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: Air Dragon to weak?!
The air dragon will be 10K stronger in competitive play. MS is very important for rotations. I personally like MS.
: Giving CDR to Zhonya and Abyssal might backfire on mages
Really cool ideas. I'm 100% sure that new meta will be every other champ but mage that can abuse the new items like happened with the juggernout update BUT I think riot did a good job with the new kits (I mean the mages themselfs). Item variety was always a huge problem in league; I hope riot will solve this problem in season 7 or 8 and they I hope they will also rework all the rune system adding a bit of variety and add some new summoner spell. Still waiting for the removal of flash.
: no its fine.... why would you nerf urf it doesnt make sense
> [{quoted}](name=Joey Gladstone,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=dff9LNQv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-10T14:17:53.198+0000) > > no its fine.... why would you nerf urf it doesnt make sense seems like you never get stomped by an alistar... you will understand
: This is strange, the mastery that reduces 15% cdr for sums doesn't work however
: But champs are meant to be op in URF doe :)
op and anti-fun are 2 different things. Alistar for example should be removed form urf or be heavely nerfed because is so unhealthy at the point that he actually ruin the game experience to every other player. Someone like Lux is very strong but even in urf has exploitable weaknesses that you can exploit and so is fun to play and you can play against her. Talking abount Xin; he can permaknock-up you and even if you flash he can follow you with his e so I agree with his nerf even tho if you are grouped you can destroy him.
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: why do you guys want to nerf Cooldowns in URF? this is a troll/op mode as its meant to be..
Because if you face and Alistar + Soraka lane you will not have fun... Something is wrong in this gamemode. I know it is supposed to be op but some champions are anti-fun and this should not be allowed for a FUN gamemode.
: ‘Ascension’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
Hey Stephiroth the Muramana in the crystal scar is still the old one (I mean with the toggle effect instead of the new updated passive effect). Is this intended? If not you should update it :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}{{item:3043}}
: [Poppy] Flash Q is in opposite direction. Hydra passive activates on ranged attack.
The interaction with Poppy's passive and hydras is intended (also procs dead man's plate slow).
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: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Hey CertainlyT; considering that morde is know very strong in a duo lane, can be cool if his ulty reveals the target for the duration :)
: Devourer on Champions
The items is made for champion like Yi , Shyvana ecc...
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: And the spell must be disabled at the beginning of the game, so nobody will get 150 bonus gold at the start for simply scouting the starting platform. 30 would be way too much. Something like 10 gold should be better.
You get the extra gold only with the relative sighstone upgrade :D
: Having enchantment options on a support item sounds like a nice idea. But giving the fact that the sightstone already is one of the most powerful items in regard of vision, I don't think it a good idea to grant bonuses together with CV. Maybe instead, another item could be genereated, that CV as a summoner spell would be an alternative to the sightstone. > Sighstone #2: . For each enemy champion revealed with Clairovoyance, your champion gains 30 gold. This one is too op. It's like free gold every 75 seconds. People will just spam it on bot lane to get 60 gold every 75 seconds.
This is an option that I considered XD For the +30g the champion must be revaled that means that the enemy champion should be revealed in the fog of war :)
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: New Chat Info Mouseover !
