: Why not remove the cold steel passive; and increase the time for grievous wounds, or increase the damage reflection?
Thats the idea yeah. I don't very much enjoy thornmail competing with Randuin's for attackspeed reduction, seeing as they seem to be completely contradictory if thornmail is meant to provide more than just survivability.
: the damage is so bad now and grevios wounds is not enough OLD THORNMAIL Enemy adc auto attack 800 My bonus armor 169 (thornmail,sunfire,runes) Damage returned = 800*15%+169*25% = 162.25 Damage taken (assuming enemy has Lord Dominik's Regards and gets all 20% bonus damage from HP difference) = 320 Enemu Heals for (the bloodthirster) = 64 Enemy takes 98.25 damage NEW THORNMAIL Enemy adc auto attack 800 My bonus armor 144 (thornmail,sunfire,runes) Damage returned = 25+144x10% = 39.4 Damage taken (assuming enemy has Lord Dominik's Regards and gets all 20% bonus damage from HP difference) = 338.5 Enemu Heals for (the bloodthirster) = 67.7x0.6 = 40.6 Enemy takes no damage
Right, but I can even understand the lack of damage, even though as a Rammus player it kinda hurts, but the item wanting to be hit and reducing the ability to be hit at the same time makes no sense.
: your post doesn't make any sense "don't hit me or I'll lower your dps"--- good advice. "hit me so i can lower your healing"--- who the hell would fall for such terrible advice? its more like "don't hit me or i'll lower your healing" its not like the grievous wounds on thornmail makes hitting the tank a more attractive option.
I worded it badly, what I'm saying is that people with thornmail WANT to be hit. That is the point of the item. Cold Steel reduces the frequency at which that happens.
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: 5 auto attacks per second, don't you think that's a bit too much considering it will apply IE crits?
Don't forget that his AD is reduced by a certain % during it, so crit will be less effective. I think the idea is to make Kog'maw a more on-hit focused AD.
: Vel'Koz changes on PBE
I love Vel'Koz as a champion, and in concept. He is one of my favorite mid picks, and rarely play him as a support. And I have to say, I don't like these changes. Its a giant hit to his early game, in favor for a theoretically stronger late game, which he really wasn't struggling with anyway. It creates a weakness where none is needed, and buffs him in a place, where again it wasn't needed. It just seems like a needless change. The biggest problem I have is that in order to make use of Vel'Koz's basic abilities, you would build penetration, due to their low ratios. Now that his ultimate is suddenly a high-ratio low-base damage, relative to current Vel'Koz, Vel'Koz can no longer itemize optimally for both his ultimate and his basic abilities. This creates an unnecessary choice between dealing significant damage with abilities at the cost of ultimate damage, or dealing significant ultimate damage at the cost of abilities. This is an AP build in which CDR is also heavily prioritized in order to get as much out of Vel'Koz's passive as possible.
: Riot? The time where Spirit Quard Udyr came you saw "Ao Shin" where did he went?.. He could be awesome to have in league of legends! :)
Ao Shin was delayed due to design complications. I heard they delay was until early 2015, but I don't really know. One way or another, post this in a more relevant place next time please :P
: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
I don't really agree with the Warden's Mail change. Making it build from a Chain Vest significantly increases the entry barrier for the item significantly. Two cloth armors is a significantly more accessible option. Getting a Randuin's as a first armor item now seems significantly less feasible. I suppose you can make the argument that the Glacial Shroud now takes its place in that regard, but the armor difference is too significant and the final items too niche(at least right now). Randuin's is the most well-rounded armor item and is sought after by most tanks/offtanks. This affects top laners less and makes the item harder to obtain in the jungle, where small components are king. My first impressions tell me this change will push Randuin's even farther into the team fight phase. It IS where the item excelled in the first place, but I am not sure I like the idea of making it harder to obtain early.
: [2 Minor Bugs& 1 Major Bug] Wriggle Lantern/Feral Flame tooltip bugs
Yeah. There are a lot of little things like this that I think should be fixed, but on the subject of the new Wriggles, this should probably be fixed. More info is better and the more provided, the better choices players can make.
: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
So, I absolutely love the idea, the interface, the execution. It is all amazing. Hover my biggest concern, and the most evident issue with the system on the PBE is the sometimes staggeringly long sessions people have to wait before you can actually play. I realize that the PBE is a much smaller environment than the live servers, I think there is a way to improve the system: allow a second, third, or other number choice. If a player is dead set on playing champion X in role A, he can enter queue with that as his only option, however you can allow players to set a second or so option when preparing to go into queue. As in, I want champion X in role A, but if that is too hard to find, I will go champion X/Y in role B. When you find a match for the player to join, just make the pop-up say which champion of their choices was picked to enter a team. Aside from that, Team Builder is making absolutely stellar progress. Keep up the amazing work!

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