: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
Can we have our accounts restored after testing is concluded? There's tons of content that isn't available in the store, but may be subject to updates like legacy & limited skins. Besides, it feels like an unnecessary burden to wipe accounts and force players to rebuy all content in the store when you can just revert that wipe after the Hextech Crafting goes live.
: Are you guys kidding me? These nerfs just begin to address this champ. "Zero presence in lane pre six" Really? She has some of the most annoying harass in the midlane. A dagger you can virtually never dodge, no mana costs to punish it, and all things considered, a reasonable cd, and this can be launched from a safe distance making punishing her harass nearly impossible. Plus her W makes farming and harassing close champs easy and smooth. Not to mention a reliable teleport away from ganks or onto you once she has worn you down and thanks to her harass and the combo of dorans shield or boots and pots can come in healthy and delete you easily at level 6. You suggest taking a passive which already makes her a disgustingly easy keyboard smash ult for days champ into an even worse one? Kat has all around good healthy stats and unless you are really bad, an extremely safe and easy lane phase and even if you lose the lane phase your kit allows you to wreck post 6 easily anyways. This is addressing that problem. You Kat players always whine about these changes, so let me take you back to the far and distant past of **Patch 4.18. **Over 20% pick rate* and a **55.31% winrate**. You call that balanced? Yasuo has a 42% winrate and they still push his stool in everytime a patch comes around. Get a grip on yourselves Kat players, your champ is not healthy or balanced, these nerfs are a good start.
I can guarantee I'm serious, but I don't know if you are. Katarina's harass is virtually negligible, since her Q is among the lowest damage spells in the game if you don't proc the mark. It deals significantly less damage than Syndra's **E**. Her W deals 40 damage in a small AoE, forty. Forty. That's a bit more than a cannon minion. Literally the only thing she has in a lane before level 6 is safety with Shunpo. I hate this word, "healthy". How did you analyze what a healthy champion is? A champion you have no trouble beating? I believe Katarina is a healthy champion, because she's an assassin that can snowball from people's mistakes and, at the same time, is incredibly easy to counter. My definition of "healthy" may differ wildly from yours, since I don't consider Yasuo healthy. And win-rate isn't an indicator of a champion's strength, as has been shown and explained by Rioters again and again. For example, LeBlanc had a 42% win-rate prior to her silence removal. Would you'd considered her "healthy"? Tons of players, including Riot, didn't think she was, despite the low win-rate.
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