: Yuumi tooltip for her W should be clearer
the range indicator isn't particularly accurate either
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: They are honestly pretty close, in the sense that when we released Blitzcrank we were developing two skins out of the Lancer thematic for him. There was a lot of back and forth back then and we almost released him as a legendary, but that didn't feel quite right. We had a discount bundle for him at release, but I'll take a look at what it will take to retro-fit this new tech on the store for him as well for future purchases starting next patch, it makes sense.
Interesting. What about those who got the full SG bundles on release? Like those who have a loading screen border for that skin because they wanted the full package/experience for them, will they get additional discounts for these glorified chromas or just forgotten? 30% discount for a 80% recycled skin, not a fan
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
So what's the difference between these and say Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank. Will they also make the alternate 30% cheaper after this? As far as I can tell for the rules/thoughts about variants, they fit perfectly. I personally think the onesies Star Guardians are better suited as chromas, rather than standalone skins because the core thematic is still inherently Star Guardian. I understand it for Leona, but the Pyjama Guardians, not so much.
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
I am a little concerned that supports that rely heavily on Mana Regen for laning phase and supports who typically lean towards Tear will be forgotten with these changes. Taric, Sona, Nami are all occasional Tear buyers and a lot of supports who typically get Spellthief will be hurt by these changes, please take them into consideration...


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