: I agree, I just wish Riot interacted more with us, I'd be way more happy to put my opinions out there if I only knew someone was listening. Trust me, I don't mind bug testing and what not, but I want to see some interaction here. Thanks.
Yeah, I think that's the thing that people tend to be frustrated the most about Riot sometimes. They both lack transparency and communication unless they have a big thing already done. I would love to see some of their ideas go back to the drawing board in response to feedback. Admittedly it totally does hurt their pride and image a bit, but it's okay to have some failures. It makes the successes more apparent.
: I think this might be able to tie in with one of my posts. I'll link if you want. But you did very well bringing up the issue of PBE.
Go ahead! Link me when you're done. I'm Arkaia on NA.
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: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
So when can a jungler pick this item up to help them? The biggest problem is helping them out earlier in the game I thought.

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