: [Crafting Feedback] When you own all champions, you should stop obtaining champion shards.
Well similar to Counterstrike, you can't control what you get. If you have a skin you like for a gun and you roll in a case with the same gun, chances are you'll get the same thing. But I do agree, there needs to be a way to moderate the Champion portions because it'll just end up being a waste.
: Also lost: Leopard Nid, Professor Ryze, Swamp Master Kennen, Fnatic Janna, Jarvan, Corki, and Karthus (somehow still have Gragas...?), and Mundo Mundo.
Refer to my comment! ^o^
: MY Special skins GONE :(
Fun fact, as of now I'm testing rerollling the Hextech skins and so far most vault skins, Riot skins, and Soccer skins are re-obtainable. I haven't come across Pax or Victorious skins yet, but will update once I do know.
: Can't log in
It's an obvious issue that they attempted/did fix, there's no point in making a thread to complain.
: I disagree. His Q ability kills a whole minion wave at level 6 with barely AP items. So he farms pretty easily and gets enough gold. Besides that it deals so much damage on the enemy even if the enemy dodges the return of it. Of course his W is super slow but he does not really need it to kill people. And with the amount of cc (1x stun and 3x slow) he will be never useless if not fed. His Q and W might be slow but easy to hit still. And if you are slowed by 70% because of the passive, its even more easier to hit. I don't see a nice balanced mix of strength and weakness. + Massive damage even from a safe distance, even more if in close distance + snowballs hard + Massive CC to be even useful if behind, way too much slow + Good waveclear + Escape + massive speed bonus every 3 attacks + lifesaver ult + big shield + no mana problems early and even no mana problems after Lich Bane + fairly low cooldowns on Q and E and really low cooldown on the ultimate + superior in team fights and also really good in 1vs1 - ???? I really cant find a weakness if played correctly.
You can't assume he has no weakness from playing bots...
: Ekko: The boy who Shattered Time! (Thoughts and discussion)
Just some random kid my brother and I came up with while eating dinner: Passive: Rewound allies are healed 10% more, Rewound enemies take 10% more damage from abilities. Although friendlies and enemies are set back to what health they had when rewound, Ekko is not. Q: Dashes forward, usable three(<adjustable as needed) times to deal damage. REWIND: Return to the starting point. _ (ei: Dashes into turret range one side, 2nd one exits turret range at the end. If rewound it would return him back inside the turret range.)_ W: Mark Target for Rewind purposes/ Invulnerability/ **HEY GUISE YOU GOT ANY IDEAS?** [Maybe something along the lines of: Everytime Ekko rewinds he temporarily gains 10 Armor and MR, stacking 10 times. To go along with the "Rewind for a second chance" type thing.] (To be honest, I'm not sure what would be here as the video doesn't show much else about what he can do, but the passive of E could be placed here if anything) E: Passive: While in range of rewound targets, attack speed is increased. Active: REWIND ACTIVATE! R: Mark the positions of all champions in x-amount of range from the time the ability is used. This spot is marked until timed out or Rewound. REWIND: REVERSE REVERSE! TL;DR Time control of the game. Survive longer the more times rewound.
: Seems like a Chronos from Smite ripoff, except melee. Not impressed. This is the first impression anyway. I hope this isn't the case Honestly, if they couldn't figure out what to do with Ao Shin, but make a Chronos ripoff. Why not just do ripoff with Ao Shin?(For the record, I lost all hope for him).
Well Chronos is a rip off of something else somewhere, so can't really complain.
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: > [{quoted}](name=UCFKnightro,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=hTPUzJdU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-31T16:10:02.518+0000) > > His Attack damage ratio on the three unborrowed strikes was lowered by 10%. His borrowed Q shot was unchanged. Just wanted to clarify. you're right, but that makes my point even more valid. why is nerfing her (its a her :) ) AD ratios on her main damage necessary? why is it so mandatory to tear down the biggest damage source she has. its the same thing with kassadin, and fizz, and nidalee. they are attacking the main damage in the game and destroying people completely. only to be working on buffs and tweaks for the next 3 months.
They obviously have plans for them in the future, so i don't see the point of complaining. Nid needed the nerf, as being unreasonably tanky and still dealing damage was a constant problem. Of course it would be natural for Nidalee players to object these nerfs. As for Rek'sai, I haven't played her too much but I do know she is essentially an insta-pick jungler when the others are banned or picked. Riot's goal is to avoid the insta-picking (i.e. Old Leblanc, Old Kassadin) of champions because it makes both boring and unfair gameplay.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Teemo!
Will there be a lot of champion interactions within the skin? I feel like this could be like Teemo dreaming about his days back when there was peace (whilst in game) and he could say things like, "I never understood why you sided with them." or "I'm sorry I couldn't save you."
