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: Ancient Coin Major Bug
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: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: maybe you NO setting. [ESC]-[hotkeys]-[communication]-[Open Instant Emote Wheel] PBE bug{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
They are entered correctly. They are not displayed at the time of the end and start of the game. Otherwise I would not post a visualization bug. Both emotes are there, but the game does not show them. It is not a PBE bug. Only of blitz Nexus. {{champion:32}}
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: I didn't understand you anything, but good thing you put the video.
{{champion:32}} sorry man for my bad english
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: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
This is my feedback: I play alot of games when it started, so this is my impressive about it. * I not see the button where to change the lumos are; * more fruits aren't in a good position to take them and go under the wall on south position; * I see Brand {{champion:63}} pick fire and stun all the team and destroy alone them; * I think the map was more better if it's large like Ionia is; * I don't like where blu buff position; * anywhere position in queue is more better in a specific position; * time from when I choose a champion and make runes is to low; * tanks need so much time for to be strong and very helpfully for the team; * I see champs with strong shield, in itself, have another shield like Lux, Lulu, Karma, Janna, etc and buffing ppl around them and put it; Edit 2 I have played more than 70 games in this mode. I noticed that Veigar, with its W, has no stacks. I wondered if it was disabled or is it a bug?
: The system might be autofilling you, so you can avoid waiting. You are guaranteed your selected role if you have autofill protection (which happens if you filled last game).
I did more matches for find bugs and others. It was ever selected for a role, lane only, but sometimes it change alone in jungle without any specific request from me. So, it sound strange if it do on live servers, for just wait some time if it change alone, it's bad, because it put the autosmite when you choose the champion.
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: Add the Ban Option in Nexus Blitz (Yi is already ruining the game mode).
: Well, Lets Go Again, I Had Problems whit reconnection
I had it same problem from EUW. I was in an ARAM play, it say the same: reconnect. I click in it but a few moments later say retry or cancel. I say retry first, nothing. I say cancel, hoping it come back but the luncher crash the game and close all. That game not was in the match history and never it come back. Never happened before this. I have a 1GB internet connection with 145ms ever. So, I don't know where was the problem.
: Why
describe the situation for find a solution? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Where is your keys, mah boi :| {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Oh well, the info's on my language are say all included, chests and keys {{champion:105}}
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: Quinn picture missing
I noticed too. New Varus skin the same, no picture but you can buy it. {{champion:110}}


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