: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
For Nexus Blitz will you make a way for Kindred to get stacks off of enemy camps except the ones under turret?
: [ Nexus Blitz ] Insane amount of Dark Harvest stacks bug.
This is probably happening because it counts as killing the jg monsters twice for who ever isn't last hitting
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: Cannot connect to game
: Cannot connect to game
The fact this problem has been up for so long and we haven't even gotten an eta means either Riot is to fucking lazy to work on fixing it or they have no idea how to fix it. R.I.P patch 8.15 if this is still a problem by tomorrow I'm calling the end of Patch 8.15 now
: Cannot connect to game
How long has this problem still been going on???
: Cannot connect to game
How long is this going to take to be fixed I've been wanting to play Akali for literally 5 hours and it won't let me play a single game
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
I know making it so Akali can either spam her Q twice or wait for her energy to recharge and use it to heal as well is intentional but for the early levels have you tried making it so you can use it 3 times instead of just twice? I just want to know if you tried that when play testing her. The shroud takes forever to come back up and in one for all's being able to use the enemy's shroud and your alleys is really fun and makes for a constant game of looking to out play one another but in a solo lane the shroud cool down feels like it's forever and leaves you very open. Was the cool down for the shroud play tested a lot to find a perfect balance of the cool down and do you think you have the cool down just right and I just need to play Akali more and get better at her? Over all I really love the rework I think you did a great job with it CertainlyT.
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: Riot Admit you fucked up and just revert the URF champion pool limit.
I get limiting the Champ pool but as far as I know, you gave no sh!ts about a champion being OP in URF or not you just asked which champs have festively themed skins and added them. URF, as I know and have been told, is complete total chaos meant for those who enjoy and love destruction so I don't see why we bother limiting the champ pool at all. This is URF the definition of chaos on summoners rift so stop complaining about OP champs in URF there meant to be broken EVERY champion is meant to be broken. When a Champ shines a little brighter than the rest lets just try to make champs that a really weak against him specifically and add some REALLY cool custom stuff to them like Aurelion Sol having 5 stars instead of 3. One last thing can we pls add champs that have semi-festive skins like midnight Ahri I can live with the all random (as long as I can still complain about it XD) but at least give me a chance to play her.
: Snow AR Urf
yes pls add Ahri to AR URF I never got to play regular URF and I was fairly new to LOL when AR URF came last all I remember about AR URF is that it was more toxic and aids then anything I've experienced in LOL before. The worst part of doing AR URF last time is that I was still new to LOL and it was a horrible experience that made me want to quit. If you're gonna make me go through that H#LL again at least give me a chance to play my favorite champ Ahri.{{champion:103}}

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