: End of Game Gifting on PBE
If it was able to be done, could you make it IP just for testing purposes? I (as long as with many other players) have spent all the RP on here making it difficult to test o3o Danke~
: Well yeah i am grumpy. When you see someoen making same mistake again and again i ususally get grumpy. But my attitude isnt that important and shouldnt be (im not offensive i think - not my intention). Problem is repeating same mistakes. And good you remove items too, at least there wont be confusion. Still new map is as much pasrt of s5 as new jungle and items so they should be tested together, cause in future they will have to work together. And as far as i have seen there werent that many gamebreaking bugs assosiated with new map as map (more like missing particles, or bad looking particles but those are not bugs). And even if new jungle and items didint bring that many bugs (i think most now called "bugs" are becouse of missing descriptions or something just incorrectly implemented - jungle items bugs that are mentioned in other threat where i posted too btw) you need to test them as now they are plainly speaking broken. Some champs with them are even more broken. Snowballing in this jungle is real and to fix this you need more ppl testing jungle not just map. You dont want begnig of preseason like last year when people just stopped playing after few games cause few champ/item combos where just broken. Please learn from past mistakes and just allow people test everything not parts. It all has to work together not apart. And also allow more people to come to PBE and do like guy above says - play with ppl and anounce that beforehand. That will help and ppl can show you problems firsthand. Hope we can agree on at least some points here as i like direction youre going but not exactly the road. I main jungle and i like very much that it gets harder and more competitive but some things went too far i think.
To Summarize: " [The] Problem is repeating same mistakes." "Some champs with them are even more broken. Snowballing in this jungle is real and to fix this." "Please learn from past mistakes and just allow people test everything not parts." --> Because --> "Still new map is as much pasrt of s5 as new jungle and items so they should be tested together, cause in future they will have to work together." Main point: Don't test parts, test as a whole.
: Oh great, more changes to the jungle. Can I ask why? The jungle is fine how it is, what makes you guys think it needs changing?
The current jungle book is tiny and has only shifted a very small amount. (Vi + Jarvan + Lee Sin + Elise) They want to broaden the amount of champions to be played as well as different strategy. (FarmWick, Master Yi, Aggressive Rammus etc)
: Even when the SR VU goes live there will still be problems. that just the nature of the beast. but over all I love the new SR (even though i've only been playing LoL for 1.5-2 years so i do not have the closest relationship with the old... In with the new i say!) (I do not intend this comment to be taken as negative. was just stating that with all the testing, you never know whats going to go wrong when it goes live until it is live. yes testing reduces a lot of issues that are found, but not all issues can be found before it goes live)
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
Sounds awesome! What will be the low-down on Summoner Spells?
: Recall channel timer?
If you've been playing long enough you would know how long the general time is. Also the sound of a recall helps determine.
: Ardent Censer! Item ideas and suggestions. This item need to be more popular!
The same problem comes up with making a support item, is that it's a very fine line of balancing the cost of the item and the actual benefits. Avoiding the support becoming a super powerful alternate carry isn't looked down upon, but you wouldn't want it to be an "every game this MUST happen" type situation. Perhaps making items that can go either route (i.e. An item that gives good defense vs An offensive.) Although it possibly (and more likely will) require more tuning, I think if done properly balance the support role better.
: Miss Fortune v Gankplank (and even Graves) really needs some interaction. Maybe something like Voli and Zilean, where they get tiny bonuses for killing each other. Also, more Bilgewater champs overall, but thats a different thread. Honestly, I would like to see content like this more than entirely new skins. Hold back on making skins, and put more effort into reworking old skins and updating champs with cool thematic content like special interactions (taunts, jokes) and events. Those kinds of things are usually the best part of new skins, anyway.
Voli and Zilean do get bonus gold when they kill one another.
Or you could place the pink ward in places they don't look. They last forever and there's always a spot that people don't check, you just have to find it.
: Ranked Team builder idea, Champs not preselected. Give me feedback! :)
That idea was already consistently thrown around during the initial testing of Team Builder, and Riot decided to move away from it.~
: Stop. Nerfing. Lucian.
Riot knows what they're doing.
: Arranged Team Chat Bug
I would guess that's a client side bug, likely in the code. Hopefully a simple update on Monday will fix that :D
: Mysterious figure on Doom Bots
Looks like a bugged out Zyra plant of some sort.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Hardest champion by far is Amumu. He doesn't have the burst like Zyra or Morg, but in the games I've seen by the time he gets to mid-game, he's already unkillable with an {{champion:34}} passive, or {{champion:80}} passive, hell, even an {{champion:28}} passive. Great gamemode though! :D
: Hi guys. We've possibly found the source of what was causing games to crash. It actually appears to be unrelated to Doom Bots specifically, but as a result of everyone playing nothing but Doom Bots (thanks!) it looked that way. We've implemented a fix and hope to have it out as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience and help testing!
You should perhaps make a thread about this so people can see is; as of now I see 5+ threads about the crashing.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Will more champions be added before live? Some champions I would like to see: {{champion:74}} can have more than 3 turrets {{champion:36}} Movement speed increased with bonus health %. {{champion:86}} Spins twice as fast for moar damages {{champion:222}} MORE KA-BOOM!
