: First Thoughts on the New Jungle
if you get a red buff and die to a jungle minion at lvl 2. you will have that red buff till the end of the game. you will get the buff but no effects.
: There will be real LoL lovers, but when you are giving away valuable content for free, you will gain less as a company. When it's business, it's business. When did you hear a businessman giving VALUABLE asset away for free to the majority? To be honest, this kind of LvL Up Rewards should be used as a promotion for the early stage of a recent released game. LoL has been here for almost 4 years. By the way, most players from Season 2 have already finished getting all the IP they needed. IP Farming? For real. If you really like that champion so much and you can't wait, just buy with RP. That is exactly how the business works. Oh, no sense in running a business? That's why you are poor. Smurfing problem has been there since Day 1 you got online games. Go deal with the mindset of those people if you want it settled. Start a brainwashing movement, that will work. How is your system making the game style a better one? The resources Riot have given us is nothing. RP and IP are earned by yourself. What you buy with is what you work for. If Riot is not a company that is solely working for a profit, why would they be allowing scams/hacks/frauds in the LoL community? Because that is an extra way to earn more. It's barely legal but it's in the grey area of the law. To make themselves look better with a "righteous" image, the Tribunal is here to establish the symbolic icon of "for the players, by the players". Justice? Well, consider yourself judging a player is guilty by basing on what they said in chat but not the things they have done in-game? I don't even remember how long I had asked for a replay for the Tribunal. By the way, even the Tribunal system is flawed when you give amateur players the right to vote (especially those who have no idea how to build items for various situations). Reaching Lv 30 doesn't mean that they do know how to play well. [But we still have to let them vote because that is a human right] But think harder, look deeper, you will see how corrupted they are, like us, when it comes to money. And if you are trying to help, there are more flaws in the system than introducing a meaningless and purposeless system like that. You are way better than that, so stop selling an idea that doesn't work. [oh wait, it works only for the NEW players, not the CURRENT players] As for the Tutorial part which I have missed mentioning, there is no need for making 4 tutorials for each different maps. Seriously, WHO HAVE USED THEM? I have because I like to see what is inside that and if there are bugs in it. But who else would? Learning from a friend is much faster than learning from a command-based tutorial which is set to the lowest difficulty setting. You will end up literally thinking this is an easy game after finishing the tutorial. I do know 8-12 yr-old players who don't know the game, but they never used the tutorial to begin with...... Kid, if you really need a champion that bad, just go adding random people and play with them, gain their trust and "ask" for a champion. That is how the scam is made. That is also why less people are grinding IP, because that is something only honest and dumb people do. That is how our world works. You work for what you want, but there are ways that get things faster. You know I am not suggesting you doing those, but just informing you, that is something that is taking place under the watch of justice (Rioters) and is still allowed. As for me, I will stick to my own way of paying with what I have worked for to buy my desires, simply I am dumb and honest. It's a cruel and dirty world, young lad, and you need to understand the "smarter" ways. Use them if you will, at least, from what I read from the forum, you won't get punished. Every small idea makes no different in our big world, only those carefully and thoroughly-thought small ideas will grow into a big one. Especially those that have taken in various perspectives into consideration.
i know what ure staying aloud and clear. My real attention for this threat was to do something for those that spend money not just small amount of money but lot. My self spend when i run out of RP. Some type of a appreciate.
: ............Tiger, don't steal ideas from other non-Riot provided servers. I know some of the regional LoL Server providers are offering something like that. But I don't think Riot will DO SUCH A BIG FAVOR to everyone of us in the rest of the world. Especially the current Riot servers have already quite a huge number of players supporting their income. If they are foolish enough to take your suggestion into consideration, with no offense, Riot will be not making as much money as they are now. Honestly, thinking from the consumers' only perspective, is not going to make your suggestion valid nor plausible. Appreciated your suggestion, but.......meh, you don't think hard enough.
Well i only made this threat so other people could bring their ideas in as well. I know i didnt think through but every idea starts with small thought then u get more people that make those ideas into something big. I put it out there so we have a better play style then having million accounts created by one person or having smurfing. I appreciated ure comments but im just trying to improve game style and the resources that Riot have given us. Almost no1 use it. also i believe the real LoL lovers will spend money no matter what.
: [Major] Losing vision in the bushes.
it only happens when u are on the edge of the bushes. it also happens when u put a ward or something on the edge.
: Level up rewards would be nice but what sounds better is being able to get a reward for doing tutorial. I would like to further stretch this idea. First off I would to see players able to get a reward for doing a tutorial. I believe this would encourage new players to attempt to use to the tutorial to figure out the game.There are many games that use a similar system. Secondly on the subject of tutorials I would like new players who have done the tutorial to not have to go through leveling up to level 5 via. bots in order to play the main features of the game. If this is done I think that the tutorial would need to be more extensive my reason for saying this is mainly because I have seen the tutorial and although it teaches the basics there are many more things it could teach. I could go naming things that the tutorial could teach players but I think it obvious that it's lacking content. I am to understand that part of the reasoning for having a player level up to level 5-10 as I have seen with a friend, is to help stop smurfing. I don't think this is the route to go to keep players from smurfing. Personally my idea would be to offer a reward system for playing on your account a determined amount of time per week. I have many friends who smurf and I won't lie I have done so myself. I think they main reason many people smurf as I can only speak for myself, is to break up the monotony of ones own account. There is not much of a reward system to for playing on lol with many other games have for leveling up, reaching a rank, or even playing the game. I know that many people may argue that this is not needed, but when I smurf the closest feeling I get to this is from the levels you gain again. After you hit 30 you can do ranked. My only problem is there is no immediate feedback such as the feeling a player gets from leveling up. There is no rewards after you hit 30 unless decide to go to ranked. I put off ranked for so long because I had no interest in playing competitive lol. I feel that for some players nothing awaits them after they hit 30.
