: Maybe, but need some RIOTers to be serius. However the yellow trinket would give free early vision for assassins without the need to sacrifise any resorces dedicated for damage items.
Need some RIOTers, yes. x) Hope they'll see that post one day. That's another difficult decision.
: there should be (players)+1 spawn poins on every team (maybe more teams?) giving the enemy points when you AFK is stupid, I will let the wards trought, but with no pinks, and only 1 ward per player.
: I like the idea of this but without objectives I think it would be slightly stale. You mention jungle camps but I don't see why you would attempt them. I think this sound like an awesome idea if we borrowed ideas from Titanfall's Attrition. First to 600 points wins. -Kill is worth 10 points -Old Guardian is worth 75 points. -Buff monsters are worth 10 points -Small camp monsters are worth 1-2 points. Of course we could add other objectives similar to Altars or Dominion towers but that may be pushing it.
That could be a good idea. That change everything, make the control of the map more important. If you're behind in kills, you're camping the creeps, making a counter strategy. I like it, I'll add it into the list.
: News Box error loading?
Happen to me and a friend too, news and featured videos blank. :)
: In my opinion, you can still make the fountain, but if you stay in the fountain for longer than 1 minute, you'll instantly be killed and the enemy team will score.
If someone get disconnected, afking a bit, enduring lags, get camped by the all ennemy team or buying stuff, he'll get killed by his own foutain again and again. (There's a short time of respawn) Maybe with a longest time it could work, but I'm not sure.
: Yeah I think the spawn will need something like 4 exits to avoid camping in front of the enemy spawn and enable them to go out of their base
Basically, an ennemy champion could walk on the spawn without taking damage, for dodging the camping of the team who own this spawn. So 4 exits can't do anything more to solve this problem :/
: Too bad bcs morello said that there will be no new maps.Ever.He is against new maps.That is why Magma Chamber was never released.But idea is great.I love it.
: The reason I love this idea is because it can be subject to so much change and still keep the basic idea. The map can be in whatever shape you want (hell, you can have different maps for the same gamemode). You can have any number of team mates. You can also have different amounts of teams, whos to say you cant do a 3 team free-for-all? You could even toy around with game rules (I.e. only specific items can be used, or no ults this game, etc.)
That's why I created something not with too many details, I'm just proposing an idea with some examples, then Riot can do anything with. And I hope they will. :)
: An idea on the spawning problem with spawnkilling and stuff. At the pre-game lobby, have both teams pick their spawn points, have the spawnpoints be the jungles on each side of the base, obviously spawning at their respective teams side. Have them spawn on the Jungle monsters but make them unable to be aggro'd for 30 seconds after the game starts. Make everyone unable to move for a min and a half, this will be the "setup" phase. Then when everyone starts, the game progresses like normal. As for when anyone dies, have the spawnpoints randomly on the map (As the map already seems pretty big anyway with the amount of camps) but when they respawn, have them be invulnerable for a certain amount of time, such as in an FPS game. Doing this will give them time to run or bait them into another. Also could give them a speedbuff possibly. Certain champ problems: these are champs like Yi or Kassadin, good hunters / chasers that are hard to get away from. Just ban them! you know how they banned Karthus in All for one, the game mode. Do that with this which will limit the broken picks. Lemme know what you think guys? :D
I'll add your idea on the list :) I think that's a good idea, but I think it'll make harder the creation on this map and gamemode. Let's do things easiest. But I agree with the bans, but I see them more into a kind of Draft, maybe. Karthus was banned in All for one because of his ultimate x 5 who became totally broken, we can't decide to permaban a "good" champion, unless they're broken (then they need a general nerf, not only in this mode). Thank you for your contribution ;)
: i hope riot takes this serious and read it, it sounds fun
: One potential problem I see is what if you have a high burster (like leblanc) who camps the enemy spawn point? The player just waits for his team to get a kill, waits 2 seconds, when you spawn, he jumps on you kills you, then waits again. It could be quite annoying to spawn and instantly die again. I'm not the best at explaining my ideas, so hopefully this makes sense. I guess my point is that there could be spawn camping without a fountain, but if you put a fountain in, all you have to do is get in the lead with more kills then just wait by your fountain and you win. Maybe what you could do instead is have multiple spawning points. That way, you can't be spawn killed/camped and you can't sit inside of a base with a fountain turret. I do like the idea though.
The spawn was my biggest problem. :) The idea of multiples spawn points is good, I like it. Something like 5 per team, and you respawn into the one who is the further from an ennemy. I'll add it into the list. Thanks.
: "At the end of the timer, if there's an equality in deathscore, an extra time of 5:00 is added, with a high buff of damage for each characters (Like +30 % AD and AP), and the first kill gives the win. If there's again equality, loss prevented or par." Maybe an ace could give the win no ? (With no respawn in death)
I'll add it in the list, good idea. But if there's one survivor in a team and he run away, hiding, what happens at the end of the timer ? Equality, win for the highest deathscore ?
: Waw.. Good work guy :) Hope riot'll take your idea in consideration.
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