: > [{quoted}](name=Squ4tch,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=8g2H4vjy,comment-id=0041,timestamp=2017-04-07T12:18:44.082+0000) > > I have some worries about the new GA change. What is going to happen to the niche group that use is as a dual MR and Armour item? The only MR and Armour items left are very focused on things other than the resistances they offer. It wasn't a lot of champs but for myself i liked building GA on someone like Kled or Lee Sin after i went for (some usually heavy AD item) -> Black Cleaver -> GA. This gave me a really good bruiser style stats: a little health, a little resist of both kinds, a healthy amount of damage and then the revive passive was a wonderful touch on divers like that. Now though on people that i build more on the damage spectrum of bruiser don't have a good option for dual resistances. > > With everything really polarizing towards their resistances it will be hard to get away with building very little tank items early/mid game. now people need to build at least 2 tank items or risk being blown up by people of your missing resistance. Beyond GA what are your thoughts on less tank stat heavy bruisers and how they might get affected by the items? I think this might be intentional, as one of the goals for itemisation here is to make choosing WHICH damage type you wanna mitigate more important instead of having a general all round damage mitigation option.
doesn't that kinda hurt people that don't want to invest two items into damage mitigation early though? The people that build resistance later are going to be punished far harder for it then they used to. This seems like a good change for tanks but i feel fighters also use these items and might get caught up in a bad way with them. Like for example any fighter that wants a beefy MR item. There wasn't much option before with only BV and SV, but now with the change from BV to Abissal what are people like Vi or Jarvan going to build? AD heavy fighters/tanks that don't need the heal increase from SV are kinda handicapped as both MR tank items have useless passive for what you want
: Midseason Durability Feedback
I have some worries about the new GA change. What is going to happen to the niche group that use is as a dual MR and Armour item? The only MR and Armour items left are very focused on things other than the resistances they offer. It wasn't a lot of champs but for myself i liked building GA on someone like Kled or Lee Sin after i went for (some usually heavy AD item) -> Black Cleaver -> GA. This gave me a really good bruiser style stats: a little health, a little resist of both kinds, a healthy amount of damage and then the revive passive was a wonderful touch on divers like that. Now though on people that i build more on the damage spectrum of bruiser don't have a good option for dual resistances. With everything really polarizing towards their resistances it will be hard to get away with building very little tank items early/mid game. now people need to build at least 2 tank items or risk being blown up by people of your missing resistance. Beyond GA what are your thoughts on less tank stat heavy bruisers and how they might get affected by the items?
: > [{quoted}](name=WizardXZD,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=8g2H4vjy,comment-id=0027,timestamp=2017-04-07T01:13:30.329+0000) > > Banshee's changes looks honestly broken. > > For champions like Fizz or Annie who can't really get rid of the shield (Fizz's only ranged ability is his ult, otherwise he has to get too close, Annie needs to keep her stun up, so she can't blow any abilities), once they build it, they become useless. Banshee's also provides so many good stats. > > Potentially, I would increase the cooldown to maybe 1 minute or something? Or possibly 1:30, and then every level reduce the cooldown by a bit. This way, a champion's ult (Fizz/Annie) would be off cooldown before Banshee's is off cooldown, so they can try again. > > This makes it so there is a time where the champion won't have a spellshield, making them back off, which gives more counterplay. Annie can always sit on 3 stacks for her combo to still get the stun off. And Fizz doesn't even really need his Ultimate to kill. Those 2 champs are the ones i'm worried about abusing the item.
