: then go play nidalee and gtfo
: Cottontail fizz
You must be new, all new skins Splash art is still in development. Expect at least 1-2 weeks before the actual splash art is complete.
: Must be a fan of 55 year old cougars, eh?
I imagine her more of a milf, but i actually like the cougar idea more Thanks!! <3{{champion:114}} <3
: From a 2 to an 8 (Less eww, less cartoon, less repulsion in general)
I know a lot of people dislike her face, although i actually like it. I'm not a huge fan of her in game face though...... but overall i think its pretty sexy on her.{{champion:114}}
: Fiora ultimate
Her ult is nice but if your the ult target you can easily move away from her since only she can proc it, plus getting all 4 procs is difficult already. And honesty, if your still in the area where they are healing and you still decide to fight that's your mistake. {{champion:114}}
: Fiora Q not lunging for Vital
Well First of all {{champion:114}} Q is now more or less a skill shot, so you need to aim your Q so her body is next to the enemy vital spot. For example her passive marks the target's back, Just using Q will attack the front while if you Q to aim behind the enemy champion,she should aim proc her passive. I hope you understand what i mean.
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: ***
Relax man, if the wards are no longer 1IP than Riot is done testing them.
: Happens on normal games too.
Wonder if it has to do with the current the HUD.
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: only team builder
: Not only that,buying them makes an error and cant be buyed.
Yea guess we just have to wait for a fix.
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: Master Yi Small Visual Bug
This is a bug with any champ while using devour enchantment with 30 stacks. Not just {{champion:11}}
: Tryndamere Nerf
This is something you should post on Live forums not on pbe.
: How do people choose a champ so fast?
Its the PC. The better and stronger the PC the faster you load in before others. Pretty sure ping also has a small factor as well.
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: i just wanna play one game :( {{item:3070}}
Hey im in the same game as you lol glad im not the only one that's afk from the game at least. {{item:3151}}
: It's on the PBE as of a couple hours ago. Could you describe what you mean by confused? (e.g. spinning in circles, staying stuck in one place, etc.)
From what I've seen on the blue side, the minons come to lane in a zig zag, while being fairly far away from each other. Also my Champion would occasionally also walk to lane on a zig zag as well. Only observed this when waling top lane.
: A Case For the Dark Side of the Moon (Diana Ult Range)
I have been playing Diana for quite a while now and i have to agree, even more now that the new AP jg item does wonders for her. A small little buff on her ult range would be very helpful.
: Thanks for the report folks, this is a squirly one. If anybody else sees it, we'd love any information you can remember. Who was in the game, if it was consistent or staggered, everybody or just a few people, etc.
It appears to be random, but more frequently it happens with ADC role. Ive seen it on {{champion:22}} , {{champion:67}} , and {{champion:104}} . And just now as i was testing a {{champion:131}} Q bug in bots, {{champion:99}} AA were not appearing either. Although it appears to only affect one person. Sometimes the animation fixes itself, other time it lasts the entire game.
: [Diana] - Q tag/debuff does not apply to all champions/monsters hit
About to post about this too, tested it on customs, Her q de-buff Moonlight is not shown,(instead they are shown to have Moonsilver Blade de-buff) and using your ult on the target you landed Q with will not refresh her ult. Pretty huge problem. This happens very frequently.
: one of the reasons riot is recoding all skillshots, also happens with mundo cleavers and a few others
I hope that fixes this problem, but just the idea of reworking all skill shots is something i'm looking forward to testing.
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: Gaining Access to the PBE is a Joke
I agree their are quite a number of people who troll but until they "fix" this problem your best bet is to try and get your teammates and enemy players to report them.
: New HUD Feedback
Oh cant wait to try this new HUD out, looks like all the info we want is now very easy to access.

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