: So just up front my impression on the combat summoners is like. Wtf is that CD broken a heal every 1 1/2 minute a ignite every two minutes a cleanse every minute an exhaust every 2 minutes. You practicly give the enemy no time to take advantage of your burned summoner instead now it's like a second ult which you get level one and can change what it does in champselect. Things like remove ignite were removed from heal because it's already too strong. Only thing i see that would need a little small buff is barrier with a stronger shield Like i see it with your suggested summoners is also like with the other** Combatsummoners the CD is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too low** if you want to bring it in. Oppresion has a nice idea but i think it would make burstmages too op cause they just click on you with the summoner and remove you from the map without much counterplay. I'm not certain how rally would work. How long does the portal stay if the creatures spawn all ten seconds and the CD is 90 seconds? Is it permenant till somebody destroys it or a new protal is cast? And why do they have 0 armor and MR ? I think this one would need more thoughtprocess on how it would play out in the game. Aim as it is would only be viable on ranged champion. I don't see any meele champion that would care that he now has a 25 units longer attackrange and 20 more movement speed. He could take ghost instead and would be better that way (only the broken CD would make it better if we would be realistic) If clairvoyance would ever make a comeback it would either come with a superduper op buff like this one you suggested or the blue trinket gets removed. Especially in high Elo play where vision is extremly important 3 seconds of the whole map visible would make it very unrewarding to play the visiongame (visiondenial or -take). So I think this one will become a dead summoner. For clarity i'm not sure if it would change the reason why people take clarity. I personally would give two Fs about the mana it gives me back cause I learned how to manage my mana (it's more of a beginner spell that way). But I would take it because it gives me half a minute of possible half CD on all my spells. Which depending on champion can literally break the game. Fortify is way too overpowerd with 10 seconds of invulnerabilty to turrets. It gives your enemy literly nearly no chance to outrotate you while you have this summoner up (if you play it right). The time of invulnerabiltiy would need to be like 1-2 seconds or it should just give damagereductionbuff for 10 seconds (I think the second one would be the one you would prefer with it's idea). stifle would be a summoner that would probably need some work cause you have to be VERY predictive where you can use your trap cause you have to wait 1 minute for it to be active and no team has the luxury to wait a minute near the trap and suprise the person that walks into it. If not for that case this summoner would pretty much be useless cause it just reveals the target for 6 seconds, silences them and traps them for 2 seconds which they prob won't realy care about if nobody is camping near the trap. observer would make counterjungling more popular cause you can controll half of the enemy jungle with just one summoner for 1/4 - 1 minute and has a 3 1/2 minute CD so you purely theoraticly could captivate the enemy jungle for nearly 1/3 of the game time. Which imo is probably too opressive. Either a higher CD or shorter sentry lifetime would be needed to make this not too opressive. fake for me was like lol what? So for every 2 mins (which is nearly the spawntime of a camp) you can fake a camp and bait the enemy into a 99% seconds slow for 3 secs (which is nearly like a snare) and let them take 15% of their max HP as true damage? This spell would destroy the playstyle counterjungling completly. Cause if you play it right you would only need to fake two camps the whole time and probably would destroy the chance for the enemy to counterjungle completly cause he prob can't risk to be seen walking into your jungle taking the camp while you position yourself for the explosion then he takes 15% of his max HP as damage and nearly can't walk for 3 seconds. In high elo this would be a guaranteed kill with every summoneruse if the enemy dared to come counterjungle. **So in short this summoner has a nice idea but needs a lot of tweaking in the numbers cause otherwise it's too freaking borken.** now generally what i saw in the movment summoner list is that you want to buff champs that have no dash/jump/blink/movementspeed buff. First of all the programming to controll those things would be very hard from my experience with programming. Also it would be very strange cause nearly every champ that comes out new or get reworked becomes one of those things in his kit so with time this change would nearly become irelevant. for ghost i like the idea of giving a movmentspeedbuff against a low health target but I see the problem of it being still weaker than flash cause you first need to get the target low before you can profit so it would only be used at the end of a trade/teamfight and not inbetween or something to that and thus becomes very dependend on the situation. So it probably would need something else to outclass flash in this regard. Your teleport buff is too strong imo. Teleport is a strong "teamsummoner" as it is already. Giving it a shorter CD on every tower/champion kill/assist makes it too unpunishing for not using it correctly. I would love to revive at the point of my death after 2 seconds when i choose but I think this summoner would get too strong. It's like a guardian angel of your choice (you can choose if it's worth to revive or not) you have it at level 1 and you don't need to "waste" a itemslot. also the CD reduction of 50 secods makes it way too overpowerd so prob would need a lot of tweaking if it were to be somewhat bearable. As for hunting i don't see why somebody would want that summoner cause it doesn't really give you a very usefull buff. scouted zone sounds nice if you would remove the 30 seconds activation time though i'm not sure if people would really use it instead of another summoner cause it doesn't really provide a lot of noncounterable utility nor combatstats. (You can just red trinket + clear the ward and you made the enemy waste a 210 CD summoner) Oh and one thing. Next time you should post this on a official forum like NA or so and not on the PBE cause too few people see this here to get any movement).
