the number of champions trapped in the event horizon, for the 3 seconds that the walls are up, grant him: - mana reduction of X% - additional X% cooldown on non-ult skills (that can go well above 40%) ... so that you can cast Q and W many times, for your tormenting pleasure - additional X% damage (to compensate for dfg) - small amount of extra # or % Magic Pen - greatly increase the size and fall time of the meteor (W), when aimed in the event horizon - maybe grant Q some splash if it hits someone in the horizon 2) For something weird and unique ... maybe for each champ trapped in the horizon, Veigar is given a stack of 'W' to drop instantly (or next to instant). For a picture, lets say you are mid and get ganked, the jungler is running full boar at you, you use your 'E' and since it was casted close enough to you, the portion closest to you pops up immediately and you stun the jungler and while running away you drop a 'W' on him/her, meanwhile their Mid tried to get out of the horizon but the walls came up, granting you 2 free stacks (one for jung and other for mid) of 'W' to use before the walls come down, so you drop them within the horizon and watch them try dodge, as you do the evil laugh. The stacks would need to be a portion of the damage, since if you managed to catch all 5, that'd be a lot of damage you could dish out. 3) some kind of combo of 1&2


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