Tutorial: i think they should create more tutorial because we have 4 different maps and each map is different in their own ways. So with Four different tutorial people will get 4 different rewards. This way new players can understand the important target/objectives in each map. This way people will have more knowledge about each map so bottom line is it lowers down the chance of playing with a person who doesnt even know anything about what they are doing. After lvl 30: I know after you hit lvl 30 u dont have much to do other then go normal 5vs5/Bots/ rank and so on. one solution to that is they can reset the lvl i mean give them a time limit like 30 days to hit lvl 30 to earn one of the legendary skin, one mystery gift or something. By doing this people will going to get involved and play on one account. Reason: The only reason y i said champions/ Skins or mystery gift because there's been so many skins that have been introduced and put into legar. vault and im sure there's going to be lot more. Now Riot need to find out a way to introduce those skins that been introduce long time ago. This also give them a opportunity to try something different and have variety on the battle field.
: we already have 400 rp for reaching lev 5 or something if i remember that right :P
the only reason y im saying this is because we got like 130 champions out and with this way people can play their favorite champions without farming for IP and it also help the league create more and new champions without worrying about having to many.
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: And his E doesnt have sound effect.
all of this skills dont have sound effect even the block attack doesnt have the sound either
: More Players
Best way to get some people is to have that URF option on PBE. I'm sure people will log in to play.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
if your on top lane. you can get the bots to follow you from the top lane to the river to your jungle at this happens when they get to their lanes.
: what is GAME DESCRIPTION_3345 Trinket?
i seen that items as well i try to buy it and it doesnt work.
just go to setting. there is a option that let u lock the camera to ure champion
: 4.4 Bug list - (3/10 Update)
you can buy {{champion:38}} even if u already have him. that's another bug
: Yeah but you get the {{item:3364}} every 60 seconds, for free as well.
here's the another things will u spend every other min trying to find the shrooms or would u farm.
: The nerfs to Teemo are a stopgap measure, not a solution.
i think they should do something about the number of shrooms can be planted over the map. SO that way the person who's playing it will have to play smarter then putting shrooms across the maps.
: There are still {{item:2043}}, {{item:3362}}, {{item:3341}}, {{item:3351}}, and {{item:3364}}. Those can clear them.
I know but if u put the pink ward it can be seen and can be killed so now days less and less people gets them. then {{item:3341}} only lost for few sec. or more of 8 second. you cant clear a lane or half the map with only 8 sec.
: [Planned 4.3] Trinket Cleanup (Shop / Tooltips)
so no matter what {{champion:17}} shrooms still better. I mean he can ward the map with it and there's no sources to clear them.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/10) and Tuesday (2/11) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
Its really nice to have these options but i was wondering if you guys could add new options wheres you have primary role and secondary role. Primary role could be jungler and secondary role could be Support so with this you can get into the game faster.
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
I think they should make the normal skins like from 1 to 700 Rp can be bought by IP for that people will grind for IP. IF there's more people grind it will lead to more match or test for bugs. From the day i joined i havent seen a fast match up. Most of them takes about 5min or longer then that. Its really boring waiting for match.
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
y make her recall like {{champion:236}} recall. could have made it better like using a love arrow as a rocket like {{champion:222}}
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
He's going to op and bully in early game because of his passive.
: I definitely agree with many of these suggestions. Especially being able to switch your champion so you can better suit your teammates However, I would like to address an uncommon roles that I personally enjoy playing (fill.) I like to play fill because after hours of playing I like to spice it up by going wherever the team needs me. Incorporating the fill option should speed up ques because, you will be sent to the team thats been waiting the longest. The fill option will go hand in hand with the switch champion option as it would require picking your champ after everyone else has.
but dont forget others that dont like to play those roles like support. There will be someone that will troll or feed because he didn't get the role he wanted.
: Ezreal shifting out of blitz hook?
This also works with other champions that have a jump or shifts and so on. One another champion that can do it is {{champion:121}}. I was playing on live serve, i try to grabbed him and i did but he jump away like {{champion:81}}
: Yea just a little bit, I do not believe that it should ever give any life steal effects when clearing wards and lees bonus has no reason to be procd on it :P
well if u got multiply life steal items then they will stack. some champions i believe it would work will be Nasus, Xin Zhao, Firoa and so on.
: Attacking wards give full lifesteal bonuses
i think it could work with other life steal items like blade of the ruined king. i think its because wards required auto attack to kill. This achieve the life steal. Wards are like zyra plants. u can heal with life steal items.
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: Ezreal shifting out of blitz hook?
Ezreal can shift when the pull has been landed on him. It was playing as blitz and tried it on Ezreal two time.first time i though he might have used Arcane Shift before the pull landed on him then for the second time the pull did landed and like 2~5 sec later he Arcane Shift and i failed to pull him toward me.
: Now on PBE: Vision Rework
I was playing on the Live serve and i had a similar glitch at bot lane. I used the Trinket ward in the bush but it didn't give any vision of the enemy that were inside the bush. When we face checked the bush the enemy was standing where the ward was placed. If i remember corrected the ward was on the edge of the bush. When u look at the ward it self, you can see it was inside.
: [Fog of War - minor]
There's another glitch where if u put a Trinket wards inside the grass/bush but just on the edge or the starting point of the grass/bush. That ward will not give any vision of the enemy that is inside the grass but the ward it self is inside. I saw this glitch on the live serve.


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