Thank you a lot for your comment. I tried to post this on an official forum but people blamed me because they only say "OMG, this is op, this is broken" and was not fun for me read all the useless comments. I posted it here to see some nice and complete comment like yours. Again, Thanks a lot for your support and your time.
: I personally feel like your ideas are great, but provide for too much difference if you take one summoner spell over another. This will make games between people of similar skill less about who's actually better skilled at the champs, who has better teamwork, etc, but who happens to counter the other team with their summoner spells. If a team takes ignite on 3 of the 5 members, but the opposing team all have heal, then they can just remove ignite anytime it happens. There's similar countering interactions between others. Furthermore, this almost leaves the original spells (heal, barrier, flash) in the dust in favor of some of the new ones (fake, scouted zone, etc). Just as the problem now where most champions "need" flash, and the top lane "needs" teleport, the support "needs" exhaust, etc. The jungler will "need" fake, the support will "need" scouted zone, a marksman top or adc will "need" aim, etc. I feel like the problem of "necessary" spells for certain lanes will just be exacerbated by this list. Some of the ideas I feel could be reworked into champions or items, though. They're all good ideas. I just think some of it's a bit extreme (99% slow after you already had vision of them killing your fake camp? Gives you a lot of time to get there to kill them and almost no counterplay unless they took flash/TP)
Thanks a lot man for your comment i really appreciate your tought. I know that some ideas are extreme and I think that the best way to test this kind of stuff is test it into the pbe and thas why i wrote that here (i also tried to post this into the normal forum but the league of kids only knows how to blame). I hope riot will consider my ideas at least (as you said) for items and this kinds of stuffs. Thanks again.
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: Notice that the feedback in this case is referring to the features riot has added(new) to the client. It's not a suggestion forums, but a feedback forum for feature currently being tested.
Is not the first time that i suggest something new here. For example i suggetsed some potencial Miss Fortune changes and they did something i said (ofc making it better it). Maybe they listen to us here too. I apologize to riot games if I proposed my idea here and was not the case.
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: > I believe that's just the placeholder splash for her winter skin. ^ Ding-ding-ding! Jackpot!! =DD It is indeed the placeholder splash for Winter Wonder Orianna, so make everything a bit clearer. Don't ask me why some other champions don't have it like this; maybe it's an experiment. Who knows? :x
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: It was always like that. You just didn't see it because normal loading screen is black. Champion splash arts are square and top overlay of border is round, that's the problem which exists for ages.
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: Master Yi Alpha Strike into Baron results in weird Knock-up
: [SUGGESTION] A new command
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
After the first time i used smite to pick the bonus on a monster, that monster never give me the buff the second (or more) times. Fix it pls.
: Patching Screen - New Cho'Gath splash art is off center
: [NEW SR] Collision Detection Glitch
New maokay skin!!!!!!!!! Joking XD. I hope they solve this soon.
: Wait, you want something that you can only see you, buyable? Spending money on something that I can easily install? wuut. **Nope**.
