: Did anyone answer?
By anyone do you mean a Rioter? No, the discussion is on going with little Rioter input since our initial comments. Brorelia, Yajimasu, and a few others have made posts continuing this discussion but still no official feedback or acknowledgement.
: Come at me catman. Pussy
Haven't seen him comment for a hot minute, perhaps we wore him down with all out akali posts
: After playing a ton of PVP games on PBE, I can agree, Akali hardly gets going now. I either get carried or the opponent I'm vsing is braindead. My most main concern, is that after all those games, Akali lost too much damage. In teamfights she lacks so much single burst damage to take out the squishies and her resets don't mean anything now because her ultimate does very little damage now. Whereas I see my Kat's, Talon's and LB's just simply nuke targets out of orbit, and I don't see much counterplay there for them. It only takes them 1.5s to do all their amazing damage, then get out. The question I kept asking myself, "Why was Akali's damage nerfed so hard?" This would be fine if she got compensated somewhere else that was more healthier but she didn't. It's all gone. She also can't survive that well because alot of her spellvamp is gone now as well. I agree with the direction of her new kit. The problem is, it doesn't support the ability to pull off multiple marks in a viable way. The same goes for her new passive. It needs to do enough damage to make up for the damage loss on the ultimate, and you have to use two autoattacks to pull it off. That gives too much time for the enemy to CC Akali and burst her down or escape. It's depressing that Akali's autoattacks do more damage to a minion than a dash does. There's no reason to pick her anymore over the other assassins.
I love people justifying these changes ( on her R especially) that 3 1-2 second dashes isn't healthy (uh new or old kata?) or she did too much dmg (new katarina again, talon, rengar) and now shes dumpster-ed. Yes I understand that she is getting a full rework down the road and they are just putting some feelers. So our overwhelming response to that feelers is that they are not working. Wonder when we can expect to see a change?
: It is a fruitless effort since you literally can't find anything in the mini rework thread after a couple days.
That's what I told him but he is adamant about it :)
: Akali Rework Clunky, Unfun, ineffective.
Waiting for the 'Catman" comment saying: "Instead, post it on the Official Mini Updates Discussion Thread." ;) <3 u Catman, thanks for trying to clean up the threads. [](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/auEY7jEU-assassins-mini-updates-discussion)
: Instead, post it on the [Official Mini Updates Discussion](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/auEY7jEU-assassins-mini-updates-discussion).
But then it gets lost amongst ALL the other champs that got mini reworks.
: It's not a rework. It's a band-aid. They're short-term changes to hold Akali over and make her balanceable until she can get the complete overhaul she actually needs.
What does 'maker her balanceable" even mean? She DID NOT have ridiculous win rates. So in answer to that they nerffed her R and arguably nerffed twilight shroud and passive.
: Why was Akalis R nerfed and an extra 2 seconds in cooldown? Why did her ult even get changed in the first place?
Haha I made a thread for just this reason titled Why nerf Akali's R?
: Old Akali main here with some feedback on the W change: 1) Visually it's very bland. The teleport needs a visual effect. 2) Thematically it doesn't make sense for the smoke cloud to have a built in teleport. It would be much better with a quick jump/dash or roll. 3) This might be my EU ping speaking, but the ability feels genreally unresponsive. Maybe a cast time improvement is necessary. Maybe it should be possible to animation cancel Q/EE/autos with this ability. This would also improve the goal of making it viable as a skillshot dodging tool. 4) When I cast the skill outside of it range, it should move me as far as possible in that direction. 5) Since the skill is now always centered on you, you can no longer place it around corners or to grant vision to jungle camps. This is actually a pretty big deal. You can't use it to sneak into brushes now, either. The skillshot dodging part is nice, but it needs to be more responsive for that. You can now use it to get over thin walls, which adds deception possibilities to her kit, but because you can't place it wherever you want it sacrifices a lot of flexibility and strategy of placement. I don't like the recent direction of her W to give mobility stats either (first movement speed, now a blink). The skill should be about deception and going in and out of combat, not mobility. Some alternatives that could be discussed: * New W with blink that has a nice looking animation * New W with dash instead of blink * New W with 0.5-1 sec invulnerability when you first cast the ability (instead of the blink) - keeps the skillshot dodging ability without giving mobility * Old W placement with second cast blink or dash (like lee sin QWE double cast mechanic) * Old W placement with 0.5-1 sec invulnerability when you first cast the ability (this is my personal favourite) * New W but with bigger area so that you can scout dragon with it without teleporting into the pit itself
I don't think it is EU ping. I have 34 ping on PBE server (better then live, kinda sad) and the W cast feels so clunky, like its almost not worth casting it in order to dodge an impending Morgana snare or other skill shot. I think its great that Akali cant get over (some) walls now, but trying to stick to hyper mobile targets or teams with high mobility with a 2 second lock on R cast and trying to activate the mark from Q AND get off your second AA for her passive is really quite difficult.
: I just played a game with Akali on PBE and she feels so, so bad. You guys have to give her R more power. Both the reduced base damage and AP scaling is way, way too much nerf. And that's not even counting the fact that cooldown is hard 2 seconds. And the new passive stinks in my opinion. I much rather have the old one, it gave better more reliable sustain. I would much rather you keep Akali as is. I enjoy playing her a lot. These changes are terrible right now because she does not have the necessary damage.
Ya the whole two hit AA feels painfully slow, with how much movement/ gap closers that are in the game now its hard for a squishy ninja to get those two AA's off especially when r is locked at 2 seconds.
: They also gave you a dash on your W, and your W now can't be countered by a pink ward. I think it's a fair trade.
I mean I think its great that akali can blink over walls now easier then katarina can, but the range is so short, its not a huge gap closer.
: Pretty sure it's just because they moved more power into her passive and E, and a little out of her R to compensate.
Ya but they also changed the R cooldown/cast time to two seconds at all levels instead of scaling down to 1 second late game when you are mostly like to get cced and locked down.
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: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
I just played my first game with Rek'Sai and it was so fun! I love this champion and I would love to put in the time to master her on live. Her tunnels are so cool and can get you all around the jungle so easily. I do think she should move quicker through them though when they are already placed down because it doesn't feel quick enough right now. She definitely needs some CC if she wants to see some viable play. Her Burrowed Q should at least slow (somewhere around.. 40%? Or perhaps scaled by rank) but preferably a snare. It can be really hard to land without vision of the enemies so it should be rewarded for doing so. Maybe you could have it slow, but the slow is greater the farther the distance it traveled is? Either way she needs more CC than coming unburrowed as it is too hard to succeed doing just that. Also, she is extremely weak early game and needs some improvement in that department. Her ult is fun, but has limited uses and a ludicrous CD. I think her model should appear bigger too (she feels so small and weak) and there needs to be more detail on her model. It seems too... Simple and plain right now. Love the champion so far, I can't wait to see how much better she'll get!
: Volibear is not playable? I AM IN DESPAIR.
more like, you're in DESBEAR! HAHAHAHAA! I'll go kill myself now

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