: I like the game mode, exept you forgot one little detail
Its an entirely different map that is built more like twisted treeline than SR. SRs settup and angle are terrible by default, but its not something riot can really fix at this point. Newer maps have all largely fixed the issues SR has.
: Nexus Blitz feels really awkward with 5 people with the lanes so close together.
I think thats kinda part of the point; Its supposed to be one giant fiesta.
: Add the Ban Option in Nexus Blitz (Yi is already ruining the game mode).
While i think a ban system might be good for a full release, its not good for testing imo. PBE is a place to test first and foremost. That being said, Yis weaknesses are still prevalent in this mode; Easy to CC and kill, and exhaust is quite potent.


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