Riot can make it better that the other things you can istall. And (as you can see) a lot of people like the idea :D
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: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
As a main support I want speack about the rework of Soraka (as you asked). **Salvation:** I think that the movement speed is very good on champions (In particular on a champion with no mobility like Soraka) but fell useless, and now I show you why: **1# Early game**: You will never use this passive because your adc is always near you, and if you need to heal him, you are ALWAYS in range; **2# Mid game**: Is good for romaming, but considering that soraka has no hard cc (except the second part of her E) fell useless. And if you want go from bot to mid to heal an ally, you are too slow! Think about a LeBlanc Vs Ziggs: LeBlanc want burst down Ziggs, and Ziggs ask help to Soraka from the botlane. The options are 2: * Use your ultimate * Try to reach him In the first scenario you will probably save him. In the second probably not. So do you need this movement speed? Probably not! Because her ultimate has a global range! **3# Late Game**: Late game means teamfight, so this huge buff to the movement speed is COMPLETELY USELESS, cause your are near your ally, always, or you will probably lose the fight (ofc). I disagreee with the second part of the passive too. Cause with the new W cost, if soraka buy tank items she will pay **A LOT** of hp to restore the hp of an ally and on top of this she also has mr and armor reduced because of her passive. In this way Soraka is so frail and she will probably die immediatly. I propose to change this part of passive or make that like a galio one. Starcall: This skillshot is Under Power because: 1. Has low damage 2. Has a slow projectile 3. Has an hight mana cost 4. Is very easy to dodge. So yes, now have a cc , but is very hard hit the enemy with the center of starcall! So i propose: 1. Increase the Ap scaling or add a new scale (for example: the damage increase by 10 x Level or things like that) 2. Increase A LOT the projectile speed Astral infusion: O good now I can spam my heal but I kill my self. Riot pls, the 10% of the Soraka max health is crazy. In laning phase the enemy botlane kill you immediatly because your health regen is not hight enaught! And on top of this this skill has a mana cost. 1. Good in laning phase, but the enemy team istankill you 2. Good in teamfights, but you will kill yourself (or the enemy team will do in 2 seconds) And on top of this, I can use this ability only 9 times (if I'm full hp). I propose: 1.Reduce the Hp% cost from 10% to 5% and increase the cooldown. 2. Increase the health restored when you hit an enemy champion with starcall. Equinox: Nothing to say. Is a really nice skill, Good Job. Wish: I think this is one of the strongest ulti in the game , so is good :D CONCLUSION: Soraka is weak right now (or not viable in competitive scenes except for the E and the R) and considering the new kit, she can't go mid or top or jungl, but only support, so you can increase some base stats like Hp, mana and Hp regen. I also suggest to rework her passive. Thaks to read the comment.
: Mejais soulstealer: I feel that this would be the DFG of the precursor, thought it is considered a snowball item, the effect when rushed can create a huge impact of the game. upon 30 stacks you get 15% CDR, which is pretty much like the old one, but you get 110 ap with the new passive applied (down from 180), and beside every champion kill, it's every unit kill. So 30 cs on the champion with mejai's will consider the item fully stacked. Sword of the occult: I actually do not have that problem, though you need 10 AA's and perserve to keep attacking the enemy, the item alone (at level 18) will have 115 ad and 23% bonus movement speed. That is HUGE on champions like Master Yi and Yasuo, and probably Skarner if he decides to build it. This will be considered a forgotten item. Executioner's calling and new item: this is a pretty good idea, for Marksmen/ADCs. The way with the League of tanks are very strong, but by rushing the item will make some of them mediocre and can bring large help (due to Shyvana considerably being overpowered and dominating games by then, and who can not forget Udyr). Very strong, but it is considered usable in such terms. Ohmwrecker and new item: so the active will have a 60 second coolldown, making dives pretty much easier from time to time. This is pretty good on Tank-ish supports that scale with AP too, such as Leona, or Lulu. I gotta say the effects alone give quite a reason to buy the item and dominate the enemy team. Divine Sword: Maybe it is considered time worthy, putting in the worth for slow-reactive ADCs. That's about all. Atma's Impaler: Good bruiser item, I would say, in terms of Garen building it, or something like Vi, this will be considered a rushed item for such bruisers who do want to take the advantage of kills. For something like Darius, I would not consider the item immediately, since he relies on his spells rather than his autoattacks. The passive alone, if not revoked against any effect, can bring up to 50% crit chance if the enemy is down to 0% health. Banner of the Command: I find this