: Youre seriously not realizing how low 25% base mana regen is and how its not going to make any big difference dont you?
It makes a difference when your only source of mana early game was that, and only that, practically becoming your life and blood until you recall (which generally doesn't happen until about 5-6 minutes in the game, and even then sometimes it takes longer.) 25% Base Mana Regen for most enchanters is around 36~ish mana per minute (at level 1, should be more as they level up), and the only other aid they have is their base mana regen :/
: Store does not open ( An unexpected error has occurred. Error Code: 1)
Oddly enough, I haven't gotten this error yet and can access the store as normal. I'm not certain Kai'Sa might be the source of the error though - Riot would've disabled PBE temporarily if that would be the case :x (Although, it's not outside the realm of possibility lol - I'm aware it has happened before with other error showing up, I think.)
: ¿Porque en mi cuenta de pbe no me dieron esencia azul?
Espera hasta mañana (en horas del servidor, obviamente) para que se resetee tu cantidad de Esencia Azul. Lo mas probable es que por tener tanto tiempo sin logearte en tu cuenta de PBE, no se haya actualizado la cantidad de Esencia Azul (Pienso que podría ser por no tener PI, que era la "moneda" anterior, o porque no te has logeado desde la conversión de PI a Esencia Azul.) De todas maneras la puedes ganar subiendo de nivel tu cuenta de PBE, o muy bien desencantando esencias de campeón (Las cuales pueden salirte en cajas hextech que puedes comprar con RP, o de las cajas que ganas al subir de nivel). De todas maneras todos los campeones están en rotación gratuita todo el tiempo, y puedes utilizar tu RP para comprarlos o comprar sus skins (Las únicas cosas que están a 1 Esencia Azul son campeones nuevos y/o skins que se estén testeando, como Zoe, o la skin de Jarvan/Swain xd)
: Create an account and it does not contain blue essence or rp
The best advice I can give you is to wait at least one hour (or until tomorrow, since generally both reset after each day) for the BE and RP to be refilled/reset to 20.000 BE and 8.000 RP respectively. According to the "Useful information for new PBE players" post made by Lunar Revel on the Boards, "It can take up to an hour after creating your account to update it with Riot Points and Blue Essence".
: Your reaction time is shit tbh. You've seen his leap, aa and Q and then you ulted. You should have prepared your self since Xayah was marked. Plus Xayah reaction time is shit as well, she could've ult and survived.
The problem isn't the reaction time of both of them. The problem is that neither of them can't do anything to react against it until rengar decides to land. Rengar's Q (perhaps + W) would've instantly killed Xayah had he activated it before (or while) using R, and even then both of them had barely more or less than half a second to be able to do anything against Rengar. (He had red and it didn't even proc the damage lol). And lately, PBE seems to have FPS/ping issues, it seems. Either of them could've influenced the outcome.
: Gamebreaking rengar bug
Sooo.... at Rank 5, that Triple Q would basically amount 300 + 30-240 + 375% of his total AD as physical damage. how noice. Though In my understanding that interaction is getting removed soon due to how unfair it is (and how bursty rengar already is).
: Unable to connect to a game
I've been trying to login to a game at the moment and I keep getting the "Unable to connect to the game" pop up... I'm not even sure if the game even launched at all - it didn't even register on the match history. :/
: Ravenous Hunter and Urgot
It does work as intended though... Urgot's ult heals him like that with Hextech Gunblade, because it applies to any damage dealt (including true damage.) So, it isn't a bug, and that interaction will probably stay working that unless Ravenous Hunter is made to work only with Physical and Magical Damage or something of the sort. (Or until Urgot's ult is tweaked so the True Damage portion gets converted to Pure damage/doesn't count toward spell vamp, possibly.)
: Ultimate Hat with charge-based ults
I think this may be due to Ultimate Hat only reducing the CD per charge use? (i.e. 0.25s seconds per teemo shroom reduced to 0,21s~, or reducing Corki's cd per missle launch from 2s to 1.7s, although apparently its CD is static.) I'm not really sure how it would work (especially since I haven't tested either of these champs.) Akali should also be affected similarly to Teemo and Corki at least (assuming my theory is true xD). (Although her CD per R usage isn't static, unlike Corki's)
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
By the way, you may want to clarify on the Kleptomancy Tooltip that the proc only works on champions - not on minions or monsters. The tooltip while on the game says that it makes your next attack after casting a spell grants gold and has a chance of stealing a consumable - but it doesn't mention whether or not it works on champions or on all units on the game.
