: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
Generally a really cool update; Vlad feels very fun to play with this kit! Here are some aspects that I think need more tuning: Crimson rush's movement buff feels weak because of the very short duration. I think either buffing the movement speed or the duration would help here. This isn't to say that I don't appreciate the omnidirectional movespeed, since kiting is so important to Vlad, but maybe it could be a much larger movespeed boost but only toward enemies, since it thematically makes sense that in his bloodlust he would charge toward blood-sacks as opposed to any old direction. Tides of blood's waveclear is really awkward, as has been brought up several times. I think that units blocking the radial blood waves is cool, but maybe it isn't implemented perfectly right now, which leads to many targets evading damage when it looks like they should be getting hit. Maybe the awkwardness could be totally resolved by improving the hit-detection. Or there could be a smaller, central circle within the large aoe around Vlad in which the blood cannot be blocked. That way if Vlad is literally on top of someone, they will definitely not be able to hide behind one annoying caster creep! Alternatively, the blood could simply overflow at max charge, preventing it from being stopped short. On a side note, is it okay for grievous wounds to totally shut him down? I wonder if you considered adding any healing to his kit which cannot be reduced by grievous wounds. Would that be unfair to morello's and mortal reminder, or would it be fair to a champion whose kit entirely revolves around damage and sustain?
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: How to Create a 4v5
This happened to me and it was a really strange situation. My client crashed right before the game was about to start. I figured the game was cancelled as per usual, and when I logged back on I had no "reconnect to game" prompt and saw that my duo partner was simply "Online," so I had no reason to think that the game was going on. I even went to the store and bought a skin. It was lucky that I decided to re-queue because when I hit the play button, a message popped up to tell me that I was already in game. It was only after re-logging once more that I got the option to reconnect. Basically it's possible for 4v5's to happen with the dropout completely unaware that the game is actually happening.
: Saw this posted in NA boards thought i'd bring it here as well
Wolf's in game model just looks silly next to that amazing splash.
: Taric cannot be smited by chilling smite
He can't be challenged {{item:3714}} either.
: If we lost the Dragon, which is OP and a lot of free power, we might be able to gain: - MS back to 340 - A W that can be cast on minions - And a E that may a raise in base stats
Having a complete kit without a babysitter? Sign me up.
: Mordekaiser's W needs something else to do when it's only you.
Pretty fun ideas; it'd be nice to see one of them implemented. The fact that he currently needs an ally to use his whole kit is beyond insufferable.
: If Mordekaiser's W has a heal, it cannot be used solo. Simple as that.
I agree with that notion; I never meant to imply that W should be the same self/minion-cast versus ally-cast. Just fill the gap with something. I think that his lacking 1 of 4 abilities while solo is poor design.
: What if he could self cast to just use the instant damage/heal?
That would be great. Even if the numbers aren't good solo, it would at least give him something to do besides Q/E.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I like the idea of introducing some fluidity into the bot lane meta, and the current PBE-kaiser brings interesting aggro-sustain and objective control mechanics to the table. I think, however, that the method of introduction for these mechanics is wrong. They have been stapled over top of a preexisting and contrary identity to the extent that Mordekaiser has been overwritten. It would be very cool to see a brand new champion bear these capabilities and limitations, but having Morde--who has only ever really been a solo laner-- pigeonholed into a duo lane by the intrinsic nature of his new kit is nothing short of insufferable. Please increase his solo lane viability; give solo-Kaiser his W back.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
Just want to say that I love the new Q aesthetically. The delay adds so much weight to his weapon; now it actually seems like Darius is sweeping with an axe that's nearly his height. I remember my first impression of the live server's Q was something along the lines of WTF is that thing made of, sharp styrofoam? Looks and feels awesome now, save for the slightly overbearing green heal effects. Nice animation mechanics!
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: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
First of all, thank you for taking the community's major problems with this rework seriously! My 2 cents on his W: despite being his "1 point wonder," this ability arguably required the most skill of Garen's kit to use to its maximum potential. While Garen's damage combo is very predictable for opponents (Q>>E>>R?)/(E>>Q>>R?), what currently isn't predictable is when Garen is going to throw down that W key and crash through whatever spells and CC are thrown his way. It's a very strong "brace-yourself" skill that rewards optimum timing; it's a big part of what separates a good Garen player from a great one. The new W active maintains his tanky identity, but without the tenacity feels very lackluster. While 30% damage reduction is certainly nothing to scoff at, by itself it doesn't feel remotely as rewarding or interesting as the tenacity buff. If not tenacity, something should fill this gap. Perhaps you could go farther down the damage reduction path. Add a counter of how much damage Garen successfully shrugs off with his active, and when he achieves a certain value that builds up either over a game's or a skirmishes' amount of time, he is rewarded in some meaningful way. That kind of numeric feedback would refine players' understanding of how much damage they're actually mitigating, and would en_courage_ people to think about ability's essence: good timing.


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