: My thoughts on Evelynn's rework broken down
For any rioter who may stumble across this thread. please here us out. I'm a long term mod over on Eve mains discord with 700k + mastery and a lot of love for the champion. Over the past week a lot of talk has went on between hundreds of members of the community. This is the most well spoken and summative post we have yet to see which encompasses near all of our concerns and problems we have felt out in the kit. Please take this one seriously.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
I don't understand the reasoning behind damage revealing stealth when all other camo champions work differently. Originally this was the case and getting hit would reveal eve. then about a year ago they made the camo update which was a huge quality of life update for those who played eve along with other camo champions. while although being revealed briefly also let us stay in our crucial camo when carefully trying to navigate a fight. now some of us have put hundreds of games into this new mechanic, and then it is just scrapped for a clunky terrible outdated stealth system. On top of other problems arising in eves kit at more play testing is done (which will hopefully be addressed as many others have summed them up in their own posts) this one is just backwards and has no reason to re-arise. your carful positioning can be thwarted by anything from a shroom, a otherwise stray skillshot, or a ludens proc off a camp.


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