: For Kleptomancy, what about giving Boots or one item at your choice (you choose one with no active of course) an active(only if full build) that consume the consumable that you gained?! Because the idea of having another "little invetory" just for that is cool, but you need keys to activate it ...or yes, just insta-use it like an helixir...less cool but easier xD
Giving an active (that either gives you access to the items/inventory) to the boots sounds very nice, actually! The only concern I have with the instant use of items if your inventory is full is that you wouldn't be able to use the pilfered wards u_u
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Well, here's my feedback on the runes I've tested so far: Kleptomancy is amazing. Seriously. Mana pots are back <3. (Occasionally, but they are.) My only issue is on the time your inventory is full - there's not much benefit after that. I would like, if possible, a mini inventory somewhere that holds your Kleptomancy consumables. (Or make potions produced from it consume automatically if in combat.) On the other hand, Summon Aerie doesn't feel good. It's not really impactful as I thought it would be - granted, it can provide a lot of damage for the first 2 or three levels even, but it's too low on later levels (and stages) of the game. It also deals physical damage independently if you use AP or AD - which means it's horrid for its intended users because armor escales much, much higher than magic resist does; which means it mitigates more damage. The Shielding it provides isn't really noticeable unless you have really high amounts of AP (or AD?). The Tooltip on scoreboard (at least if an enemy is using it) also says it doesn't have AP or AD scaling on the damaging portion of Summon Aerie. (Shows up as 10 + 40 based on level (+0 AP and +0 AD) Glacial Augment is good enough, I think. Comet is somewhat good - At least it isn't good enough that everybody would use it. (It's more likely better for mages who have access to CC or Slows) Fleet Footwork works similarly to Warlord's Bloodlust so far so eh... nothing to say about it.
: One correction, currently on the PBE it takes 7.5 seconds for him to max out the Magic Resistance amplification on his E, that's because he actually takes half of the listed value per half second. Also (since you weren't sure) his E on the PBE is still the same as it is on live (hp cost, hp scalling, extra auto attack range, etc), the only thing that was changed was the addition of the Magic Resistance amplification passive. If you got the values from S@20, then just a heads up that they are from the rank 1 E only. I do however agree that his W having an AP scaling as a ''negative'' multiplier is weird. But it's not like he's going to be taking more damage to himself anyways due to his natural Magic Resistance (on top of Magic Resistance from runes, items and his E).
True enough, I didn't take that in account. His passive also somewhat reduces the damage he'd do to himself by his W with high HP. Although... if he deals magic damage to himself, does he proc rylai and liandry's on himself too? :o I want to test that, but currently my internet is too slow to try appropiately ;-; EDIT: Well, I managed to test it. Spell effects that proc from magic damage don't seem to affect mundo himself - that's nice. So, Rylai's, Liandry's and Luden's don't hamper Mundo at all. On the other hand, at around level 13-14, with these three items and {{item:3065}}, it should be enough to make W sustainable without taking any damage at all. It's very nice! So, yes, this is quite the buff, although it shouldn't make Mundo too oppresive because of the prevalence of AD champions atm. Still, it ameliorates some of the struggle he's facing at the moment. Oddly enough, {{item:3194}} reduces the damage he takes from himself when using W. lol.
: Looking for Context on Dr. Mundo Changes
Well, the changes are interesting, although I don't see much point on his E's passive. It takes at least 15 seconds to get to the max amount at rank 5. On the other hand the Active doesn't really seem too nerfed beyond not mentioning if it has increased range and having a lower % max health ratio and a lower health cost. On the other hand, I don't really understand why he punishes himself for building AP - and only If he builds ap at all - when using his W. His Q or E, or R, don't even scale with AP :o. And, well, isn't Galio already the anti ap pick? xd
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Well, his sounds (mostly mechanic-ish sounds) from recalling/jokes/taunts are pretty much playing globally for the allied team. Especially noticeable when urgot recalls. Idk if this is an issue with all skins, but I've experienced this so far with the Base urgot and Battlecast skin. Also, his Q Sound on his base skin for the player sounds like Corki's W if Corki is on the enemy team. Haven't tried with one on the allied team tho. On the other hand I was somehow dealing **Tons™ **of damage with AP/Magic Pen runes. lul Also, I'm getting stuck quite often between minions while using Urgot. It's a little annoying when not using his W. EDIT: Ult also sounds globally when reeling the chains. Also, there's a weird interaction I got against Nami: Urgot didn't stop his E when he got displaced by the bubble. At the same time, I grabbed the enemy Darius while stunned by the bubble. hehe. Was that intentional? He even keeps moving if you cast his E at the same time everyone becomes invulnerable when the match ends lul. Another Edit: Does his W apply Life Steal? ~~If so, does it apply as an AoE effect or Single Target? (The constant firing, not the passive triggers) I ask this because it seems to be healing less than it should per hit. I tried him on Practice tool, where I had Death's Dance and it was healing me by 43-45 per hit while dealing 214 damage per... Rivet? It should've healed by at least 70, or something like that. ~~ Nvm. I wasn't taking in account the additional lifesteal (4%) and healing (8%) from runes/masteries. (Since 214 * 19% = 40,66 * 108% = 43,91.) It seems to be fully applying both life steal and Death's Dance healing.
