: Lvl 6 and Lvl 7 mastery bug!!!
stop lying Vermins. You never got lvl 6 mastery. No pic no proof.
: Ferocity Masteries
Yup same. My eyes hurt.
: Yeah :( same problem hare and ofc it happens both at the pbe and my normal acc I have tried everything I could think of lower down the graphics which makes no sense anyway ( I have constant 400-300 fps) turned off and on vertical sync and other settings ... Reinstalled repeired moved it to my SDD from my HDD and the other way around but that crazy fps drop/freeze is there constantly... :(
are you running programs in the background?
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: This will be fixed with the next PBE deploy. Thanks for all the reports!
this is happening to many champs with a Q animation I think. Rumble and Trundle's Q animation does not show as well. I haven't tried other champs but we think it is something to do with melee champ's Q animation that would give an auto attack reset. Ex: Jax is probably one of them. Will do some testing in customs.
: Bugsplats
I don't know. I bugsplat every single game now and it happens more than once. It happens even when I'm dead and just waiting for spawn in fountain.
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: Hey Sophia, the text you're seeing on the PBE right now is SUPER WIP and not even close to what we have planned as far as readability. Expect it to change a lot over the next week. How do you feel about the new cooldowns and animations?
I like the cooldown animation and the level up +1 animation. It's very clear and grabs my attention.
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: Hey guys, We deployed a fix for this in the most recent PBE deploy! So hopefully this should be resolved. Please let us know if you are still experiencing it. :D The deploy finished around 4pm. Thanks! <3
: Thanks for the info! Hopefully we can figure out why you guys are bugsplatting :(
I would just like to update that I have stopped bugsplatting in loading screen and I also stopped alt+tabbing in game too. Hopefully the bug has been fixed. And if so, thank you!
: I only played on Summoner's Rift. I don't know if there are people queueing for ARAM now that BMB is out. I didn't bother queueing for BMB because I assumed it's the same map and would get the same result. I tried playing different game modes in custom games and I did not have a problem in customs. Edit: I have bugsplats in customs too (SR)
It happens on BMB too but I had to alt tab a lot to get it to bugsplat me.
: Are you getting it on multiple game modes?
I only played on Summoner's Rift. I don't know if there are people queueing for ARAM now that BMB is out. I didn't bother queueing for BMB because I assumed it's the same map and would get the same result. I tried playing different game modes in custom games and I did not have a problem in customs. Edit: I have bugsplats in customs too (SR)
: Thanks for the info! We look into bugsplats on PBE frequently. There's not always a correlation between operating systems, but sometimes there is :) and knowing the system specs helps.
okay thank you! This never happened to me until BMB's launch I think. It happened to my friend at first and then after the patch that fixed the game dropping crashes, I started to get bugsplat too.
: Hello! Sorry to hear about your crashes :( Are you running windows XP by any chance?
: Same, very hard to test with bug splats :^(
: yea
that's why. it takes awhile for the system to update that your name is no longer yung mulah babyy. you gotta wait for 24 hours I think.
: public chat stuck at "joining"
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: [Devourer] Multiple Wolves Visual Bug
Can confirm. That was really funny hehee. Not sure if the number of wolves would just keep building up and eventually lag the game for the players tho
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Butcher’s Bridge ARAM
The settings page in game looks weird for me. (When you click ESC to adjust your settings) The color is bright green and I don't know if that is intentional?
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: Too keep it short. Yes. Since long you have been able to get this information via 3rd party sites and other means and riot hasn't issued a complaint so i guess it's there intentional.
Was this written in the patch notes? Why did they even hide it in the first place?
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: wow best post i have ever seen you are amazing good job good post
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: [caitlyn] - Caitlyn ultimate did not deal damage
This happened in my game too. Our cait tried to ult a rumble and it didn't hit or didn't do any damage even though the spell went on cd.
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: D/C'd during a game and can't reconnect
yup i got that like an hour ago too. i was using arcade sona skin. basically the loading screen took a long time or appeared to be frozen and my teammates restarted their clients. i just waited out and then eventually we got in game. then our game crashed at 4 min. so OP you're not in game anymore. your game simply disappeared. the next game i used the same skin and champ and it didn't crash. so i don't think it's sona. however ive been having "seemingly frozen loading screen" for 3 games now. people just close their client and restart thinking their game froze.
: Riot the new map and laptop users
yup i thought the new map is supposed to be even better and run more smoothly for bad computers.
: Is smites cooldown supposed to be 60 seconds again?
yes. they changed the cd to 60 seconds. it was mentioned in the patch notes.
: > "Just played another game, HUUUGE FPS drops throughout the game. It actually isn't this patch, I had the same problem earlier today before the new patch was released." It seems like it is probably a fault in the PBE servers, and not clientside, since a majority of people in the PBE games are experiencing it.
i think it has something to do with the updated summoner's rift map, not the server.
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: Why do you have sound disabled already, if i may ask? Keep in mind that muting sounds just mutes them, the game is still loading them, only disable is disable. How much RAM do you have and how fast is your HDD? Could you upload your dxdiag via pastebin.com?
hey idk whats dxdiag. and uh my soundcard broke and my ram is like 2gb. anyway i play on laptop and it loads really slowly so i lowered everything in my video settings to have a smoother experience in game, and in the sounds settings it said that if you disable sounds it would run even better. so, since my soundcard is broken and i can't hear, i might as well disable the sound. anyway, yesterday i played another match with jayce in it and i had fps drops the entire game. after that, i told my teammates to never pick jayce again and i never have that problem now. so far; no jayce, no fps drop.
: [Jayce] - Jayce causes major FPS drop every 3-6 seconds
i've been having this as well since 2 days ago. i have sound disabled already. and every time this happens, one or more members on my team experience the same fps drop at the same time.


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