: Annoying delay when click on map
When I click on the MINI MAP*
: You join the game when ping how much. If it is over 200 then it will be delayed {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
No man. I speak about EUwest server, 58 ping and 120 fps :'(
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: Katarina has had no changes in the 8.11 patch, so feedback/suggestions regarding her should be placed on live boards/reddit.
Thank you man! Can you write the link here, please? I don't find it
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: ahri feedback, I loved passive movespeed but have some advices
Hi guys. Ahri needs MS q passive. it is her gameplay. I chosed Ahri for her gameplay, that is more important than damage ( for me). Whit ms q passive can do hit and run ( or miss and run). Now is only hit and run but it is sooo useless. Riot do you want remove ms q passive? So, dont kidding us and remove this new useless passive and add a usefull passive. Ty! :@
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: There's an option in the voice settings that allows you to not automatically join voice chat when you enter a lobby.
Thanks so much. I will tell it to my friends
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: Hi I'm also an ahri main and I think your wrong about her q and passive, Ahri has been insanely bad in the early stages of the game for a long time, the new passive, and the new Q passive are EXTREMELY HELPFUL to her surviving the laning phase. The new passive rewards Ahri for landing her abilities instead of leaving her feeling useless after or for helping with early jungle skirmishes and trading, since after that the next 5 minutes of your time is spent being shoved in trying to last hit with no mana while slowly getting it back with dorans ring (because you have 0 mana after 2 full rotations at lvl 4.). As for the Q I love how they transferred the old passive to q and made it 2 casts instead of 9 stacks again it helps with her extremely weak laning phase compared to other champs. Ahri only becomes strong in the mid game with her items, and now she can actually do something with a lead with her rework. I personally love what they've done with her kit and I disagree immensely with your take on it. If you think that way, what did you think about her old kit? And why do you main her? Because Ahri has felt so bad for a LONG TIME and with these little (good and healthy) changes she is back to having carry potential like she used to.
Hi, I'm not agree with you for new Q passive. Q speed passive are extremely helpful in laning phase ( specially for eventuals ganks). Without Q speed passive, probabilities to use R for escape from bad situations ( in lane and not only) were increased. R will become a defensive spell for wide part of a game.
: Ahri Q speed passive.
One more thing: without Q speed passive, probabilities to use R for escape from bad situations ( in lane and not only) were increased, furthermore, R'CD was increased...so...no sense. R will become a defensive spell for wide part of a game... she is an assassin...so... no sense
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