: Beyond the topic of Death Timers but still on the topic of _Snowballing_ and _Damage_ ,I feel like what Riot is attempting to do is combine the large scale play of SR with the intensity of ARAM but the result is a chaotic fiesta where one objective gained or lost grants URF tier rewards and so 6 minutes in the enemy team has a Kai'Sa who can completely wipe your team and it's like "well shit, guess its over at this point" The idea that the buffs are so frequent and so powerful is kind of absurd, consider what a blue or red buff on a midlaner early in SR does to a lane now give a buff 3x as strong to 3 laners at that same time and you expect the enemy team to be able to respond to that?? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Pretty sure the buff only goes to 2 people. But yeah, getting jumped by Lee Sin and Yi with a 3x red buff is a little too much.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Walking Nexus suggestion: When walking nexus spawns, lock everyone in base for ~10 sec (whether they were dead or alive, they all immediately spawn in base) and then everyone goes up mid with the nexus. I've played 2 games now where we were ahead, but because people on my team were dead (with looong death timers) we ended up losing our advantage. Since the point is to force a quick end, why not give everyone one last chance?
: I like it, but there are some problems. - the pick phase doesn't have enough time to choose a champ and runes, you're rushed into it - bot lane could use more events or monster camps as there's almost no reason to go down there most of the time unless you want to farm some minions, all of the action is centered around the top area of the map - the shield buffs need to go, its just not fun. buffs should be centered around making things easier to kill -- not harder -- for a more fast paced environment which is what the game mode is supposed to be about - games seem to end before anyone can even get a 4th item. i suggest ramping up the passive gold up a bit - the map is very bland. i know its a WIP but maybe give it the old TT look http://i.ytimg.com/vi/DQT9p62CiBU/maxresdefault.jpg
Bumping this for the bot lane comment. It's better to just send 3 top, then when enemy wave reaches the turret, take the minons if you have the time. Taking the bot turret gives you almost no advantage anyway.
: The Royale needs to happen in the middle of the map, the circle was in between two enemy turrets
It doesn't need to be the middle, it could be in jungle. But putting it under tower is a huge advantage to the defenders. I just played one where the center was under our outer top turret, but because we had an afk, the enemy aced us. Then two of the three remaining enemies got shot by tower before they could leave, and lost their GA reward.
: Nexus Blitz is very snowbally and damage-filled
Walking nexus 15 min in, with 50 sec death timers? Yes, this game mode is just snowballing. And not in a good way, either. One mistake, a little luck, a single catapult at the right time, its more like gambling than playing a game.
: Skin Boost Probability - OfA
Like this, Ahri has 8 skins and Sion has 5, but the skin boost unlocks 2 sion skins. https://i.imgur.com/3M6Jdjh.jpg
: There is a very key problem with One For All for me and I would like to know if this is true for other people. The vast majority of the games I play in this mode last more than 25 minutes (I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS. In fact, for me, it is preferable). However, Riot has made it clear they do not wish this to be the case, thus the lower charge time on items like Tear and ROA, increased gold generation, and the ridiculous late game death timers The death timers are a huge problem, in my opinion. The main way games get ended, unless one team is utterly annihilating the other (WHICH ISN'T AT ALL FUN, again an opinion I suppose though), is by one team killing enough people on the other team that they can finally push for a solid minute and a half. When, in 2 of the 9 games I have played, 4 people died on one team and 5 on the other, and the game has gone long enough that that 1 person can easily end on their own, I feel like this is a rather pressing problem. I don't think encouraging the utter annihilation is a good solution to this, though, and I ENJOY the extended games (which, specifically, are 30 to 35 minutes long; kind of impossible to go beyond that with the death timers as they are). It is rather obvious that the mode is not tuned correctly for having quick victories in any way but utter annihilation, though. Hopefully a Rioter sees this and is able to give me some feedback as to their thoughts on the matter, because I really feel like the mode isn't set up right. I would propose that there needs to be more starting gold, ambient gold, and ambient experience generation (like ARAM) to truly increase the speed of the mode without making smashing defeats the only way to lose quickly. Edit: I realize that it is too late now to make these changes this time around, and I didn't make that clear above. I'm just hoping that you can do something about it in future iterations.
I see that too, nearly every game that goes over a certain time ends exactly the same way--one team fight, someone's left with 200hp and they end. I think Riot just wants to encourage more teamfights and less objective grinding, in order to make the RGM less like normals.
: For everyone whos crying about RP
I'm just going to say that it is annoying, and I agree with you, but posting your own rant about it might not be the best solution? The Service Status icon does mention there's a problem with RP grants. It might not be clear to everyone that the "I have 8k RP but can't buy anything" bug is the same as the "issues with RP grants" sticky. It might be good for Riot to change the message a bit to make that clear, so that the forum isn't so flooded with the same thing.
: The interesting part is, i can't buy champs with ip either. I have 1480 ip and wanna buy Twisted Fate but shop says you dont have enough ip. I think the problem is shop.
I'm assuming you mean blue essence. I have an issue where I'll disenchant a champ shard, but my BE value doesn't change in the top right. If I buy something, though, it corrects itself. So maybe the problem is that your BE value is displaying wrong?
Rioter Comments
: Heya! It's not a bug. In one for all, the only certain way to get a champ (actual majority vote) is for a minimum of 4 players to vote for the same champ. The probabilities don’t say “x% of the team wants this champ,” they say “the way everyone votes now, champ y has a chance of being selected at x%.” Riot changed it from 3 to 4 last OFA. Think of it as a surrender vote. 3 for surrender and 2 against. Majority wants to surrender but a surrender vote come through when a minimum of 4 players surrender.
Just to clarify, a majority will win, unless it's 3/5. If one person doesn't vote, the 3/4 majority wins 100%
: Day 69: Still no Rp
Is everyone still able to purchase skin boosts in champ select? I can, and that costs RP. What's the deal with that?


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