Annie is also kinda stupid in the fact that using her Q into a spell shield won't actually consume the stun, her Q needs to connect before it consumes her stun
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: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Hey i know this might be crazy after what most people say but i think the base movespeed nerf was actually a good thing and the new change to his E might be in the wrong direction. I have played a handful of games with the new skarner and i found that with the new buffed range on his spires, it was incredibly rewarding to play around them, especially when it comes to his ult. I also found that when his base move speed was lower it wasn't actually that hard to work around, with the new spires you can forgo clearing smite and take stalkers to make up that lack of speed and use as a gap closer. I am worried that the spikes in power between his zones and everywhere else is slowly going to blur leading to a more bland version. The spires gave me something to play around that was feeling really rewarding. I feel like you are going to get a lot of hate for that play style though if only because it takes adapting and learning, you can't just play the old skarner way and hope to win. But that's what i LOVE about it, it seperates the good and bad Skarners way more than any other Skarner iteration did. it felt gooooood when i landed ults to drag people back into my zones at max speed to continue the fight because you outmaneuvered them. Or when i baited people near my zones to only be dragged kicking and screaming at rocket speeds to their untimely death. Playing around his zones gives me something to constantly due, think about, and improve on. there is no cookie cutter answer for how to play around his zones and how to use them best. To sum it all up * base move speed nerf with the higher zone speed was the right direction due to stalkers smite making up for lost speed and having better power spikes when playing with zones properly (the range increase on zones was necessary for that though) * New fracture change makes landing good ults around zones far less rewarding and almost unnecessary * Keep the line between his power in and out of zones clear and strong, too much blending and you start to get a generic kit again with only a subtle unique flare
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
I was wondering if you guys had considered increasing the red and blue buff crystal influence range. I feel like the baron and dragon crystals are perfect the way they are but i feel like the range on the ones in the jungle is just too small due to a lot of it getting taken up by walls. it would also give me the feeling of a Scorpion protecting his den from invaders as i could really rocket around and make people fear entering my jungle unless they are smart enough to invade in such a way as to take my Crystal from me befor fighting
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Holy moly do people ever get mad about any kind of change at all, no matter if its good or bad. I have not yet had the chance to play new Skarner (still updating) so i am merely theorycrafting at this point. But here are my thoughts anyways: As a whole i really really like it and i think it could be exactly what Skarner needs. So i would like to say thank you for putting all this work into helping our scorpion even when the community is so willing to try and burn you at the stake. now to break down my thoughts. To keep it very simple as i could talk about the pros for a while but i assume you guys have a good handle on that already ill just mention the small concern i have. I am a little worried that his passive crystals have too short a radius to be as effective as i would hope for such an interesting mechanic. They also seem to easy to take for both parties making it hard to take and keep any that aren't in your jungle. There placement could also hurt him quite substantially when pushed into base as he can't even use them any longer. Basically i like the idea i just worry you won't get to use them in terribly impactful ways leading to his unique skill being not a necessary part of his play pattern and i was worried about his Q speed removal till i realized that he can still build iceborn+black cleaver to perma slow people while speed buffing himself and shredding armour to make use of the highest damage possible spellblade procs. Edit: I was wondering about the damage tweak on his Q. If my numbers are right it wasn't actually a buff due to the old base damage being stronger than then what he gets from 40% of his base AD (as all bonus AD damage increases are the same from old to new). am i wrong in this or was it intended?
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I have yet to play Sion but i don't like his passive on paper. It makes me feel like to unlock all of his power you are expected to die. He seems to have a lot of power with it if he can stick to people, This is cool except that i would rather not die to get that power. I was wondering if was ever tried an iteration where Sion goes into his rage passive state but if he can survive for X time or do something significant (land a kill or 2) he can actually come back. this would obviously need a cool down tweak and some figuring out but i feel like it would make his passive more satisfying in some regards. other champs seem different because they don't gain any real power. Karthus is the same dead as alive (immune to cc i guess) but he cant move. Zyra gets a true damage skill-shot but it is hard to hit and is a one time shot. They feel more like "ill take you with me if you should have died anyways" and that's all it really does. Sion makes me think less "ill take you with me" and more "now ill just go murder whoever is too slow to get away thanks to the power spike then die". May be totally wrong due to i haven't really played him, but these are my thoughts.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
