: Reworked Infinity Edge is Overpowered/Broken on Tryn & Yas
you,re right, a yasuo with the infinity edge and conqueror gonna have 40% true dmg on his autos and after his ult the remaining 60% get 50% pen and if you buy lord dominik too its actually 85% total armor pen (cuz the yasuo ult stack with other kind of armor pen things). for example: you have 300AD and your target has 50% reduction to AD dmg from armor. "only" the infinity and conqueror combo means 240 true dmg and the other 360 get 85% armor pen. it means 306 dmg. so a target who should get 300 dmg originally by a crit with 300AD gonna get 546dmg from the 600 and thats actually ridiculous. the idea is good but the true dmg is a dangerous thing for just give to any champ who want to and riot is playing a little too much with the fire in the last few patches. by the way sorry for my english, im pretty bad in this language


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