: League of Legends Client -> Collection -> Champions -> Ornn -> Unlock.
It wasn't letting me do that either
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: As for gameplay, I can only base what I see off of what TheOddOne is currently playing on his stream and I've noticed a few issues. * Rek'sai is too easily cc'd when she tunnels, and can get pushed away pretty easil. Maybe add a small amount of tenacity when she's burrowed * Although she does have a ton of mobility, it does not make up for the fact she basically has no CC besides her knockup which is hard to do as it is. I would suggest giving her a little more speed while burrowed/give her burrowed Q a slow like Rumble's E * She doesn't do a lot of damage. I can't really see her dueling anyone late game. ~~TheOddOne was also building tanky, so I don't know if that's really a fair thing to say. I'll update this when I get the chance to build her with damage.~~ Nope. Even with offensive items, she can't duel whatsoever. I love her visual design, even if I think her VO is terrible. She almost takes no damage in the jungle, however, and I'm not sure how much better this will make her over other junglers showing up in this season.
I don't know what you're talking about "she can't duel whatsoever." I've played in both pvp and bots ( mostly bots ) but in both her dueling potential was scary. She has good damage output, and most people don't utilize her W for a 1v1 duel. Using W heals by diving and knocks up when emerging. Her E can be used to evade enemies by diving behind them. Almost her entire kit can be used in a 1v1 situation.
: When theres a Ren on each team the enemys tunnels should be red and yours blue. I dont know if they are blue/purple but i cant tell the difference with colorblind mode on (im colorblind)
: My only concern was that his bite is really strong, i messed around in a custom game and just with full cdr and around 340 ad his bite did 1k true dmg every 10 secs, i think that the bite should consume the fury, i can only imagine the amount of true dmg it will deal ith full ad build, like 6 bts or something, either should consume the fury or have a longer cd
: It could be fun if you could use enemy kes'sai's tunnels, like draven's axes ^^ (also for the ult), you just had to have a tunnel discovered by you or your team.
: Her W: Burrow/Unburrow ability need to have a ON-TARGET COOL-DOWN indicator, like Yasuo E
: Her burrowed q needs a slow or something, right now it just feels useless. The tremors vision mechanic is cool, but it's incredibly hard to initate fights or even see where you're going as the vision range is so small and you can't distinguish between champions and monsters/minions. In the river with the crab, it's very hard. I feel like whilst burrowed she should gain some resistances, if you can't see the enemy but they can see you she needs to have some defence when blindly running at them. The ult cooldown is just too long and feels useless half the time. Maybe give her next autos a slow after using it? Other than that i love playing rek'sai! It feels awesome tunneling around and I always hear the jaws theme in my head. So much fun! I've found it best to go devourer due to low ad scaling on abilities, botrk and then full tank.
As a note to you saying you can't distinguish the tremors between minions and monsters, champions tremors are larger whilst minions and monsters are smaller tremors.
: I played her vs bots,to test her kit,and found it a bit empty on umburrow mode.: If you want or need an 1vs1 you can only AA, Q and E, since AA and Q are almost the same, you only tipe of secondary attack is E,which probably lead to the enemy easily escaping for you cause for example{{champion:17}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:67}} could easily negate your AA or have some kind of escape tool,then you end a bit useless cause you cant follow up as some "shapeshifter" or position changers as {{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:77}} or{{champion:150}} can in more safe and reliable ways. Then we end on the "shift combo style" to secure a duel as for example elise human EWQ-R-QWE or nidalee human WQ - R - WQE. but the problem here is that rek is MELEE not like all the others which have both stances, Her ultimate, W, and passive are not really important as her Q/E are. anyways,I want to suggest a few things to find rek sai more reliable. *Fury of the Xer'Said (Passive)* Dealing damage while un-burrowed generates Fury. Burrowing consumes Fury over 5 seconds to restore up to X (25-?) health. During this time, Rek'Sai's next attack that generates Fury will grant an additional 15 bonus fury. **Since one of her biggest problem is the follow up on champs or fights, and the reduction of vision range,I find the most useful tool to help her its the {{champion:107}} PASSIVE LEAP. Its true you can chase with E and have an slow with Q but this is only to help to reposition correctly,of course wont be exactly as rengar leap,would be shorter and only would be trigger on enemies marked with Prey Seeker (Q) or the same mechanic as rengar leap AA when rek sai become Un-Burrowed: for the first 3 seconds Also the fury mechanic does not offer something really interesting,the healing is low and