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: Not being able to upgrade the yellow trinket feels awful.
I agree, I don't like how trinket are just used as "Free slot for visibility control cause we don't want people to invest gold in it". Trinket should have upgrades where it cost gold. If a team want to invest in vision it should be an option and not just a "by default".
: Is there a reason why Death Timers are so unbelievably high?
Shorter games is an ok goal, but longer death timer is a bad solution since it remove a lot game time from players. There are other ways of making death more punishable without super long death timer.
: Can't Login?
Same problem today. Yesterday (Sep11), it was working perfectly.
: Tahm Kench's W is bugged
Ya it seem the throw starting position isn't on Tahm centre hit box but actually on a point behind him. Other small annoying bug on his W is that you can use W on minions even when you are in "Target only champion" mode.
: HUD Update back on
Not sure if this bug was mentioned previously, but the chat box is currently part of the HUD. If I shrink the HUD, the chat box will also shrink. Kind of annoying since I like to keep everything at the smallest except the chat box.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
After trying out Sion a few times, here's what I think so far of his new skill set. **Passive:** At this moment it is really good but I feel it could be polished to make it more user friendly. I am not a fan of the special skill speed boost on it. I feel it is either already a great passive or, I would rather see him get cc reduction while in his passive. **Q** The way the skill work is just perfect. The potential dmg / cc is hard to reach but it feel really good. **W** Unlike some people, I don't feel that this skill is in need of a buff. If you build Sion primarily as a tank, his shield get strong really quick. **E** Not sure how I feel about this skill yet. The slow that you can apply on champions along with the armor reduction is great. But, I feel the minions knock-back mechanic to be a bit weird. I see the play making possibility with the long distance slow, but I don't feel it need to be there. **R** This is a great ultimate. It feel really good to use it and have lots of play making potential. But, I got a bit of worries in some aspect of it. First, let's say a jungler Sion ganks bot lane. With cc immune, the chance of an immobile champion to dodge his charge is rather low. But in other hand a Tristana will dodge him really easily. So basically I feel that his ult is missing counter play for immobile champions. If I can land a bubble on a high speed target as Nami, I want to be rewarded. Second, I think the CD is also a bit too low on max level, with 40% cdr he can use his ult every ~36 seconds. With his cc immune, he has the potential of being super annoying if he start to split push then run away at the speed of light. **Overall** Great rework, super fun to play! I give it 9.2 cookies out of the letter T
: Sona destroys fps
When I played her, her colored circle auras from Q/W/E were stacking on each other infinitely. I didn't see any fps drop but it could be part of the problem.
: Soraka Rework thoughts (Since no discussion thread)
Just tested out the new soraka so ill give my first thought. **Passive:** Salvation I am not sure what to think of this passive. Mainly cause Soraka probably loss 15MS because of it (340 -> 325 base MS) It's nice to be able to run in order to heal someone. But I feel with a higher W range and the same MS as before I could achieve about the same and in a safer way. But I am aware that they want to show her weakness: being a slow squishy with close to no escape. Touch of the Cosmos Can be nice since her heals does have decent ratio (W:0.6 R:0.55). This passive have the main objective to make sure Soraka don't become a massive tank. But again, it put emphasis on her main weakness: being a slow squishy with close to no escape. **Q** This is my favorite skill on Soraka. Simple to use, great poke, decent slow and the W passive will heal you. Only downside is that if you max it first the mana cost get a bit high (70 at lvl1 to 110 at lvl5). **W** I feel this skill will be the hardest to balance in her kit. At this moment, it feel like it need a bit more work into it. The passive looks great on paper since a good Soraka who lands her Q will remain healthy and will be able to keep on healing. But the range seem way to short (As said in passive Salvation section). **E** The most underwhelming skill in her kit. The root might be great but it is really hard to land. You basically need to use it as a chain CC since on it's own the root take way to long. Since it does no damage and has long CD (18/17/16/15/14s) this should be maxed last. I have no clue why this skill has such a long CD. Since this is Soraka best form of peel in her kit, I would rather have a 1s snare on a shorter CD. Or something rewarding like if the root land the CD is shopped by half. **R** Work the same way as before, great skill overall. **Overall** I still like direction that this rework took but I have 1 main complain. I know being squishy and an easy target is an important weakness she must have but I feel that this weakness has been pushed to much. - 20% less bonus and AR and MR in order to keep her squishy - 15 less base MS in order to keep her slow (easy target) - Very low range on W so she put herself in danger all the time while healing - 10% max hp for every heal used. You quickly become an easy target mainly if you dare to miss 1 Q to heal back a bit. Overall, I currently feel she will get destroyed very quickly in team fight and most of the time will not be able to do her job. Of course this is what I see after my first play and I will do further tests. PS: Sorry for the bad English :)


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