: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
: Harvesters of Sorrow (W) is not castable without an ally champion present. If you are alone as Mordekaiser, you'll have to do without it unless an ally ganks/roams for you. As others mentioned, Morde is still able to solo lane/jungle in our testing, but doesn't shine as brightly as he does in a duo lane. I'm comfortable with that mainly because I do not think that Mordekaiser can ever be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion given how stark his strengths and weakness profile is -- An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. As I began to work on his mechanics though, the thing that stood out was how defined Mordekaiser was by those stark strengths and weaknesses. To round out his kit would have been to compromise him as a champion.
"I do not think that Mordekaiser can ever be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion" Thus, you gave up on fixing that? So now he has an ability that is 100% useless in a solo lane? Everything with that just... sickens me. How would a Mordekaiser even function in a duo lane? As a support without any cc? Taking over the role of what once was adc, thus creating a team that lacks the significant constant high dps of a marksman? Or as a duo top laner, leaving bot lane alone? How can a champion have a skill that is completely useless for a large part of the game? If you can't see the champion being healthy solo with his strenghts and weaknesses, then those strenghts and weaknesses have to change. A champ that practically only has two skills+ultimate in a 1v1? R.I.P. Mordekaiser, you will be missed.
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Maybe you should consider completely reworking Veigar instead of trying to tweak his kit and by that making him completely useless? W relies on the target being stunned, otherwise it won't hit. That's just a thing. But now, with the delay on the E, stunning a target will be a thing of the past. 0.75 seconds allow the enemy to easily escape the stun and being inside the circle is not trapping at all. It is far to big to reduce the enemy's ability to dodge Veigar's W. These two abilites are almost completely useless now, you can just throw them down and hope that the enemy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and just runs into either one. Also, Q got a lot worse at pit pocketing minions out of a big wave, stacking a pushing wave got extremely tedious. Denying Veigar's Q to stack successfully is far too easy, since now it will demand a lot more obvious positioning. Nasus can just run in, stack a minion and run out if necessary, since he is tanky and has life steal, but Veigar can't do that. He will either take an enemy ability head on and probably die or lose a huge amount of stacks. For example, if there are three melee and three caster minions, and the middle one of the caster minions happens to be low, Veigar will have to abandon the protection of skill shots his own minions provide and try to sneak in a Q at the caster minions. But since Veigar is the squishiest champion known to man, the enemy champion can stop him from doing that by posing a huge threat. {{champion:45}} sidesteps to Q --> {{champion:76}} lands a free spear. I probably am far too uncapable of properly wording my point, but the new Veigar got pretty much worse in all regards and, to be frank, isn't that much fun to play anymore. With the live Veigar, one is absolutely nothing early, but, if he manages to get through the early game, becomes the true master of evil in the late game, bringing fear in the hearts of every mage. With the new Veigar, you simply pose no threat anymore. At all.
: Veigar Rework v.s. Live
The new Q makes it a bit easier to stack early against a low number of minions. I found myself being nearly unable to properly stack when there was a bigger wave pushing, since a lot of the minions with low health are surrounded by other minions. I'd have to walk around the entire wave over and over again. Also, the fact that Q now strikes two targets causes me to stack one minion with low health and damaging another minion with full health behind it and making my minions kill that now damaged minion before my Q was up again.
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Well... At least I'll still be able to hit W's in my dreams... Good buy, my old friend... *Goes {{item:3070}} in a corner*


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