: GA doesn't NEED AD to make it a non-tank item.
> TL;DR The passive change already kind of killed GA on tanks. The stats don't give the same "bang" that they used to. That's the point. It's supposed to be unatractive for tanks. The stats it used to have were **especially** attractive to tanks because it was one of the many nonexistent items that gave Armor and MR. These stats were _**too**_ good, especially when you couple them with a low cost on top of the passive. It was too gold efficient. (Hence why {{item:3512}} and {{item:3026}} stacking became a thing.) > "Restores between 50-300 health based on level" That just makes it way worse. At level 18 many tanks have over 2000 Base HP. They would recover 1000+ HP with GA using the 50% Base health passive. Base Health ensures that HP Stackers won't recover abusive amounts of HP once the passive procs, hence reducing power from them, while adding more power to those that don't stack health (besides being a more noticeable effect.) Besides, it also ensures that it isn't too powerful a pick early-mid game. Base Health ends being better than the current iteration of 30% Maximum HP until you get at least 3600+ HP, for tanks. > GA is supposed to do two things: > Let fighters play more aggressive because people psychologically don't want to focus them because of the passive Helps transition into more of a tank late game. It's intended users are mostly, AD champions. Especifically, squishy AD Carries. GA Was going to be changed, quoting, "_with the intention of making its unique effect less attractive to tanks and its build path more attractive to its intended users._" It's build path and stats changed "_so that it's not a default third-ish purchase for AD champions._" The changes it had gave you the next choices: * Do you need more tankiness? Pick another Armor/MR Item. * Do you need more damage? Pick other AD items. * Do you need to survive/give more time to your allies? Pick Guardian Angel. Rather than just being a niche, last item pick that allows you to receive less damage from Physical and Magical damage, while ensuring that you survive to burst against both mages AND assassins. Even worse if you're a tank, because you're outright tankier and refuse to die the moment your HP is lowered enough. On the other hand, it was picked by tanks, mages, assassins, adcs, supports, everything. With the changes, I assume that it becomes less attractive to AP tanks and mages, tanks in general, less attractive to AD assassins because they would rather get more damage, and more attractive for ADCs and certain fighters, while not being borderline oppresive by itself when adding other items to the mix. **REMINDER** It's PBE. The changes that are on PBE aren't guaranteed to appear yet. As far as I know, tank/ad itemization changes won't be shipped until 7.9, and even yet, there are other things that will be tested, like the Tank Reworks, base HP/AR/MR/etc changes, yada yada yada. If something gets out of hand, Riot will do their best to fix it. If not, then it may stay that way, unless it is too unsatisfying and needs to be changed.
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: Don't tweak a single thing on Rakan. But Xayah I can understand if her damage is reduced a bit.
I think part of the problem is Xayah's W. It adds way too much on-hit damage later in the game. I've been playing mid lately and it's difficult to pin her down and kill her (Again, late game.); If you don't kill her instantly she starts healing herself and possibly ends 3 or 4 shotting you without needing to ult. Tbh the only counterplay I see at the moment is to stomp her down early :\ I've been going mid and bot frequently tends to have mirror matches; the Xayah who kills first tends to have a big advantage and ends up killing much more as the game progresses. Especially after she gets 2-3 items completed (Besides boots). I believe one of her counters (as support) could be Sona. Or at least, it seems that way If i handle her. Haven't checked with other adcs yet as, well, the only adc I've seen other than Xayah (and against Xayah!) for the moment has been MF. That one didn't go so well xD Rakan on the other hand, is pretty okay. I think the only tweak could be his R Charm Duration early game. Other than that, I doubt he needs any other changes.

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