: Idc if this shouldn't be part of it, it has to be said
Yeah, I get that, but even so, PBE is for testing, not for ranking up or whatever. You can do that on the live server where people will take playing more seriously. Otherwise, there's nothing that can really stop this.
: i got banned for what ?
: I think it really sucks that RIot wouldn't let us refund any of the champions with the RP not working. It would mean new players have to constantly grind their way through to get essence from scratch once we purchase and that's really irritating to do compared to the old players. They should've at least considered the opportunity of making us refund our essence when we want to, unless it complicates the system. I don't know about reporting a ticket towards them because people been saying they get free essence and rp (one time only) but I've done that multiple times and I still have not gotten it when I joined so I gave up.
Agreed. I also think they should just make everything 1 BE in store while they're fixing the rp problem. It would solve a lot of problems. And about reporting the ticket, you have to go to a private browser and submit a ticket from there. My friend did it and within minutes, she got 24k rp.
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: What do you mean by infinite biscuits? You should get 4 biscuits max You click on the biscuits and it wont remove from your inventory and refresh itself?
A Lulu afked at the start of the game. When she finally reconnected, she had 8 biscuits total.
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: >Ivern doesn't have his passive in nexus blitz game mode >it's totally useful well, if it's useful, why complain about it?
He's complaining that Ivern's passive isn't there at all and that it would be useful if it were to be there.
: No Blue Essence from Disenchanting?
Actually, it's there. Just close your client then go back in and it should be there.
: This is a visual bug. It shows you have 8000 RP, while in reality one has nothing. This was a common issue even before the RP script got bugged.
Actually, in one for all, I could still skin boost my team. After about 3 games, the rp disappeared.
I think you have to wait a least 1 day until the rp actually comes. I've been waiting for about 12 hours now but still no rp.

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