Bugs: * Small Gnar's Q will disappear as it passes through things sometimes but reappear as it turns itself around * Big Gnar's Q will fire off into places where he cannot retrieve it (like the middle of walls or of the map entirely), I don't know if its intended or not but it is really unfortunate when you miss your Q only to have it just a couple inches into a wall so you cannot get it (maybe make it stop at walls no-mater the max range? would be a nerf but could be a nice mechanic for getting away from big Gnar) Feedback: * Gnar as a whole is really fun to play and a challenge to learn (which I really like). * Small Gnar's Small range and squishiness can be really punishable when behind, by no means is it awful and you don't need to change it but it can be really really hard to get enough rage to morph when your range puts you into the enemy teams kill zone and your already behind - Small Gnar not truly having an ult can be .. odd I guess, its just not very satisfying when you are in Small form. it is nice in a Yasuo way where he gets no ult without set up but still. has the idea for him getting an ult that lets him force morph but is tied to Big Gnar's ult CD just like his other abilities? this way it has a really large CD and makes it so you loose out on Big Gnar's ult but it can be really helpful in some situations especially when behind for above reasons i will edit and add more if I find more
: The change that you need to make to Kha'Zix
What I think killed his early game was the 45% to 30% bonus isolation dmg. I hate what they did to his entire kit but I think that killed his pre 6. Now his Q does next to no dmg until you evolve it; even when you have them isolated. Kah has turned into a champ that can do nothing till 6 then you pray you get a lucky kill or 2 to start your snowball. He is extremely feast of famine due to all his dmg being in his bonus AD scaling and his base damage being next to nothing in comparison. As to his isolation its made him a pick champ of the worst sort. He (in my mind) is like shaco now. You can only team fight when monstrously ahead or else everyone just stays within your ridiculous isolation range and you become useless. He has to ward like non other and try and kill anyone dumb enough to walk out on their own. but even then he needs some form of lead to do that in the first place. over all i think they need to buff his non-evolved Q, and do something about his isolation. I feel like his gankes have suffered in the fact that you can't gank mid or bottom because they will never be isolated and top is no fun to gank after they get tanky.
: Bug - Red siege minions do not attack The Red siege minions are not attacking, when they enter the fight in lane they just stand still. This was in a custom game BTW.
happened to me in a normal 5v5. they just sit there in AA range and shake
: After reading some of the other posts on here, there seems to be quite a few audio detachment bugs/artifacts with the new engine. I personally experienced this in my first PBE game just a few minutes ago. Playing on blue side of old school summoners rift, against bots, anytime the camera was near the shop (only blue shop, as far as I could tell) there was some really weird clicking/scratching noises. I couldn't make it out, but another player in game said it sounded like audio from the enemy Vlad. For me it was too choppy, just repeated split second bits of noise. I don't recall hearing it for the first few minutes of the game, or first few times back at spawn, but that could just be because Vlad wasn't doing anything to make sound at those times; if he was indeed the cause. The location of any champions didn't seem to effect it either, just camera. Also, after a while I started hearing a random sort of clinking noise. The kind of noise that might be used for gathering or using coins in a game (but I don't think it was the same as the one used for shop purchases). It happened in a few places across the map, but it always seemed to happen when I was close to the friendly Vayne. Now that I think about it, it could have been an effect used to indicate Vayne loading her silver bolt? Even so, it seemed out of place; too loud, and/or I could hear it from too far away. Oh, one last thing, possibly relevant or not. I was playing Karma, and she would sometimes use traditional Karma VO, even though I was playing the base Karma skin. The one I definitely know was wrong was "This dress may have been impractical", but there may have been others I didn't catch.
Same bug here, and well put. only other addition im finding that i can hear things that are happening really far away. I was looking at mid nexus turret blue side and i could hear someone on my team taking blue side blue buff. It is rather discerning when I'm sitting in lane and suddenly I hear my jungler taking some nearby camp, makes me think I'm getting ganked
: Xerath Auto Attack not working
Got the same bug here. Doom bots with scorched earth Xerath
: I understand this can be frustrating. One of our team members waited FOREVER to get the perfect name. We'll take a look. Thanks for the report! P.S. so maybe not forever but a long time!
Just saw this reply XD thanks a lot for the help! sorry if I sounded grouchy in my post, was not the intent :)
: Lux and Morgana have a SUPER loud static/chainsaw sound anytime I'm around them. It's much, much louder than anything else in the game. Hoping it's a bug and not meant to be that way on purpose.
Had that with fiddle sticks. seemed to start when he had swains or victors passive Edit: another game and ziggs had it this time with victors passive
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Xerath cant AA in the game i am playing. he has no animation and no dmg from AA. i cant use passive ether. its just disabled Autos
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: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
I really really like the VU, he looks perfect for his role. well done guys :) couple things though - When he goes stelth and does his "du du du.... du du du" line, the motion quotes will cut it off when i click anywhere. also i feel like while invis maybe motion and attack quotes shouldn't go off? he IS trying to be sneaky :P - something that i didn't test but want to mention regardless of how it works out. How does the new Expunge animation work with Yasuo's wind wall? it looks like it should get blocked by it but then the animation would be a (small) nerf. And if it doesnt block it its a bit confusing as yasuo. thoughts on it?
