: https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/591fd22b2a03cca6e190f7ef38022221-png.jpg Get rid of this stupid shield on Kai'sa, it's just giving her the power to 1 vs 1 champions she shouldn't be able to. I Played a game as fiora the enemy had a kaisa and she straight 1 vs 1'd me late game which shouldn't be possible. Nothing to do with Kaisa's damage, just there is no way for fiora or any bruiser/assassin to output Kai'sa health bar & a 1.5k shield worth of damage in the span of the 3 seconds it takes her to kill me. Late game she has like 2k health and a 1.5k shield, so 3.5k total health lol. It's literally impossible to beat her 1 vs 1
I mean, the way I see it, the rest of her kit is lack luster enough that she has the power budget in her kit for the shield. Whether the numbers for it are overtuned, i do not know, but I do believe that her shield is acceptable
: It wasn't that I was inting, but that I was playing champs in the wrong roles (like Vi as support so I could test out the skin)
You know, i think playing champs in off roles/builds is fine, but you still have to be trying to win. So many times, ive seen people pick something like vayne supp, get dumpstered, and then quit/int
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: Can't own champions but still lose RP when I buy them
Yeah, i got the same thing when i used both blue essence and rp to try to buy graves. It takes the total amount away, but doesn't unlock the champ
: The blind pick is always full of problems, because the chance of people "fight" over a specific lane its bigger. What Riot should do its a semi draft mode, were people can still choose the lane before the champion select menu, like in draft, but being unable to ban champions, like in blind pick. It's just an idea but it would solve a lot of problems; i already have encounter many leavers in PBE just because they didn't want to play another role.
I don't know why you are being downvoted. This is the best compromise I've seen that doesn't split up the players into multiple queues
: ---We've heard what you've been saying. We're in talks about what we can do here. See SapMagic's post above.---
Just gonna say, I personally agree with you. While draft is nice, often times, people either ban what needs to be tested, or just play the skins they want to play without any regard to testing.
: Yasuo invisible Attack Speed boost
On the yasuo main subreddit, we've been talking about it. As far as we can tell, it's a ninja buff for yasuo, since he get's next to no other buffs except like 5 ad (and some other stat changes that I cannot remember). Personally I'm happy about it, but im worried whether or not it was a ninja buff or a mistake in coding {{sticker:sg-lulu}}


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