: One For All Enabled On PBE!
Poke always win....{{champion:143}} is so op. And I think zyona should be disable in this game mode... 5ap just build zyona is madness BTW,5 {{champion:99}} are madness
: Since people like it on SR and HA, why not make it available on both maps? 1. Both SR and HA have their own prons and cons, though I personally prefer playing this mode on HA due to the amount of possibilities. 2. Unrestrict Karthus. (if possible) The banning is there, it should be up to them whether or not to ban Karthus. Although I've read in some comments that Karthus is disabled because he's broken.
It may be too heavy for the server...?
: I tried One For All yesterday and when I entered in the game and I saw it was on SR I felt dissapointed, really. It is not bad at all on SR, but **I prefer it on Howgling Abyss**. It's more fun it's a quicker game, it's more active... There will be a lot of people who likes One For All on SR (I don't), but if you do a queue of One for All in Howgling Abyss, it would be great. **-Champion select:** It would be great to have a **secret vote in champ select**, each player votes for 2 or 3 champs, and when time finishes, you get the most voted champ. I think it's more interesting to see and you'll pay more attention to watch which was the most voted champ, and that way it would be a kind of ramdom selection cause you don't know which champ it's going to be selected. -**Anything else** (not related to this) From all star to now I've been waiting for **Magma Chamber**. Where is it?
I prefer Howling Abyss as well.. and please riot make it to 10 same champions, not two teams with different champions... {{champion:412}} vs {{champion:143}} unplayable
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
For the match making, please make it to Howling Abyss... Summoner's rift is way to large...
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I thought this mode is one champion for all 10 players...but obviously it's not...Just played a game which our team using tresh and enemy are zyra, there are no point in fighting and make this mode terrible. I am not saying this mode is not fun, but please make it to be same champion for 10 players...at lease it feels fair...


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