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: Actually, your suggested Fracture change number 4 is a good idea, but I think it shouldn't be a knock-up, it should be a mini-stun similar to Quinn's vault move, this way it offers a much stronger power in fights compared to the live version without making it so strong that you land an E and you can cover the entire distance before they even move. In the interest of balance, I'd go with mini-stun, but as an idea, it's brilliant to give him more cc and strength without really changing his damage output - loss of damage compensates for cc gain - but I'd at least give him 75% (60/90/120/150/180)
I agree but i feel like the strong CC should be based on the range at which it hits. can you imagine if he had a full 2 second suppression and a stun/disrupt after? Making it based on range would give him some way to have hard CC from a distance but if you just ulted them you have to wait for them to get far away before you can CC them again (at least more than a slow) and at that range they can dodge or flash it. Gives him at least the option for hard CC at range without making his chained CC broken. And maybe in any case the first person hit takes a mark that can be popped for another slow? making his solo target chase a little stronger but he cant ranged slow a full team for ever?
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (1/27) and Tuesday (1/28) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST!
So just a quick thought, can there be a sound for when people show up and leave a game? I'm waiting for a team right now and i almost missed a few people cause the game has zero warning that someone was found except where they show up, so if you aren't looking its hard to notice also would it be at all possible to swap champs once your in a game lobby? make it so you Q up as a champ to give the team an idea of who you want to play and make sure no one else has taken that champ. But say the team wants a lulu instead of the Janna you Q'ed as and your totally cool with switching, give the person the option to switch. with the ready buttons and the captain having to hit start after everyone has said they are ready no one could last minute swap champs and troll. you can kick them if they swap to a troll pick.
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
Hey scruffy, any chance we can get some feed back from you guys? i don't know the statistics or the thoughts going on behind the scenes but i do know that nerf felt a little unwarranted... there has just been some solid radio silence on skarner for a while :S or am i supposed to go else where for the feed back on skarner?
: Why did you just nerf Skarner in the most recent PBE update?
we haven't heard anything from Riot about people's thoughts on Skarner and then they nerf him :S not really happy about that
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
Just played a game where Aether Wing Kayle was having issues sound wise with her heal. every time she healed me at the very least (i was xerath) the sound would never stop playing. i tried to ask my team but only the dude with no sound would tell me if they heard it to was using razer megaladon headphones
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
same problems as most posters - no nexus explosion - no champion voices at all - pings sounded fine on mine - announcer was quiet at first but she was at 50% and all else was at 100% sooo.... sounded fine when at 100% as well I have Realtek High definition audio for speakers and Razer Megladon headphones. both did the same think and had no noticeable sound differences. hard to pay attention though when so pumped on the new skarner XP
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
thoughts so far (I'm going to try and keep this short and to the point) - the visual for his new AA speed buff it a little over crowding. He already has his empowered claws - the overall game play direction if fantastic. I love everything that has happened shy of some potential tweaks. keeps up the good work Scruffy :) - only thing i feel Skarner is lacking is CC. but i want to emphasize that i feel this to a very small degree. the only problem is with his ult he cant have much more CC without being able to chain CC someone forever. i was thinking maybe make his slow larger if it travels for longer? or even turn into a new xerath style stun half way through its flight? i know this is an extremely hard balance to find with Skarner so I would be more than content with it to just ship as is :) ill post again if i think of more as i play :)
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
i feel like people are being far to pessimistic about this. yes the perma slow was awesome but its similar to complaining about how manthion cant truly global ult anymore. it was fun while it was there but it had to be removed to allow Skarner to be buffed back up again in a healthy manner for the game. besides, just get iceborn and you have your perma slow again
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: [Audio Missing] No Voice or Announcer tracks, Sound Effects track seems ok
ya same issue,was on SR with Skarner without anyone and there where no announcements for tower takes. The banner showed up, but never the audio


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