: Focus mechanic on tft
No, they will attack what is closest, if you want to kill that draven take assasins
: Is there any way to get in quickly?
Yes there is! wait until it's on the live servers for a massive queue reduction!!!!
: Riot Games, please give me priority to the queue.
Sure, you can play it on the 26th, when it's released on the live servers! you are most welcome!
: Technically, regions will only start getting it on *Wednesday June 26* early morning (think 3am) local time, since that's when 9.13 is scheduled to go live. The OCE region gets both the patch and enabled TFT first, on Wednesday. This is probably a small time-zone mistake by the Rioter in question: Wednesday for Australia is still Tuesday for Los Angeles/West Coast (USA) where most of these Rioters live. There's a *nineteen* hour time difference between Australia and Los Angeles.
It may also be because OCE is a very low population server, they are using that extra 19 hours to test pilot what happened on the beta
: TFT feedback from INTENSIVE playtesting
In regards to Guardian Angel, it is useless if your unit dies last, but if it dies first, he will respawn and wont be targeted anymore, so essentially, its a free target reset of sorts, which on a carry, can be game changing in regards to what you say about Aurelion Sol and mana gaining, I would just prefer if they got mana per game tick instead of per standard like normal league, and having items be able to change this like Spear of Shojin and essence reaver(if its added)
: Slow pc hangs after game start and cannot select from first carousel
I dislike the starting carousel in design and time, can't even get to half of it before it ends
: > [{quoted}](name=Galio Is Too Hot,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=nkdu9Xpa,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-22T19:24:58.449+0000) > > Every tier has stronger and weaker champs, which is intended. Not every champ is supposed to be equally strong. If Riot wants to balance the game by creating a meta game (like lol) then it is correct that some tiers and/or champs are more useful than others. If instead they want to balance everything more towards a game of skill, reducing luck based on the proposed champ, they should balance by giving each champ equal chances of victory (totals, calculated on all possible scenarios), as in the game rock paper scissors. Edit: At lol if you took a champ that has a low % winrate in that matchup you can still win since you can control when and on who you are using your skills, what build you want to do and your positioning. In TFT instead you can only control the position of the pawns, you have no control over which pawns you have (you can choose only from those proposed by the system) or on which items you want to have because they are randomly distributed. This large presence of RNG, does not make the game depend on your skills / tactics and therefore it seems senseless to create a ranking system or e-sport. And when players will realize this, after the introduction of ranked, it will probably have the same fate as nexus blitz, many will stop playing.
This is very much how I feel, if this mode expects to bring in players over things like hearthstone or magic the gathering, then it has to have a viable ranked scene, and the only way to have a viable ranked scene is solid balance where all players have a chance at winning
: Clarity/ease of use 1 Just use one on the internet no reason for riot to include this also it would make the game look worse 2 ? 3 it isn't supposed to be fair and that would look ugly and confusing 4 I agree but lag is not the reason you run into them it's because of the hitboxes ping has zero affect 5 You end up waiting in that round at the end extending it makes no sense and makes the game longer for no reason the only time you actually end up running out of time is when you're rolling mid-game 6 Items are already too broken the way it is right now you usually have to pick between the item and the champion doing this would remove that choice 7 The game should not reward you for making dumb mistakes it should punish you for it Basic Gameplay Fixes 1 I agree the map is too small but adding a line at the back makes no sense and would not be needed since what would happen is people would put their Units further up thus making it able for assassins to jump behind them instead of just next to them ( aka how it should be right now but isn't ) since putting them at the back would make them unable to attack and you would miss out damage that's how it works in DAC and Underlords and it would be the same for TFT 2 The game is supposed to be focussed on damage that's how it works 3 You would never do this not even in PVE rounds and RIot isn't going to add a random button for you even if you would use it and especially not when it would be hurting and stupid for you to use it 4 They get stuck because the game is coded on hexagons not squares thus they can't move and they get stuck which should be changed 5 That would make a lot of items useless and makes zero sense Fixing Hardcore Rng bias ( RNG can't be biased ) 1 You get rewarded for losing already losing the early rounds is a better outcome than winning them unless you go for a winstreak and don't lose a single round until the very last rounds and items should not drop at the end of each round the only way this would make sense if you would make it drop 1 item in PVE rounds guaranteed for everyone and you have a chance to get 2 items instead of 1 2 By gold champions you mean tier 5 champions? this would completely ruin the game and would make half the chess pieces completely irrelevant tier 5 is tier 5 for a reason 3 Free rerolls why? why would you do this? it ruins the economy of the game 4 It's a shared pool of champions as it should be also adding some bs pay to win mechanic into the game is the last thing they should do General balancing - 1 The item has been nerfed 2 times already and if you think it deserved another