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: i dont have rp on pbe
yea they dont give RP anymore cause the PBE isnt made for you to go get the skins you cant afford on live, its to test new stuff, the new blue essence discount is a way for them to control which skins you are able to get, and thereby make sure if you get skins, its the ones that youre supposed to be trying out and looking for bugs
: ARURF - Live Server Functionality?
well they tried preventing ARAM accounts a while ago by adding 2 weeks of free champ rotation to the ARAM champ select, i mean sure youll still have higher odds, but as long as they keep it random and with no bans, its gonna be like that, the problem is not having all champs available for play, its not having the ability to ban out the really facerolly ones. but they only way we'll ever see actual improvements to urf, instead of measures to try and make it less enjoyable, is when riot sorts out their normal game, so people dont leave after urf cause they realise how fkin boring the normal game is
: So the number one question we know we’re going to get asked is “Why ARURF+? I want URF+”. The real answer is no matter how we look at the problem of URF, we keep coming back to the same problems that we talked about last time here: In addition to those issues, we find that the URF game mode is at it’s best when you have exciting highs and cool moments that you weren’t expecting to happen. With all random champions, the possible combos and interesting interactions are so much higher, that we think there’s a lot to look forward to. However when the champ selection isn’t random, we’ve seen it with pretty much every game mode that eventually a meta evolves and the champ diversity drops dramatically. We don’t want to heavily control/balance URF, since we think having those extreme moments is what makes it fun and exciting to come back to over and over. There’s a world where we could get the mode balanced, but some of the changes we’d have to make would ruin a lot of the fun fantasy of those particular champions. (Imagine WuKong in URF but we have to remove the CDR from his W so that he can’t be repeatedly sneaky. It might be balanced at that point, but we believe that takes out a lot of what would make WuKong fun in URF.) We’d rather keep it exciting and fun when you get some of those champions! We think a lot of the changes we’ve made to ARURF+ should make it a much more fun experience. Some of the best/worst champs aren’t as extreme, but still have cool moments. And with the shorter game length, if you get a bad champ or match up, the game is over quick so you can move on to the next one. Also the Catapult and objectives change the power dynamics a bit, so hopefully we’ll see some creative new ways to play the mode. We’re committed to keep bringing the best possible URF to all of you, and we understand the desire for non-random from many players. But given all the considerations, we still believe that ARURF is the best possible URF. We hope you have fun with the new ARURF+!
The reason people left after normal urf got disabled, is because compared to urf, the normal game just isnt fun, simple as that. Its farming minions for half an hour, vs chaotic fighting all the time, and lets be real, last hitting minions isnt the fun part about league, so ofc the gamemode where you fight all the time will make people realise how long they spend doing nothing in the normal game. Dont ruin URF, make normal league fun instead. Bring 10 bans and remove all random, then all the stupid champs can be banned, and people dont have to sit through games on champs they dont like playing, champion diversity is gonna sort itself if people can ban the faceroll picks every game (looking at you yi, jax, fizz, karthus, teemo, shaco, wukong, malphite, sona, soraka)
: How to fix, HELP !
Theres nothing to fix, it clearly says the servers were down for maintanence, that means youre not supposed to be able to log on cause riot is updating.
: Still can't reconnect to game AFTER maintenance
Same here, restarted pc and router aswell, cant connect.


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