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: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
Does his W still have the % health damage shred attached to it? Edit: Oh, someone beat me to it. Different question then! Will he keep the same animations for all of his abilities, or will there be new particle effects?
: A note about The Harrowing
So, wait, are we to not have some special event for The Harrowing this year? That's a disappointment because one thing I do especially look forward to in video games are the Holidays, ESPECIALLY Halloween and Christmas. The events and stories that come out at that time of year are always super cool, but we're not going to get one this year? I thought The Shadow Isles got restless at this time of year and seeks out to consume the living and that is called The Harrowing. So, is the Shadow Isles not going to be out lurking this year?
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: [Critical] Thresh's Passive do not work
: [Game][Major] Sona ult bug splatting
I'm going to add to this again and say something else. A game I played later one, our Katarina's ult was not resetting when she got multiple kills/assists. The cooldown wasn't even lowering. Champions in the game were Pantheon (Classic) Leona (Classic) Sivir (Classic) Katarina (Kitty Cat) Soraka (Celestial). I don't remember the bots unfortunately.
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: Hi Killer Kitten, Thanks for your report. I tried to repro this in-game but couldn't manage too, could you please attach more information about this issue, a video would be awesome :) Thanks!
Yeah, I finally got LoLrecorder to keep running again, I'll get a video from it the next time I'm on the PBE. School is a bit in the way right now :P.
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