nerf i don't even the Item is in a good place right now nerfing it to 2% would make it completely useless 2 Already did that 3 Anti-fun lol stuns are fine 4 They literally did that last patch 5 "Tank items" every single tank item is balanced right now Items in general are in a good spot after the recurve bow nerfs 6 That would make him worse and Riot has already said they would have updates where they cycle out champions and release them with another ability and skin/buffs 7 That would be a huge nerf or it would make him look really dumb and it would end up being a small buff and Draven is strong if anything needs a small small nerf and not something that would completely gut him like the thing you are suggesting 8 That buff is already too strong and adding champions like Anivia too it would just completely break it 9 Fiora is fine the only thing they could do is give her like 30 hp level 1 that's about it also her buffs could literally not be better for her unless you randomly want to throw something on top of noble/blade master which would turn her broken for no reason 10 Her ability aiming is fine 11 No he doesn't he's balanced and thanks to his buffs and rarity can't be abused that hard ( after they hard nerf asol which better fucking happen next patch ) 12 Kassadin perfectly fits what's he is supposed to be ( Anti-Mage ) also he isn't weak late if anything he is way stronger late decent mid-game and pretty weak early and if you don't know how they would change him why even say this? 13 For once i completely agree Varus is horrible his ult deals virtually no damage and is insanely slow and because of this you can't even build AS on him so he only exists for the ranger buff 14 I haven't noticed this myself but fair
Clarity/ease of use 1 - 'git gud' or 'google it' aren't very good counterpoints answers, but having a drop down in a menu shouldn't be an issue 2 - it was removed because somebody made a fair point in regards to my opinion on the statement and renumbering it would look strange in regards to replys for the comment I had already replied to 3 - it looks ugly to an extent going in a circle, and fairness is meant to be a degree of any game that is going to have a ranked mode, if theirs no fairness, ranked modes should not exist 4 - I use the term lag simply because a large proportion of less tech savy people call things like screen stutter to be lag 5 - This might be the case for you, but not everybody 6 - I dont think forcing somebody to select between having a carry with a useless item and having a decent item is a fair make, I do not support moving/removing items from characters from the carousel outside of when they are combining 7 - 'git gud' or 'google it' is not an acceptable solution to problems Basic Gameplay fixes 1 - the way you have worded this mildly confuses me, the issue at the moment that makes me suggest this is if you put champions in a corner, your melee/assassin can't make it to the corner to attack them, adding extra lines where you cant deploy stop this issue 2 - this is a beta, things are liable to change, these are my suggestions, people don't have to agree 3 - you are assuming that an individual may have their squish/damage characters on the backline, which they may not, and your assassin could simply jump on something tanky based on positioning, characters move 4 - I am aware of this Fixing Rng Bias 1 - as far as I have been told so far, the way items are distributed so everyone gets them equally instead of 1 person getting 1 and another getting 4 2 - I am aware tier 5 is tier 5 for a reason, its because they are tier 5 that they are tier 5 for the reason of being tier 5(????) from a balancing perspective, the game is fairly close to over in many cases by stage 5-6, and in some cases, one player gets significantly more golds then the other through being favoured by luck, if you are to distribute random ones evenly, it creates a more balanced gametype being as they want to make a ranked mode, however, if you were to say a rank4/purple/pink for round 5 and gold for round 6, then id be more liable to agree 3 - This is how I view things based on my experience for strategy games, we probably play different types of strategy games and view how gameplay should be decided differently as well, early game from my experience so far has a large imapct on who will win or not, though this could change in the future with the introduction of more champions 4 - We probably, same as the last one, play vastly different strategy games, and from my experience, people prefer certain playstyles over others, Luck also plays to much of a role in determining who will win in the current state of the game, this will only increase in the future, and I don't support p2w, but I suppose I can understand how one might view this turning into p2w General balancing 1 - and until the way mana is generated is changed it will be an issue 2 - It is still based on attacks, so attack speed plays a role, whether yours or theirs 3 - I disagree, you are welcome to that opinion 4 - I suppose having the majority of my enemy's team stunned the entire fight is fixed 5 - This is based on my opinion that the game is to oriented towards damage, which is an opinion towards the way I prefer my strategy games 6 - I had not seen that since I tend to avoid social media 7 - He does need a nerf, I just gave my suggestion 8 - Depends upon how the meta is going, other characters seem better then Anivia outside of how long stuns for glacial lasts 9 - Extra hp helps ofc 10 - against anyone competent enough to use team formations she won't hit many targets 11 - being tanky, having damage and cc seems a little ridiculous all at once 12 - I shall try him again then, people have not been using casters that much I guess so far due to the desire to dump everything on damage chars, outside of Aurelion sol at least
: They probably should make the Mini Legends " Can Move through Units" - since some try to ruin your selects by body blocking.