strange. So basically it has 2 actives, and the first active has a 90 second cooldown, with the makes of easier siege mechanics. The second spawns 3 siege minions in each lane (given that each lane has the potential to push the game) so basically this item is a little underwhelming, but tends to pressure the enemy team in a way. However I would not see the huge effect by then. Guinsoo's Rageblade: OP on Kayle, and possibly the old Sion. the effects grant a bonus (if fully stacked) 48% AS, 48 AP and 24 AD, making 68 AP and 39 AD, stats alone. Pretty good solid item if you want the bursts of AS to come and bring enemy champions down. The effect gives 15% LS and 20% Spell vamp, making it very reasonable that the old item is pretty underwhelming in its time. I think the item will bring much considerable gameplay into the game. But we'll see the effects... Resistance items: Less health, more resistances. So We just need more Magic resist, but more armor? But then again, it is reasonably less health considering the resistance put behind it. I think the more resistances are pretty much overwhelming, put Leona first in line, or Trundle squashing the enemy resistances with his ultimate so he can become stronger. Jungle tanks could find these items pretty reasonable for their price, except that there is much shredding for assassins earlier, will now have to shred even more by building Liandry's or something. But then again, these items are mostly considered for tanks. Warmog's: So the passive can get you bonus health over time, just like Rod of ages, with the maximum of 800 health. Tanks like Dr. Mundo or Zac would tend to rush the item so later they can become strong unkillable tanks (along with resistance items mentioned above). I'm okay with this change, and I don't know if they will make or break gameplay alone. All in all: These changes are considerably for the better. Some need a little rework, but then again I feel it's worth the release in some time.
Like I said i'm not a game desiner and I know that I do mistake. I'm working on new ideas cause I really like share my opinion and my ideas with riot, like when i wrote a possible buff to miss fortune and riot did. Thanks for your comment :D
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: What's up with the Nidalee stuff on PBE?
In my opinion Nidalee is nice after the change in 4.10 She really doesn't need any buffs or nerfs Can I ask you the meaning of this future change?
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I have fear. In my opinion this rework is like the kassadin one. First impression of when she will be released : "Omg riot, you destroy nida, pls omg omg omg" (like kassa) but after a few weeks people noticed that the new kassadin is still incredibly strong. For me will be the same for nida. She is still very very strong and the buff on her jump and her ulti will make her stronger. It's true, the damage of the is lowered and this is a good nerf to her kit, but, in my opinion is not enought. When I was playing a few days ago,all Nidalee i sow was really strong and more mobile than now. I'm a bit confused!
: Honestly, thats a good reaction. :) Yasuo got the same reaction when he first came to league. Honestly, though, I don't see anything OP about this kit. He has to have CE to heal, which doesn't grow that fast (2 per hit with Q or AA) And everytime he uses his resource, he gives up attack speed and damage. Because he has the heal, there is no more shield. Since he is getting passive armor and magic resist from W instead of a shield, he gets to use his whole run buff each time, but I also stopped his magic resist growth. I tried to make sure there were trade offs everywhere I could without ruining it. Even with his ult, leveling it increases his max crystal energy. Yes, now if he maxes it, he can pull off more empowered abilties, but at the same time it takes him longer to get there. That means his passive damage and speed grows more slowly. This is a double edged sword, though, because it also doesn't decrease as fast either. I kept the base damage on his Q low, though I did add total AD scaling instead of bonus AD. Its hard to say whether or not that it is too much. Only testing would confirm for sure. Anyway, thanks for the comment! :)
Np man, to be honest I think tath we need to try the changes to say ;"this champ is op". the problem is that (90% of times) we can't ;C
: This is what a mana-less Skarner would look like:
: a couple quick fixes I would like to see riot put on the PBE would be - A shield that gives ~75% ad plus the current base values - Have a ~105% Bonus AD scale on his Q - Reduce his Q cost to ~25 My Reasoning__________________ Urgot is an ad champion there is no real reason to have his shield stack off ap Having 85% of his total AD is good for the early game but causes the damage of his Q to fall off later 40 Mana is Very expensive for a spammable ability especially early on maybe have it go 20/25/30/35/40
Another problem is the basic attack's range. It is only 425; this is tooooo low for an ADc! If I'm laning against urgot and I play as Cait (Jinx,Lucian,Sivir,Draven and all the top tier) I just can't harras them like they harras me! I know his q has 1000 range but it doesn't pass trought the minion!
