: Bug: Gnar's Q will not transform him
: [Trundle]-Flying indicator bug
That is the new Wolf camp's smited passive. It's a ghost wolf that grants vision.
: [Kalista & Nasus] W Passive
This has to do with her W passive, did you happen to see "kill secured" appear horizontally across the center of the minion?
: Kalista able to AA ward after losing vision
I believe this may have to do with her passive, and the attack that should have missed -according to her passive- isn't working correctly with wards.
: Kalista W passive + Relic Shield Interaction
Hey there! I've noticed this too! Was just about to post about it. I was playing Gnar support to many Kalista players and this bothered me quite a bit, though I do like the idea for Kalista, it should have better interaction with Relic Shield and it's brothers.
: Runaan's Hurricane applies on-hit effects like that of Devourer. Neither Hydra or Kayle and Cho's E spells are supposed to apply on-hit effects to the area, only to the actual target of the autoattack.
Forgive me, I haven't played Cho'gath nor Kayle in quite some time, are you saying that neither of the two abilities apply any on-hit effects?
Rioter Comments
: My Impressions on Kalista's Ultimate
I disagree, though I do believe the windup is too long to be effective short notice(when getting ganked or dove upon). I do believe it is incredibly potent in all stages of the game. Whether you bind yourself to the jungler, your support, the ap carry, they are all beneficial in some way. The knock-up whilst keeping the oathsworn at maximum attack range is incredible, essentially a ranged knockup putting you in comparatively little danger. Try throwing a changing Gnar or an ulting Maokai. You can use your ult to initiate, or to retrieve your initiator whilst they wait for cd's to go back in with a knockup for another rotation. You can also use it to save allies in dire situations. I think that if it were available to be used after sooner at max rank, it would be an amazing and fitting ultimate. In it's current state, used improperly, it results in two champion deaths. But, that does not mean it isn't good, it simply means that it may take a bit more time to get used to.
: Hello, I love how Riot is coming up with ideas that are pretty original and interesting, but I have to agree, Kalista's ultimate is very unreliable or even game breaking. For example, I was playing as Morgana with Kalista and obviously, I chose to be her oathsworn ally since we are going bot lane. Everytime I used my ultimate to stun the enemy team, Kalista used her ultimate to stop me and therefore halt my ultimate before the stun even happened. Because of that reason, we lost the fight very hard and I was just amazed since my ultimate was so close to stunning them. I personally feel that no champion in the game should have total control of other champions. Thresh's lantern ability is an exception because it is the player's decision to use it or not. We'll see how it goes. Caleb
You do have a choice as to whether you become her oathsworn or not, if she begins to troll you like that, there wasn't much hope for your lane anyway. Fortunately, you can choose where you eject. Otherwise, your lane partner was simply unskilled and failed to notice your ultimate and follow up correctly, other marksmen might simply not follow up your initiation and you may die for it. I don't think this particular instance is a very good reason to change the ultimate.
: Aren't they making it an item in the shop as well? I saw it in a video but it may be just a bug. If you are able to buy it for free or 100 gold or something like that, then it could open alot of opportunities to recreate your team strategy (Early game link to support, late game link to the initiator/tank){{champion:113}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} I really like Galio ._. But it would be usful to have that ability still in case it does cost gold and you can't afford to waste money on it.
I've played Kalista and I've seen The Black Spear in the shop and have heard in game that there is a way to remake the contract with another player, speculation on my part.
: Katarina Nerf
Not that I think she needs a nerf, in particular, but shouldn't higher skillcap champions have more potential? She has 1 single target ability and no skillshots. I don't think people would play champions like Jinx, Ezreal, Vel'Koz, etc if they didn't have more potential than the point and faceroll champs.
: Ezreal Face Inconsistancy?
Perhaps it's the hairstyle playing off of his facial expressions? I doubt they would use different models for him unless they were to change them all to the newer model. I may not be the best to say.


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