~Edited~ lold, I misread this, aye, that is good, I support =D
: Clarity 3 - Players already start at the same distance, you can work with anything you get from it 5 - There's no need for that, if you're last, you should've already thought of what you should pick 6 - Very niche. Unnecessary, in my opinion. 7 - That is part of the 'skill' and 'knowledge' aspect of this game. The better you are, the less accidents should occur Basic Gameplay 2 - Without damage, the rounds would just result in a draw. 3 - That's not how auto battlers work. They all start at the same time, assassins become 'invisible' until they've jumped to their target. 4 - That's a bug. RNG 1 - They're looking into fixing items, I do agree that items hold a lot of power, especially if you stack them on a carry. 2 - That would be too broken. 3 - That would give advantages way too quickly. 4 - Champions by themselves cannot carry (or at least shouldn't), from what I understood from Riot, they want you to build around a carry. There are many comps that can beat 3 star units. Some 3 stars fall off late game, like warwick and kassadin. General balance 1 and 2 - They've nerfed Guinsoo's(gives 3%) and Recurve bow(gives 15%), so you should see them dominate less. 3 and 4 - I don't know how i feel about this, I've won and lost against full glacial, but I do agree that Sejuani's stun needs a bit of work, it can stun a whole team (and sometimes stunlock if you have the right items on her) 5 - Can get VERY problematic. 6 - Zed isn't supposed to be strong 8 - The Dragon synergy seems fine, it counters comps that rely on spells quite well, but is weak to basic attackers. 9 - Fiora is supposed to be a low-tier weak unit. 11 - Gnar is meant to be top-tier. 12 - Kassadin is intended to be like that.
Clarity 3 - You don't though, you start equal distance from a champion, not all champions, you have to walk around the entirety of a circle and some people are legitimately closer to some champions then you are 5 - I think you are confusing this with 2, this is in regards to making the placing phase longer after a carousel round 6 - depends, it can make or break a build for a carry, so it might be niche, but its certainly useful 7 - this is a limited view, it does not consider external factors such as lag, disconnect, computer quality, people who look after young kids, this is not a fast game, its useful, and your reason for not is essentially 'git gud' which is not a good way to deal with problems Basic gamepaly 2 - A draw? both players take damage based on the amount of champions still alive, it turns this into a more tactical sustain game then who can kill who fastest, but I suppose that comes down to personal preference 3 - having a toggle beforehand does not mean it is not auto combat, the combat still remains auto, nor does saying 'this is how things are on other things so they should always be this way' clones die, originality thrives 4 - A bug yes, one that needs fixing RNG 1 - Good to hear 2 - broken? this means everybody gets the same amount of gold champions, it's far more balanced then somebody getting some and somebody not, it also creates an escalation for fighting 3 - No, it decreases the amount of chance that somebody gets advantage by making sure everyone has more chances to get something viable, it would only give an advantage if it were not distributed evenly 4 - I am aware of this, but some people prefer some play styles to others, this is also more of suggestion for when they add the rest of the champion roster rather than now General balance 1/2 - as long as mana is generated through attack speed it will be op 3/4 - it depends, I would prefer if a glacial build applied an attack speed slow because then you still can do something rather then a stun, stuns in general are anti-fun as a concept, I did not suggest this because I had not seen it was an existing mechanic yet 5 - I agree, its either make balance changes towards lowering damage dealt or buff tank items, I do not think these 2 things are mutually exclusive, but I have faith in riots ability to balance if they have an idea of what they want to balance 6 - I never said he was, but he is practically useless, no matter when he is used, better off dead then zed 8 - I have no problem with what it does, But the issue I see with it is that its such a niche tag that would make Elise and Anivia significantly better then they are, because they kinda suck terribly 9 - low tier weak sure, but essentially useless regardless of when shes used? no 11 - Gnar is a purple/pink tier unit, that is significantly better than the other purple/pink tiers, he is in many cases even better then gold units, he is not balanced 12 - Usually I tend to preference balance, but since you usually don't want to win early so you can select first on the first carousel, his usage is limited, this could just be gameplay preference though
Rioter Comments
: Can you please automatically disconnect people that are AFK in client...
I can understand this as an idea, and I do support, however, I do not think it will make a large amount of difference to the extent you say. if there is any reason to implement this, it is so that more players may offer feedback(not that they will) my issue with the eliteism in regards to this mode is, just because you play league pbe doesnt mean you should get priority on TFT, its not league, its a strategy game, if they want to give priority to anybody, it should be well known youtubers/streamers who play a lot of strategy games to not only give relevant feedback because they actually have experience with these games, but to also expand the player base


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