: **Q: Cryptic Gaze ** I like that you're trying to make cryptic gaze deeper than the current click-to-stun fun. I'm also uncertain, but am going to assume the projectile is instant, or at least faster than its current form, as the 10 minute window one would have in order to turn away feels too broad to consider it fair counterplay. Reguardless, cryptic gaze, though boring in its current state, is a reliable cc. Changing it to slow or stun based on facing makes it unreliable; it adds a new risk, which can be interesting , but not without the introducing a greater reward. Alternatively, you could try to make both scenerios (facing toward and facing away from cryptic gaze) both desirable dependent on the situation. For example, maybe in addition to the slow, Sion moves 35% faster and can move through units for 1.5 (or however long) seconds. Suddenly, you have a stun for duels and escape, or a gap closer for fleeing foes. It's still a little risky as champ facing can be erratic and unpredictable, but the versatility makes it more interesting and (ideally) more useful. **W: Death's Caress** An AD ratio on Sion's shield amount would cleverly illustrate and perpetuate the difference in Death Caress' purpose between the AP and AD playstyles. (That being a damage tool for AP Sion and a damage mitigation tool for AD Sion). I really like that idea. My one concern is that later on in the game an AP Sion may have trouble sustaining his shield long enough to to position himself for a detonation, as it can withstand only 300 base damage. Perhaps the shield amount could too scale with AP, or health/something common to both builds. **E: Enrage [Rework]** Although I feel your enrage rework is interesting, I personally enjoy stacking permanent stats (health in Sion's case) throughout the early and mid game and feeling so powerful as I check my phat (enrage) stacks come late game. Much like Nasus' siphoning strike, and the passive on veiger's baleful strike, enrage makes me feel awesome as I work to stack my health higher and higher, unrestricted by gold or inventory space. Ending lives and increasing ones own life as a result feels Sionesque. I also might suggest that the strength of the shield granted by death's caress might in some way scale in relation to units killed with enrage, as both AP and AD benifit similarly. Maybe more interesting than separate ap and ad ratios as I suggested earlier. A side note: the passive health bonus still gives Sion the added beef that's to be expected from one who, in life, was likened to a human battering ram! **R: Cannibalism [Rework]** Basing the restore on max heath makes Cannibalism much more appealing to AP scion than the previous iteration. I like the Vamp aura too, though I think the percent spellvamp should be higher, as its only a 20 second duration and spellcasts tend to restore a fair deal less health than what the majority of lifesteal users could in that time. Everyone should feel similarly bloodthirsty when sion pops this prior to engage! This is an all around awesome idea for a reworked ultimate. My final comment on Cannabalism is that the aura radius should be very visible to the team. **Closing:** Thanks for the cool ideas spyke, as well keeping Sion in the spotlight! I hope my input is at all helpful. I love that riot works to keep the more venerable members of the league relevant amidst rapid change. I'm eager to see what lies in store for Sion!
Thank you Valith for your comment!
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: Then how often you see a {{champion:17}} build {{item:3100}}?
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