: Mecha Aatrox & Malphite Ideas
Malphite's hands turn to spiked gauntlets when he W's, which seems much more appropriate because he seems more like a "get hit by a truck" champion and not "I'm going to stab you" champ.
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: Trinity force combine cost is not 3 anymore
I think the biggest problem here is that it doesn't cost 3 gold anymore, which in turn doesn't make it Trininty Force, thus making it impossible to summon the 3 Muskateers, thus making impossible to defeat the 3 Ed's from Ed, Ed, and Eddy. Rito Pls
: That's why he needs nerf. He is open for blind
{{champion:82}} es numero uno huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
: Jax rework? plz
This isn't the place to be complaining, nor should you really at all. Riot can/will fix what they think needs to be fixed when they deem it necessary. Plus, {{champion:82}} does fine against him.
: When is the Summoner's Rift VU going on the PBE?
*"It’s nearly time to push a big update out to PBE and we want to provide context on what’s around the bend. As some of you have guessed, we've been working on an update to Summoner's Rift for a while now. This effort is a big part of our commitment to continually improve League of Legends. We’re focusing on preserving the spirit of Summoner’s Rift and evolving how the map communicates gameplay."* (Taken from http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/update-summoners-rift-headed-pbe) I would say sooner than you think. They usually don't announce something that early, unless they pull a {{champion:236}} .
: Primetime draven buggs
Such information would be better placed on the Primetime {{champion:119}} Bugs Red Thread. ^^
: Also, has nobody noticed how ugly he is in game? If you zoom in on him, he's so blurry and you don't see detail on him like with other champs. They need to fix his visual appearance ingame as well.
Yeah, everyone can agree on that part. I think he has the oldest model in the game (since they did just give VU to Annie, heimer....maybe morg needs one.)
: I think you are missing that {{champion:14}} is designed to be an ap carry, your rework is essentially a new champion. It also kills ad {{champion:14}}'s early game dueling potential. The AD steroid from his rage is huge and catches many people who think of only his late game off guard. As for his ultimate design, "channel" ability means it CAN be stopped via stuns, knock-ups, and silence. Having it unstoppable just means it is an ability you cast twice to determine how far you go (like {{champion:127}}'s). Lastly the way it is designed CRIPPLES him. A melee champion being unable to move is devastating. I will also say that the 50 damage off 40% of all occasions is the same as having 20 damage prevented from everything and it is part of the reason he can get so tanky without armor/mr. It may not be flashy but it is the reason he can survive laning and trade so well.
I think that having an ability that gives you health for minions you kill would make you more of an AD Champion because, along with current Sion's ultimate, should be a lot stronger in team fights than a stun and shield pop (that can be popped before the damage is used)
: I feel that, though i disagree with your choices for w, e, and r, your point on his Passive and idea for Q are SPOT ON for Sion. I greatly enjoy playing him, but am looking forward to his rework.
If you have any ideas for his W,E, and R, I am very curious to hear what they are :3
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: Hi,man! I seem to have encountered some trouble
Well I remember recalling a little while ago the client crashing due to LolReplay; perhaps that could be it. Thus, that's all I know :c ~Tatrinpaha
: [Planned 4.3] Trinket Cleanup (Shop / Tooltips)
: Hey dudes, If you made your PBE account last night before 12AM PST, I'm about 95.pi percent sure that the system responsible for auto-leveling PBE accounts was affected by last night's LA power outage. I'll politely request our engineers manually run the auto-leveler as soon as those systems are back up and running so you don't have to wait until tonight at midnight. Welcome to the PBE, Blackrook
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: [Client] Featured Matches Icons Are Messing Up
I have seen this as well. For me it was a giant Renekton head; but switched the featured game seemed to fix it quickly. Oh well. They'll fix it; something like that would never make it to live. ~Tatrinpaha
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It's a trade off really; less raging and fighting over spots but the time it takes for a que is immense. All will be good on live though; with so many people (I'm praying). ~Tatrinpaha
: one for all...will it be back
Yes, Riot has said that they will bring back One for All some time in the future; no set date has been confirmed (As far as I have read.) ~Tatrinpaha
: Teambuilder literally cannot match me
It depends what role you're trying to get into. As a support and jungle player, it takes a average-very short amount of time to find a match, but I would think that top/mid could be a longer que. Remember what Teambuilder is for: It's to eliminate the insta-locks and the fighting over a certain lane scene. In turn though, the ques will be much longer because so many people want to top or mid. Anywho: just be patient or play your champ in the jungle. It's your best bet. ~Tatrinpaha
: New Summoner Spells
Those are old summoner spells that were taken out prior to past Seasons. Promote was moved to Banner of Command {{item:3060}} The other ones were taken out due to it not being used for other purposes than All Mid and such. ~Tatrinpaha
: [Suggestion] Team builder
Something that I read on another discussion on this forum was allowing a player to bring in 2-4 champions that can be chosen during so. (http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/orQ7Q8AG-team-builder-bugs -- It's the first comment) I think this could keep Team Builder almost similarly to what is it at the moment, but still have very versatile teams.


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