: Doom bot bug- Game crashing
I also had a game where everyone bugsplat at once we managed to recover it however in my hurry i accidently hit cancel on the report :/
: Loud static noise
can also attest to the grinding laser noise
: Banner of command
read what the item does. i mean what it really does and then think about heimer elise zyra and everyone else with pets
: [Champion Pets] Champion pets are affected by the Minion AI bug and some details on the bug.
: [MAJOR BUG] Gameplay, minions and turrets bugged out
: Yasuo recall glitch
can confirm this issue was testing with a friend and saw this glitch
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: [BUG MAJOR] Skarner not appearing in champ select
confirmed the only place he exists is in the store when you allow the store to show purchased champs
: [Visual Bug] Health bar of monsters in jungle
i run in borderless idk if that has anything to do with it but i also have that problem. was really annoying trying to play gp last night since i wanted to last hit with Q
: Inhibitors/Nexus unable to be Auto-Attacked
can confirm this was watching friend have the same problem with nasus
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