having max fury is not too much rewarding, needs more "utility or appeal" to look interesting ** *Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker (Q) *- No Cost Cooldown: 4 all ranks Burrowed Cooldown:11/10/9/8/7 Un-Burrowed: Rek'Sai's next 3 basic attacks within 5 seconds deal 15/35/55/75/95 (+.4 Bonus AD) bonus Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Burrowed: Rek'Sai launches a burst of void-charged earth that explodes on first unit hit dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+.5 AP) Magic Damage and revealing enemies hit for 2 seconds. ** The major problem here is you need to be unburrowed to throw your missile. this skillshot should snare the targets or at least hit all the enemies which touch or something cause one is throwing it with so low vision range that you cant say is they are there minions or champs... ** *Burrow / Unborrow (W) *- No Cost Cooldown: 4 seconds at all ranks Un-Burrowed: Burrow into the ground. Burrowed: Un-burrow, dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+.5 Bonus AD) Physical Damage and knocking up nearby enemies for up to 1 second based on their proximity to Rek'Sai. A unit cannot be hit by Un-burrow more than once every 10 seconds. Burrowed Effects: New abilities, +15 Movement Speed, reduces vision range, disabled basic attacks, and gains Tremor Sense: Nearby enemies that move in the Fog of War have their position revealed to Rek'Sai and her allies. **There probably needs some more tools,for example being burrowed should give MR/ARMOR...you ARE PROTECTED below earth... Here I think the un-burrow should be (like a diving of a whale),kinda a collision minidash which knocks up nearby enemies for up to 1 second,this would help more than just jumping guessing the ranges... ** *Furious Bite / Tunnel (E)* No Cost Cooldown: 12 Borrowed Cooldown: 20/19.5/19/18.5/18 Un-Burrowed: Rek'Sai bites a target dealing (80/90/100/110/120% AD) Physical Damage, increasing by up to 100% at maximum Fury. If Rek'Sai has 100 Fury, Furious Bite deals True Damage. Max Damage: X Burrowed: Rek'Sai tunnels forward leaving two connected Tunnel Entrances. Clicking a Tunnel Entrance will make Rek'Sai dive to the other entrance. Tunnel Entrances last for 10 minutes and can be destreoyed by enemies. Rek'Sai may have 8 tunnels at one time **Ok...Furious Bite probably should have more utility/CC rather than true damage I think speed buff/slow would be kinda more useful,cause the bite range is poor. The tunnel part its perfect ** *Void Rush (R)* No Cost Cooldown: 180/150/120 Passive: Grants 20/40/60% Attack Speed. Active: After channeling for 1.5 seconds, Rek'Sai travels to target Tunnel Entrance. Taking damage from a champion or tower will interrupt the channel. **The problem here is that void rush has only one active... so needs another one. Burrowed (R):Rek Sai Became stealth and gain movement speed towards tunnels, or Rek sai creates a big AoE, Slowing enemies and gaining movement speed ** I know those are Exagerated Ideas but they are just simple suggestions to explain possible problems of Rek Sai,cause that she hasnt any identity on the game and META, she must be tweaked to prevent end up being like another skarner{{champion:72}}
Her W can also be used in a 1v1 fight by knocking up and dealing dmg, plus it can also heal you if your fury is built up. You should try it out.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Elise!
Riot you listened to the people complaining about the skin being pink and made it red, can you now hear us out? I saw the new skin and thought it was amazing. I didn't get Victorious Elise since I'm not very good at ranked, but I do Death Blossom. I got the skin once I got home and used it. It was amazing. Then when I read it got changed to red, I entered a custom game, and was very disappointed. This skin has been ruined by the color change. I hope that you read this and change the color back to pink.
: I really think Q is just OP. Too OP. The unburrowed damage you deal with these 3 attacks, and its low cooldown, make this too superior specially in early game. Gotta be nerfed!
At least shes more balanced than Kalista.
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: Cannot Play New Summoners Rift in a Custom Game
Is the patch launching soon? Because I dont understand why you would take it off if the patch isn't out soon. But thanks for letting me know why the new Rift was disabled.
: Cannot Play New Summoners Rift in a Custom Game
When will the new patch be launching? Just so I know when the new map will be back, because honestly it is really fun.
: Cannot Play New Summoners Rift in a Custom Game
Oh..Well, why would they take it off, this is disappointing.
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: PBE server down
Yah I wish Riot could give us scheduled timings on when these happen, and also tell us on the forums when its down for maintenance.
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: New SR Tower Hits
I have had this exact problem! I am guessing there is no texture yet for the impact.
: [Bug][Game] Cannon Minions cannot attack.
Are you talking about the New summoners rift red canon minions? Because I have also noticed this.


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